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4K Monitor with Astonishing Color Gamuts: Asus PB279Q Review

The Video Editor’s Guide

4k Monitors let you do much more than gaming. Content creators and video editors are always in search of high-end graphics for their monitors. Keeping that in mind, Asus has designed its very own monitor for video editing named Asus PB279Q. Here in this review guide, we will take a peek at the features that make this monitor the perfect device for video editing and graphics requirements.

This 27-inch monitor model is value for money and stacks up just right in terms of market competitiveness. The first look of the monitor shows impeccable features. However, a closer look reveals that the monitor lacks some minor details. To compensate for its missing elements, the monitor offers a super spectrum of color coverage.

All these features are topped with an ergonomic design which sets wonderfully in any home setting or professional backdrop. The narrow-designed bezels give the impression of a visually larger size. In terms of its close competitor Dell P2715Q, Asus PB279Q flaunts the resolution of 3840*2160. When compared to another one of its close competitors Acer S7 S277HK, this monitor has lower consumption of power with the same luminance.

asus pb279q Bottom Line

The Good

  • · Superb range of display colors
  • · Impeccable brightness
  • · 10-Bit Color
  • · Great Design
  • · 4 HDMI Ports
  • · Software to enhance display range

The Bad

  • · No HDMI 2.0
  • · No USB Ports
  • · Weak Speakers
  • · Isn’t Purely Professional Monitor

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Bottom Line

The Asus PB279Q is a great bargain given the price tag. With a feature-packed performance that enhances the final output for editing sessions, this monitor is a sure buy. The PB279Q is an excellent IPS monitor with admirable display specs, exceptional connectivity, and editing options. It is perfect for video editors, gamers, casual users, as well as professional beginners.

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What do you get with the Asus PB279Q?

Technical Specifications of Asus PB279Q

  • · Dimensions: 24.6” X16.05” X8.66” with the stand
  • · Weight: 22.04 lbs including stand and 16.97 lbs excluding stand
  • · Screen Type: IPS
  • · Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • · Screen Size: Diagonally measured 27-inch
  • · Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • · Brightness: 300 cd/m2
  • · Colors: 1.07 Billion (10-bit)
  • · Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • · Response Time: 5ms (Grey-to-grey)
  • · Screen Lighting: LED
  • · Resolution: 3840 X 2160
  • · Connectivity ports: 1*DisplayPort 1.2, 4*HDMI/MHL, 1*Mini DisplayPort 1.2, 3.5mm Earphone Mini-Jack (for DisplayPort & HDMI), 3.5mm PC Audio Input Mini-Jack
  • · OS Compatibility: Windows


Visual Specifications

With regards to the visual specifications, the Asus PB279Q ranks among the best monitors for video editing. At the current market price, this monitor is selling faster than it ever was. This particular monitor is known for its precision in brightness, color capacity, coverage for color gamut, and contrast. All these aspects paired together result in a 4K video quality, which is way better than something you might regularly see with any UHD PC.

Even though the brightness aspect catered by the PB279Q is comparatively on the higher side, it is a good sign given the fact that several 4K monitors tend to offer lower than expected levels of observable luminance. This monitor for video editing provides a bit extra than its set 300 cd/m2 at 100% brightness settings. At the same brightness level, the black luminance is at 0.27. It offers an excellent contrast level.

As per the gamma, the average standard for variable presets is sturdy at 2.2 with no particular defects noted for visibility with naked eyes. In the color section, the Asus PB279Q delivers superb quality 10-bit color with 100% sRGB spectrum.


Talking about the connectivity, the PB279Q is a sure shot success. It takes the connectivity much beyond an average 4K monitor given the price range. You will notice that it even excels many exclusively professional monitors.
There are 4 MHL ports compatible with HDMI 1.4. Although these ports are capable only of showing 4K Ultra High Definition video at 30 FPS, it is compensated due to the existence of Display Port 1.2, which can enhance the video speed as much as 60Hz. The monitor is also decked with Mini

asus pb279q UHD ‘4K’ Experience

DisplayPort 1.2.

The PB279Q lacks USB ports, which can be a hassle for specific users. Ignoring this fact, this particular device by Asus holds up excellent connectivity.

Aesthetics and Features

Looking through the front half, this monitor flaunts a business-like design with matte plastic, colored in darkest black shade. The bezels flaunt a slender look towards the top & sides as well with 13mm thickness. You can notice a 1mm panel border covering the top & sides which is negligible in comparison. The right half of the bezel at the bottom has silvery-white blobs painted on to mark the On-Screen Display buttons.

The LED power indicator hangs just below the monitor’s power symbol, which glows with white color with a full charge and orange color with low power mode. Another thing you need to note is that the surface screen is somewhere close to a light matte. It can ideally be described as something which is semi-glossy.

Module Specifications

The complete panel for Asus PB279Q measures around 27-inch when confirmed through diagonal measurement. It caters a standard aspect ratio of 16:9. The 4K feature can encompass a wide range of probable resolutions. However, the common ones have been implemented in this monitor, which is the quadrupling combination ranging from 1920*1080 resolution to 3840*2160.

The panel variant listed by Asus for this model is IPS, which caters better color accuracy as well as vibrancy when compared to commonly occurring TN panels. Not just that, Asus also confirms the presence of 178-degree angle for smooth visibility. The monitor also has 100% sRGB reproduction spectrum. To add to that, Asus has introduced its own line of innovations in terms of graphics which include the SplendidPlus Color Preset that lets you adjust the settings with accordance to different situations. You also get a reduction in flicker with EyeCare feature along with image enhancement by VividPixel.


Even though the responsiveness catered by Asus PB279Q is just right, thorough testing sessions state that there is a lag of 7.4ms in terms of video input. This particular thing is influenced due to the monitor’s pixel responsiveness and the monitor signal delay. Given the fact that the PB279Q is a high-end monitor with perfect resolution, this signal delay is negligibly low. It means it won’t wreak havoc to the visual experience for the sensitive users. While keeping it confined to the refresh rate of 60Hz, the monitor catered a responsive and snappy experience.

UHD ‘4K’ Experience

asus pb279q Connectivity

In terms of the ultra-modern HD experience, it was noted that 125% scaling helped achieve the right balance between high-resolution and readability goodness. Proper scaling with Asus PB279Q requires scaling through the software being used. The visibility and 4K experience will vary with regards to the editing software being used. Regardless of setting used for scaling, the applications added into the interface for PB279Q cater the best independent level control for zoom in terms of the main content.

Even with a compact content, you can view everything crispy and clear with ample information displayed for the viewer. The 4K UHD resolution at 3840*2160 uses 8.29 Million Pixels, which might require the right amount of the graphical horsepower in terms of gaming or similar applications that are graphics intensive. The use of Aspect Control feature, when set to default, will stretch the image to ensure that all the pixels present in the display screen are being used.


Using this 4K monitor for video editing is nothing less than a revelation. The luxury of ample space will surely make you take the leap of faith with this monitor. A few troubles aside, the programs integrated into the monitor caters a sharp visual with immense freedom to explore. For graphics artists as well as gamers, in particular, the features are well worth your investment. Asus has also added a lot of features that make video editing a smooth task. However, the user interface might not be as easy-to-go as you would want it to be. Most of these tools can be challenging to use or discover.

With a 5ms of response time, the Asus PB279Q has been designed to cater 10-bit, ensuring color response for incredible crispness. The EyeCare technology provided by the makers ensures a strain and flicker-free delivery of content. The monitor also features several HDMI ports that come in with MHL for add-on value. All-in-all, we can confirm that the Asus PB279Q has excellent graphics for the beginner as well as professional video editors.

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