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An In-depth Dell XPS Desktop Review

Dell endows its customers across the countries with its technology for realizing their dreams. The range of XPS (Xtreme Performance System) desktop computers is known to be one of the high-performance desktops that are designed at their best. Their XPS range dates back to 1990 when the prime focus of Dell was the corporate business and not consumers. The first two versions of the XPS model were announced in September 1993. The first generation of this XPS system was then available either in the form of desktop or a tower case. The XPS tower 8000 series, XPS One 27”, Studio XPS are some of the popular versions of the XPS desktops.

If you are a die heart fan of video games and love to enjoy them from the comfort of your couch, then bring home the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition (8930). It is one of the bestselling Dell XPS desktops in today’s market. Apart from retaining some of the key features of the previous models like the compact getup and design giving easy access and room for expansion, this desktop has end number of ports and is power packed to handle every kind of media project that proves to be a treat for the eyes.

Dell XPS desktop review

The Good

  • Compact design with interesting internal design
  • Easy-access case providing scope for expansion
  • Numerous port options
  • Fast performance
  • Perfect gaming desktop

The Bad

  • Has an entry-level configurations
  • Locked processor
  • Its fan produces a lot of noise

Bottom Line

Of all the Dell XPS desktop models, the Dell XPS Tower Special Edition (8930) is one of the most recommended desktops for midrange general-purpose. Along with the design and style, special attention is paid to its capabilities which would meet the expectations of today’s consumers. It can be tagged as a compact multipurpose desktop available at a reasonable price which can be upgraded as per your requirement. The 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-9700K 8-Core Processor makes it a power-packed model. With this amazing creation of Dell, now you get to enjoy an ultimate gaming experience.

An in-depth Dell XPS desktop review by professionals:

Premium design

Dell XPS desktop design

One of the best things about this particular Tower Special Edition of Dell XPS desktop series is its small size. Weighing only around 22lbs, this model has a dimension of 7.09 in x 14.02 in x 15.22 in (W x D x H). The all-new version of this XPS Tower is so small that it can easily fit in even in the tiniest apartments. The front of the semi-glossy black metal chassis of the desktop is covered with a solid aluminum sheet, and its look is enhanced with the Dell and XPS logo embedded on it. The diamond-cut edges pep up the look of the gaming desktop. This particular model of XPS Tower from the house of Dell has 3-hard drive trays where you can upgrade the M.2 flash storage drive if you want. The tool-less design of the desktop model makes it easy to upgrade. A swing-out PSU tray is designed in such a way that you get easy access to the chassis to expand and upgrade the components like graphics and memory to meet your requirement. There is a fan in the front to pull in the fresh air and another top-mounted fan that drains out the heat. The slit cuts on the side panels of the chassis are also intended to keep the system cool.

Hardware and connectivity

Dell XPS desktop Hardware

This latest 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-9700K 8-Core Processor of the Dell XPS desktop has a Cache memory of 12M which is expandable up to 4.1 GHz. It offers a lot of power potential along with a BIOS preference for overclocking. It provides you with high power and lightning speed for gaming, virtual reality, video editing, and playback. More cores indicate better performance when you run multiple applications, thus making multitasking easier. The Windows 10 Home 64-bit English operating system allows you to easily access the files of your personal computer and protects them too. It has a 32GB DDR4 RAM with a memory speed of 2666MHz. Now you can enjoy blazing fast speed with the 256GB M.2 PCIeNVMe SSD (Boot) and abundance of storage space with the 2TB 7200RPM 3.5″ SATA HDD. The NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Memory card improves your accuracy and visual clarity while you enjoy your movies or video games. Keep up a backup of all your important data with its Tray Load DVD-RW Drive. It can read both CDs and DVDs.

Get to enjoy the world’s most advanced gaming GPU where you can opt for NVIDIA® flagship GeForce® GTX™ 1080 powered by energy-efficient and high-performance NVIDIA® Pascal™ architecture. This innovative technology of the GPU promises a high-class virtual reality, 4K ultra-resolution HD displays.

The Dual Band of 2.4 & 5 GHz along with the 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.2 offers seamless connectivity. The in-built wireless network cards of this Dell XPS desktop model give you easy access to wireless router and hotspot devices. The Ethernet Killer E2400 connection inevitably detects and selects network traffic. It ensures better streaming of video, uninterrupted browsing of the web, quicker downloads and smooth gameplay.

Enough room for expansion

The concept of tool-less access to the internal parts of the tower needed an optimized approach. The Dell XPS desktop tower can support up to 4-storage devices and up to 225W graphics cards of full size. It has room for plenty of storage options like 2.5″ notebook drives, three 3.5″ HDD bays, and one internal optical drive. The 4-toll-less slots of PCIe allow you to add graphics and sound cards and more.

The port selection

Dell XPS desktop port

The Dell XPS desktop features a decent number of ports and the rare optical drive. It includes two USB-C ports amongst the USB-A, Gigabit Ethernet, Display Port, an HDMI, an SD card reader and Mic-in. Here, you will come across a good number of USB ports to plug in almost any device and accessories you want. USB-C allows you to plug in anything that requires the latest type of port. So, now plugging in your smartphone, flash drive or any other peripheral would be a cakewalk, and you will never fall short of ports.

Boost our visual experience

The high-class panel technology used in the Dell XPS desktop Special Edition Tower together with advanced software and hardware gives it a dynamic appeal.  It lets you experience every minute detail and delivers the deepest black and dazzling bright colors across the color spectrum. The configurations of this Special Edition desktop are VR-capable which can handle advanced graphics allowing you to make the world around you vibrant.

Award-winning audio clarity

Being engineered with a premium quality sound component like Waves MaxxAudio® technology with MaxxSense that easily adapts to the environment around, you get to enjoy the studio-quality sound that is much fuller, clearer and louder. The product is tested and ensured that every pops and crackles are eliminated.

Keeps it cool

The Tower Special Edition of Dell XPS desktop comes with a cooling system which is based on the Alienware-inspired thermal design. It ensures that the desktop remains cool when under severe load. There is a 3-heat-pipe system with optional K-SKUs which moves the heat effectively out of the CPU. Even when the load increases, the tower has been tested to remain quiet and make a very little sound like that of a whisper. The thermally controlled fans don’t make distracting noise and meet Dell’s severe acoustic limits.

Price and warranty

When we talk of the price range of the Tower Special Edition Dell XPS desktop model, it is somewhere within $949-$1699. At this reasonable price, you would get a fully capable gaming desktop which is ready for all types of eSports games and most of the modern tiles. As an add-on, the XPS 8930 model also comes with a 1-year Premium Support on basic hardware service warranty that includes in-house service.


The XPS systems by Dell were amongst the first lot to have adopted the latest PC technology. These Dell XPS desktop models are compact and exclusively crafted to provide its customers high-performance at an attractive price. Be it for work or play, it promises to elevate your experience with its stunning design and classy display. Every XPS Tower Special Edition model of Dell is positioned as VR-ready boxes. So even if you choose the basic configuration, you can easily get it upgraded. Overall, you can say that this XPS Tower Special Edition 8930 model is a hit. Though you may not find it impressive at the first look, it will never disappoint you in terms of performance.

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