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Autonomous Ergo Stool Review: Best Ergonomic Stool for Standing Desk

With the office space transforming rapidly, one of the new entrants is the stool. It makes it possible to work while standing. If you would like to take the doctor’s recommendation of standing after sitting down every so long, this Autonomous Ergo Stool review shows you the best stool to buy.

If you have a standing desk at work, an ergonomic stool to use with it is better than an ergonomic office chair. In this Autonomous Ergo stool review, you will see why the stool is starting to appear in the office scene.

When most people hear of the words stool and ergonomic in the same sentence, the first feeling is “hmmm… how can that be?” No one can blame them because we have come to associate sitting ergonomics with back support.

But even a stool can be ergonomic. In fact, it can help you work better with a sit-stand desk than an ergonomic chair. You will see just why this is so in this short review.

The Autonomous Ergo Stool has been designed to meet the needs of a modern office employee. The concept is that the sitting ergonomics should not end with the chair. They should continue even when you shift to the stool.

With the stool, you can be able to adopt a posture that is somewhere between standing and sitting. Think of this more like giving your body a well needed stretch after working on the office chair for so long.


Autonomous Ergo Stool Review: Summary

  • Easily adjustable height for about ten inches – You can adjust the height of the stool to use it with standing or sitting desk
  • A heavy-duty base to prevent the stool from toppling over when in and not in use
  • Designed to emulate the way our muscles move when we are standing
  • Comfortably padded seat keeps your rear well supported
  • The price is very affordable. Buying this ergonomic stool need not dent your wallet at all
  • The design and build quality is not only inspiring but it is very strong. This stool is durable and will last many years on end
  • Made to stay wobbly so as to help you exercise your core muscles
  • Just as the other Autonomous products, this stool is sold with a money back guarantee of 30 days and a 12-month warranty

Autonomous Ergo Stool Review: What features make the stool good to use?

There are many reasons why you should buy this office stool. One of them is that it allows you to work when standing, or almost standing. We all know the effects of sitting down for long hours. These effects are the same as those of smoking, according to research. While an ergonomic office chair is a good respite, it is still recommended that you stand, stretch and walk about from time to time. The Ergo Stool gives you an opportunity to continue working as you stand.

The anti-slip base will keep you assured that the stool is not going to topple over when you sit on it. In fact, you can even adopt a stand-sit posture with the stool without exposing yourself to the risk of falling.

Enjoy safe wobbling when you use this stool. The base stays stable as you wobble and rock gently on the stool for exercise purposes. This will work out the core muscles of your body leaving you relaxed. Besides, this gentle wobbling is also good for your blood circulation.

The pneumatic height adjustment within the allowance of 10 inches makes this a good stool for both short and tall people. Just touch a lever that is located just under the edge of the seat and you can raise the seat by pulling it up. You do not even need to stand up fully to lower or raise the stool. The lowest height you can get is 24 inches while the highest is 34 inches.

The Ergo Stool is available in many colors. You can get an all black, all gray, combination of white and black, blue and black and so on. The combined color stools look good in any office setting.

Autonomous Ergo Stool Review: what benefits will you enjoy from this stool?

The biggest benefit is that of health. With this stool, you will improve your posture. When you sit down on the stool to work on the standing desk, you will have to exercise your glutes and other core muscles because the stool does not have a rigid base. Rather, it wobbles gently so you are forced to move your muscles to stay stable enough to work. This tango between you and the stool keeps you fit.

The second benefit is the low price. As you read any other Autonomous Ergo stool review, you will see how many users are pleased with the price. It costs much lower than other stools, yet it still offers the same benefits.

Thirdly, you get to have enough standing time, which is recommended by doctors. No matter how good and ergonomic your office chair is, you still need to stand and stretch from time to time. The Ergo Stool gives you an opportunity to work while standing.

The stool is sold with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the Ergo Stool, just return it and get your money back.  Then there is a 12-month limited warranty on workmanship and manufacturing defects. If anything breaks, it will be repaired free of charge.

The pedestal stays solidly intact on any kind of floor. Your safety and stability is assured when working on this stool.

There is no assembly required for the Ergo Stool. Just buy it and start using it immediately. Besides, you can use it on a regular desk, not just a standing desk.


Because of the busy schedules that we have at our offices, it can be quite hard to find the time to stand and stretch as is recommended by doctors. However, with the Ergo Stool, all is not lost. This ergonomic office stool does what no ergonomic office chair can allow you to do – work while standing.

Good back health need not cost you a lot of money. For $99 inclusive of the shipping fee, you can own this stool. Bring style and ergonomics to your office today. Allow your millennials to work while standing. They will love it. You have seen just some of the benefits from this Autonomous Ergo Stool review.

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