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Autonomous Chair Review: Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For The Money

Autonomous OsmoChair

Nothing can beat the feeling of confidence that you feel when you buy a product from a trusted and well-established brand. In this Autonomous chair review, you will see why these chairs are a good buy for any office.

Many people express shock when they see the affordable prices at which the ergonomic office chairs under this brand name are sold. However, unless you have a one-on-one experience with one of the chairs, you will never truly know what you have been missing all along.

A couple of decades ago, office chairs were just rudimentary, plain looking and they lacked the most important features. Either the chairs lacked breathability and ergonomic support while they looked good, or they had support but they looked nasty.

You can have the best of both worlds with Autonomous chairs

The best of both worlds means style and ergonomic factors, all combined in one chair. Today, as you can see on all of the products under the Autonomous brand, the best ergonomic office chair combines stunning aesthetics with incredible back, shoulder and neck support.

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, meeting clients in your office or, basically, sitting down for a long time, you need to get a good and supportive chair for the sake of your back.

If you are going to work until you retire, then every year you work in that office is going to task your health bit by bit. You may not feel the ill effects of using a bad office chair in your younger years, but when old age sets in, you will definitely feel it.

What are these chairs that we are talking about? Here, we will review them one by one, plus the autonomous ergonomic stool. You may also order a standing desk to match with your office chairs.

As you will see in this Autonomous chair review, there is a chair for everyone. Whether you are on a shoestring budget or you have money to spare, there is an ergonomic office chair for you. Some are sold under $100, others under $200 and yet others are sold for more $300.

You see, at Autonomous, everyone is someone, and each deserves a modern ergonomic e chair.

Autonomous ErgoChair

Autonomous Chair Review

1. ErgoChair 2 – Best ergonomic office chair

ErgoChair 2 has many ergonomic features. Starting with the package, which includes everything that you need, some spares, a hex key and a user manual, this chair should take you about 40 minutes to assemble if you are doing it alone.

With the autonomous brand, you will realize that ergonomics is not a mere word. It is a science. These chairs are made to prevent the occurrence of back pain in future, or to help make life easy for people already with back pain.

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Autonomous ErgoChair 2

The backrest

The backrest of the ErgoChair 2 is not only meshed and breathable for proper air circulation when sitting down, but it is also shaped like a spine. It is a high back chair meaning that the backrest offers you excellent support on the lower back, the mid back as well as the shoulders.

Besides, the backrest is not fixed into one recline position. You can recline it in various ways to find the perfect sitting posture when at work.

When you assemble the chair, you will find the recline lever/release on the left side. While this chair will not recline all out allowing you a full stretch (there are chairs that can do that!) it still reclines at a good angle to allow you to nap comfortably in the office.

The backrest is wide. This is important as it can allow you to adopt different positions when doing different things. For example, you can turn in the chair comfortably when trying to reach something on the further end of the desk.

The removable headrest

The headrest of this chair is removable and adjustable to suit people of different heights. It is meshed, actually, it is the same material with the backrest. The headrest also has good width such that you can roll your head from side to side comfortably. When you are leaning back taking a nap, you can set your head in different positions for comfort.

Adjustable armrests

The ErgoChair 2 comes with 4-dimensional adjustable armrests. This means that the headrests can be adjusted forwards, backwards, width-wise and the height too. Let us just say that if you are under 6 foot 4, you can use this chair comfortably.

Adjustable chair height

Do not be fazed by the short pneumatic rod that connects the seat to the base. It is enough to adjust the chair to any height that you want. You do not even have to rise when adjusting the height of the chair. Just hoist your weight a little and touch the release lever at the bottom of your seat.

ErgoChair 2 seat

Compared to other ergonomic chairs under this price range in the market, the ErgoChair 2 has thicker padding, which is more comfortable for long hours of sitting down. The seat upholstery looks too closely woven, but do not let that deceive you because it is very breathable. The seat pan is also adjustable, can be moved backwards and forwards.

Autonomous intends to help you find your perfect sitting posture with this chair.

2. Autonomous OsmoChair

Occasionally, there will be a product that will defy all expectations when it comes to price, styling, durability and many more. The OsmoChair, as you will see in this Autonomous chair review, is one such product.

Users marvel at the advanced engineering, which allows the chair to tilt at a bigger angle. It also has some additional features such as a leg rest that accommodates your legs by the calves. Whether you use the chair with or without a headrest, you will find the chair totally relaxing and very accommodating.

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Autonomous OsmoChair

OsmoChair is more expensive than the MyoChair. However, the price is backed by the more advanced features. This is a premium ergonomic office chair that is guaranteed to last a long time.

This chair is a mix of the best engineering and technology from different parts of the world. The frame is Italian, the textile German and mechanism is from Korea. Together, all these factors have been blended to bring forth a marvelous modern ergonomic chair that transforms any space where it is placed.

This chair is designed to make all the moments that you will spend at work enjoyable. Whether you are resting, with your legs on the leg rests, or you are working with the backrest turned up, this chair serves you very well.

Leg rests

The leg rests unfold at a subtle angle of 55 degrees. This is good for the blood circulation. It also gives you very restful moments. This leg rest is also removable, which is very good for the moments when you want to move the chair from one office to another.


The headrest is not only detachable, but it is also easy to set at different positions depending on the sitting posture that you want to adopt. Whether you want to have your head sideways or facing straight up, this chair is going to meet your needs perfectly.

Truly ergonomic backrest

The backrest that truly makes this chair perform like a miracle. It is highly breathable, supportive and … it moves with you. This means that it conforms to the curve of your back. When you lean downwards, it leans with you and vice versa. This means that your lower, mid and upper back are supported all the time.

The back recline can be increased or decreasing depending on your needs. The maximum recline angle is 128 degrees and the Italian frame has been designed with incredible balance. There is zero chance of toppling over.

Finally, you will marvel at the adjustability options of this chair. From the adjustable lumbar support to the height, this is a chair made to meet the needs of different users.

3. Autonomous MyoChair

The MyoChair from Autonomous is no different from the other top range office furniture that are offered by this manufacturer.

This is a very affordable office chair if you cannot afford the ErgoChair 2. Its advanced engineering makes the chair very functional.

>> Click Here to See Full Review: Autonomous Myochair

Headrest and leg rest

This chair has a leg rest and a headrest. When you really want to take that nap in the office, take it in the most sophisticated way possible by stretching the feet all out, supported by the leg rest. This rest holds your legs on the calves. But its work is not only to hold the legs. It enables healthy blood circulation.

The headrest is removable. That is an advantage because many times you may not need to use it. Most people just need the headrest when they are relaxing. However, when you use it, the headrest can help you keep your spine well-aligned all the time. It also help you to prevent stiff neck and shoulders.

Autonomous MyoChair

Meshed back

The back is meshed for breathability. At the same time, it is multilayered to support any weight meted against the backrest. The back also has in-built lumbar support for your lower and middle back. When you lean back against the backrest, it takes the weight comfortably, without giving in. This firm support is critical for your back health.

The foam seat is well padded, at first, it will be firm but with time, it is going to soften up. It has a comfortable waterfall design edge. You will never feel the edge of the chair pressing against the back of your knees or thighs.

Weightless chair

Ok, it is not exactly weightless, but it is light in weight. Moving it from place to place is going to be easy. Besides, the plastic casters move well on all types of floors. Pulling this chair from place to place is easy.

If you have been looking for the most affordable ergonomic office chair, MyoChair is here for you. You can buy it without the headrest and the leg rest for a lower price. Most people prefer to buy the complete package.

4. Autonomous AvoChair 

AvoChair is a moderately priced, stylish and contemporary looking ergonomic office chair that can transform the looks of your office. With the oval backrest and a seat that looks like a semi-sphere, you have to admit that they do not make them any more stylish than this chair.

The AvoChair is for people who do not like to keep a low profile because it really looks nice. However, looks are not everything that there is to this chair. It has incredible back support, and the armrests are out of this world. They are adjustable and comfortably padded.

This chair assembles fast, in 20 minutes you will be done. The backrest is breathable, comfortable and has an adjustable recline. You can tweak the levers and releases until you find the best sitting posture.

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AvoChair Eco-Friendly


The die-cast aluminum alloy base is durable and can take any abuse, short of chopping it with a hatchet. This chair is made with a mix of organic and artificial material, many of them recyclable. This gives you an opportunity to work comfortably and do Mother Nature one good turn at the same time.

To cap the good features, you get a deep seat cushion that is both stylish and very breathable. The edge of the seat is nicely and comfortably shaped in a waterfall design. Whether you are tall or short, this edge will be very comfortable on the back of the knees and the thighs.

The padded armrests are very comfortable. They can also be raised or lowered with just a touch on the release knob at the side. While this chair lacks a headrest, the thick elastomeric backrest is very comfortable on your back.

This chair has not a single sharp edge to it. That is why we say in this Autonomous chair review, the AvoChair is a comfortable addition to an eco-friendly and ergonomic office.

5. Autonomous ErgoStool

It is hard to imagine that a stool can be ergonomic in any way. After all, it lacks armrests, a backrest or any of the other ergonomic features that most office chairs come with. However, the Autonomous ErgoStool is a marvelous addition to any office. It gets the job done, comfortably and with a lot of room to spare.

The ErgoStool is designed to be used with the Autonomous standing desks. However, you can use it anyway that you like. The Ergo Stool has a heavy-duty base so that there is no wobbling when you sit down.

The height of this ergonomic stool is adjustable. In fact, the pneumatic rod is long and depending on how high your desk is, you can pull it all up, or just a bit as you will find most suitable.

>> Click Here to See Full Review: Autonomous Ergo Stool

Ergostool Autonomous

When you are working at your stand up desk but you need something to lean your weight into so that you can give your legs a break, use this stool. Even if you just rest your butt on the edge of the stool, you will give your legs some relief.

When you have to sit all the way down, just lower the height to what is most appropriate for you. Remember, the best height to set for this, or any other stool, is the one where your thighs will be horizontal to the floor.

The padding on the seat of this stool is very comfortable. There is no sharp edge to this stool anywhere and when you buy it, you can have it assembled and ready to use in a couple of minutes.


In this Autonomous chair review, you have gotten a glimpse at the office sitting solutions from this brand name. You have also seen that ergonomics is not just a word but a practicality for this brand. Whether you buy an OsmoChair, a MyoChair,… or the ErgoChair 2, you will have value for every dime you spend on the chairs. Besides, all of the products are offered with a warranty of 12 months and a money back guarantee of 30 days.  

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