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Factors to Consider When Buying a Laptop in 2020

Laptops are one of the most popular forms of personal computers available in the market. Even though many would consider using a desktop more efficient and convenient, laptops have their own set of benefits. We cannot deny the fact that life has become much easier. People from different professions can now complete and initiate their work from literally anywhere in the world due to these amazing devices. Laptops have evolved over time by making us more efficient, and our lives easier.

Some of the most amazing benefits that laptops provide us with include – easy to carry anywhere you want, take up much space in your desk and setting up the device is very easy. All these benefits have contributed to the success of these devices in our times and will continue to do so. Whether you are a student, office employee, or even a traveler, laptops are the easiest way to stay updated to the industry and all the happenings around you.

It is a personal preference as to which device (a laptop or a desktop) is more convenient. But you need to remember that it is only a laptop which can allow you to stream videos, send an email, play games or complete your work anytime and anywhere you want to. So today we will be talking about the best laptops in different field of the profession which you can consider purchasing. We will discuss the factors to consider before buying the product and also suggest some brilliant laptops in the same category.

● Gaming

The first section we are up with is gaming. As we all know that gaming is one of the most popular hobbies around the world and several people spend thousands on gaming devices. Gaming laptops have developed a lot in the past few years, and users can also get many efficient desktops nowadays.

What to look for?

When purchasing a laptop for gaming, you need to consider a few important things if you want smooth and high-end performance:

● Graphics Card

You need to make sure that your laptop has a good GPU so that it can function more efficiently and provide you great gaming visuals and immersive experience. The gaming visuals are very important and select the laptop with the right GPU, depending on the games you play.

● Processor

The processor is one of the most important parts of the laptop. A goof processor helps the device to function more effectively with good speed and processing power. So apart from the games, your home and office tasks are managed brilliantly as well.

● Memory

The RAM available in the laptop will determine how quickly your laptop performs. The higher the availability of RAM, the quicker your laptop becomes. Make sure that your RAM is at least a DDR4 for better efficiency, but a DDR3 will be good as well.

● Battery Life

The battery life of a gaming laptop is a very vital thing to think about when buying a laptop. When you play continuously, especially for long hours, it takes a toll on the battery levels. So make sure that your laptop can at least run 4-5 hours with constant gaming, for a more convenient and fun experience.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Laptop Battery Life

There are several laptops which you can purchase for gaming, but the best gaming laptop under $500 is the Acer Aspire F5-573-58VX which comes with Intel i5 with 8 GB of RAM. If you have a slightly more budge, then the best gaming laptop under $800 is the 2020 Acer Nitro. Both of these laptops are some of the most affordable yet truly value for money investment.

However, if you can expand your budget to $1000, you can purchase higher-end laptops which offer the best performance.

● Programming

If you are into programming, you must know how important it is for the users to get a laptop which comes with good speed and provides top notch service. Sometimes running a programming application can be hectic and requires high-end laptop configuration. So you will need to choose the hardware specifications for the device carefully.

What to look for?

Here are the top three factors which you need to consider while purchasing a laptop for programming.

● Mobility

You need to determine how often you would want to travel with the laptop. If you are not looking to carry the laptop to different places, then purchasing one with a big screen, probably 15-inches is a good idea. But if you are going to travel a lot with your laptop, consider a 13-14 inches laptop.

● Screen

The display and the screen resolution of the laptop needs to be taken into consideration. As a developer, you will need to read a lot of texts and different multi-media applications. So a good display and screen quality helps to provide sharp texts and icons and rich visuals. Make sure that your screen is of an at least 1080p display.

● HDD type and capacity

The HDD storage is very much important, especially when you want to use it for programming. You will have to store various data, programming files, and applications. Purchase a 1TB HDD if you want to get enough space. But keep it within 500GB. However, the 256GB SSD is the baseline at some times.

As you can see that there are different factors you need to consider when purchasing a laptop for programming. There are different gaming laptops available in the market, but the best laptop for programming is the Huawei MacBook 13 or Dell XPS 15-9570. They come with i5 processor and dedicated GPU slots as well. Both the laptops have separate features and benefits, which makes them suitable for programming. For purchasing a laptop to be used for programming, a budget anywhere around $700-$800 is enough for the best.

● Writing

You might be wondering what the writers can choose to use any device they want because they don’t need any specific hardware configuration. But that is not the case. Writers need quick and advanced laptops which will provide them with great speed, efficiency, and the advantages of modern technology like touchscreen panel, foldable screen, etc.

What to look for?

Here are some of the most important factors which writers need to consider while purchasing laptops in 2020.

● Storage

The most vital component of the system for a writer is an HDD. Since they will read a lot of books, articles, and other magazines, etc. it is important they have a significant amount of storage available on the laptop. A minimum of 256GB or 500GB is recommended for writers.


The presence of a powerful RAM is always preferred for everyone regardless of their field. Similarly, a writer should have at least 4GB of RAM in the laptop if they want to carry out their work without facing much lag and trouble.

● Touchscreen

Touchscreen panels are very much beneficial for writers. With the flexible screen, they can easily read anything in any position they want. Touchscreen panels provide much smarter and quick navigation abilities through the user interface.

● Weight and Build

As a writer, it is clear that you are going to carry your device almost every time. Therefore you need to purchase a laptop which has a solid and robust build quality, but that needs to be coupled with low body weight. Try to purchase a laptop that is within 4.4 pounds so that you don’t have much problem while moving around with them.

As a writer, you need to consider these factors while purchasing the best laptops for writing. Some of the top laptops for writers include the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Lenovo Yoga 530 and Apple MacBook Pro, etc. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes with a touchscreen panel and Windows 10 efficiency within $1000. The Lenovo Yoga 530 offers brilliant ergonomics, whereas the MacBook Pro is one of the lightest laptop available in 2020. So within $1000, writers can get brilliant laptops for their daily work.

● Photo Editing

As a photographer, you would always want to make sure that your laptop can efficiently edit, render, and support all kinds of photo and video editing applications. They need a speedy system, decent graphics card and also a fast hard drive that will help them to run all the applications and edit the photographs without any hassles.

What to look for?

Here are the different factors to consider when you are planning to purchase a laptop that is the best for photo editing and rendering.


The availability of RAM is one of the most important parts of a laptop for photo editing. Post-processing and rendering images or videos require a significant amount of RAM for faster and smoother experience without much lag. Always try integrating at least 8GB of RAM in the system for smooth UI.

● Processor

The processor plays an essential role in supporting the speed and efficiency of the RAM while carrying out extensive work. Your laptop needs to have a processor from either Intel or the AMD for better performance and quality features. Try to use at least Intel i3 in your system for modern and sophisticated hardware usability.

● Cooling

Cooling is a very significant factor to consider when you want to purchase a laptop for photo editing. Running heavy applications for long hours can warm up the device; only the heat sink cannot control the temperature. So having a cooling system, whether it is liquid or gas, helps your laptop to prevent from getting heated up.

● Screen Quality

It is necessary for you to purchase a laptop that has good screen quality. It is because a good screen resolution will help the user to get better visual experience and clarity in the images so that they can edit their pictures in a much better manner without any miss.

So here are the factors for photo editing which you need to choose while buying the best laptop for photo editing. If you ask us then a budget of anywhere between $700-$900 is sufficient for purchasing a laptop for photo editing. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is one such laptop which comes with excellent ergonomics, touchscreen panel, stylus support, which makes photo editing much easier. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga is a device which is an all-rounder in different aspects of a laptop, including speed, HDD storage space, and brilliant screen quality.

● Music Production

When it comes to music production, you will need a laptop which can function effectively and has a strong hardware specification that supports high-quality applications which are required for this task. You cannot expect to run a heavy music production app on a mediocre application so easy. Therefore music production calls for versatile and powerful laptops.

What to look for?

Here are the different factors which you need to consider while buying a good laptop for music production.

● Processing power

The processing power of a laptop is very much necessary when it comes to music production. Therefore you have the fastest and most efficient processor available in the market and of course the one which you can afford. You cannot compromise on this specification or else your laptop will not be able to provide efficiency.


Higher the availability of RAM in a laptop will be, the better it is going to perform. So you need to have at least a minimum of 8GB RAM when you are purchasing a laptop for music production. The RAM and processing power of the laptops are the two most important components during music production.

● Battery Life

The battery life is also very great beaches you do not want your laptop to shut down all of a sudden when you are working on a project. The average battery life should be around 4.5-5 hours when it comes to music production. But if your budget allows then try getting a laptop that offers more than 8 hours of runtime with ease and also that comes with fast charging.

The three most vital factors you need to consider while choosing the best laptop for music production have been mentioned above. In the field of music production, you can consider purchasing the Razer Blade Stealth 13.3 or the MacBook Pro Retina. They match the configuration and all the requirements about which we talked about in the above paragraph. They come with dynamic RAM, powerful processor, and amazing battery life. Both the laptops are available within a price of $1500, and at this price; they offer the best performance.

● For Artists and Painters

Artists and painting experts require some of the most efficient and versatile laptops that are available in the market. Most of them like to use laptops which offer the highest flexibility, touchscreen control, and most importantly, a reliable hardware setup which will support all their daily tasks and activities in terms of drawing.

What to look for?

Here are the primary factors which should keep at the top of the priority list for artists and drawing experts.

  •  Touchscreen control

It is much more convenient and efficient for the artists to draw on the digital screen using their fingers. Touchscreen controls help to provide more flexible control and user experience. Artists can color, navigate, and smoothly use the user interface. So a laptop that comes with touchscreen support is should always get a better preference than the one which doesn’t.

  •  Stylus support

A stylus plays a vital role in the life of the artists and painters which make their work much easy. With the help of a Stylus pen, they can paint and draw different designs and other creative elements more efficiently and accurate precision.

  •  Ergonomics

Artists should buy a laptop which provides better maneuvering. If they can tilt, rotate, and flip the screen with maximum flexibility, it becomes convenient and comfortable for them to work on the laptop while creating an artistic project.

So in general, as an artist, you will need to find a laptop that offers brilliant touchscreen control, comes with a stylus, provide excellent flexibility in movement and a reliable system specification. If you ask us about the best laptops for drawing available in 2020, then we will always recommend the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and the Dell XPS 13. Both the devices come with brilliant HD+ display, stylus, touchscreen panel, and reliable system configuration that are meant to perform. You will be delighted to know then both the laptops are available in 2020 under a price of $999.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Laptop Ergonomics

● Video Editing

Video editing is one of the most daunting tasks which you can carry out in a laptop. It requires heavy system requirements so that your laptop can support the intensive applications and long run time required to render and post-process a video. It is not a very easy task to edit a video; it becomes more difficult if your laptop cannot support the overall process of the editing.

What to look for?

There are some significant factors that you need to consider when buying a laptop that can perfectly edit a video and doesn’t create any issue during the process.

● Storage

When it comes to video editing, you need to keep in mind that the internal storage of the laptop is important. You need to ensure that your device does not run out of storage while editing a video. HD video can take up a lot of space. Therefore at least a 1TB of HDD space is recommended. Also, the SSD speed should be decent enough for faster transfer and copying of data. The faster the SSD drive will be the better and more efficient, the process of video editing will become.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Laptop Storage

● Processor

A brilliant quality processor is very much essential for video editing. Low processor speed can result in a much longer time required for video rendering and also interrupt the overall process of the editing. You need to create a balance between the SSD speed and the speed of the processes so that both of the components can work together to provide better efficiency during editing. It is recommended that you use at either Intel or AMD as the processor in your laptop.

● The GPU

The graphics card is vital to the overall performance of the laptop while editing a video. It offers more memory and efficiency to the overall system and allows multi-media applications to run more efficiently. So you need to couple your system with a good GPU either from Nvidia or AMD.

● Sound

You must also consider the sound system which the laptop has been integrated with so that you can get in hands and inertial sound quality while editing videos. The integration of Dolby Atoms or Harman Sound Technology is always a nice feature to have in your laptop.
So you can see that video editing calls for the most advanced and sophisticated laptops in the market. Acer Predator Helios 500 and the 15″ MacBook Pro (2018) are the two best laptops for video editing that you can purchase for the best performance in the market. No other devices offer the level of versatility, efficiency, and top quality results apart from these two. They are priced above $1000 but are absolutely worth the money.

● Teaching

Teachers used a laptop in schools to help the students to get a more immersive experience on the subjects and topics they are required to study.

Laptops help the teachers to provide the students with immediate study materials and make the process of understanding much simpler by showing images and videos. So a laptop that will be used to reach should be bought after considering some important factors.

What to look for when purchasing a laptop for teaching purposes?

● Screen size and resolution

The screen size of a laptop comes into play when it is used for teaching purposes because it will help the teachers to provide a much more immersive visual experience to the students. If the laptop screen is big, which is generally a 15 inch or above it, the students can clearly see what their teachers are trying to show them. The display quality matters a lot as well and should have at least 1920x1080p HD+ resolution. It offers a vivid and clear image and video quality.

● Battery Life

The schedule of a teacher can be hectic and last throughout the day. Therefore they need to purchase a laptop which will support their teaching for the most part of the day. A laptop which provides an average battery life of 7 to 8 hours is a good option to consider. However, if your budget persists, then you can also choose a laptop that offers more than 10 hours of battery backup.

● Weight and dimension

Since you will be carrying the laptop with yourself very frequently when using it for teaching purposes, you need to make sure that the device is not very heavy and has a compact dimension. There are several laptops which come with the biggest screens but do not wait much because of the use of efficient and brilliant raw materials. A laptop within a weight of 4 pounds will be good.

Buying a laptop for teaching purposes is not that difficult, but you need to consider these three important factors for more efficient user experience. ASUS VivoBook F510UA Thin and Acer Aspire E 15 are the two best laptops for teaching that you can purchase. Both the laptops come with the lightweight build quality, efficient hardware specs, and brilliant screen size and resolution. These devices are affordable and available under $700.

● Business Purposes

When it comes to your business, you would not want to compromise on the efficiency and quality of the laptop you are planning to buy. Since a laptop helps you to carry out your work efficiently, it is important to check all its aspects carefully so that you don’t face any no problem while performing different activities. Business laptops come with the durable build quality, high-resolution display, and most importantly, brilliant system configuration.

What to look for?

Here are the most important factors to consider while purchasing a laptop for your business.

● Build Quality

You need to make sure that the laptop which was going to buy for business needs should have work decent build quality so that it can provide more durable performance. You will be carrying this laptop to different places for business purposes; the laptop which does not come with a durable cover and build quality can tend to be faulty in case they get damaged. We recommend buying laptops which come with high-grade aluminum or have used carbon fiber.

● Processing Speed

You will never want your work to lag behind because of slow processing speed and inefficient system. When you are running a business, it is of vital that your laptop provides fast and efficient service to all your home and office tasks. The processor should be of at least i5 Intel Core or an AMD chipset if you want the best performance in terms of processing.

● Battery Life

The battery life of a business laptop plays a vital role. It takes a toll on the battery levels, especially when you work continuously for long hours. So make sure that your laptop can run at least 6-7 hours for a more convenient and fun experience. Expanding your budget can help you get laptops with more than 10 hours of usage.

So here are the few important points to consider while purchasing the best laptop for business. We think that the MacBook Pro Retina and the Dell Precision 7730 are two of the most value for money purchase. They have a brilliant display, efficient processing speed and also great build quality that makes them the true contender.

● For High School

Students, who are going to high school, mostly shop for a laptop which comes with an all-rounder performance in terms of productivity, appearance, gaming, and battery life. Saving up for a brand new laptop but not getting satisfactory results is often faced by many students because, in the light of looking into one feature, they tend to overlook the other.

What to look for?

Here are the important factors to look out while choosing a laptop for high school.

● Appearance

If you want to impress your friends, then the appearance of a laptop is a vital point to consider. Buy a laptop which comes with Ultra-thin bezels and punchy yet a premium design that can reproduce excellent colors; all these things will help you to revamp the appearance of the device.

● RAM and Processor

Having a decent RAM of 3GB at least, will be enough for a high school student and in terms of processing speed make sure you have at least an Intel i3 processor or an AMD chipset functioning in the device. It will help you to carry out the entire home and school activities in a brilliant manner.

● Graphics Card

As a student, you will surely be indulged in gaming. Therefore you can choose to buy a laptop that comes with a decent GPU for occasional gaming. However, if you are an avid gamer, then you need to choose a laptop that comes with AMD or Nvidia GPU.

These are the few important factors that high school students should keep in mind while purchasing their laptops. There are different laptops with different configuration which can fulfill their needs, but the Surface Laptop 2 and Huawei Notebook 13 are the two of the most efficient and affordable products that they can purchase.


If you have read an article till this point, then you are now aware of the different laptops which you can consider buying and factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing the device for different professions. There are several laptops available in the market, and according to the kind of feature and specifications they have, you need to choose which one will suit your needs. Read the factors which come into play while buying a laptop for different professions and get a good value for money product.

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