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HP 250 G6 Review – Best Laptop for Small Businesses


The HP 250-series notebooks are undeniably the show-stoppers for HP. The models are economical, and there are abundant configurations from which the users can choose the one needed. The 250 sequences are compact mainstays for professional or business usage. They can perform their tasks efficiently without inviting care.

HP 250 G6

HP 250 G6 comes with a Full HD (1920×1080) display unit that is contrived by BOE. The main point is that the display unit usages a maximum-frequency, low-amplitude PWM that ideally should not disturb the mainstream of handlers even after protracted usage. HP has intended 250 G6 model for specific Business needs with inbuilt safety and collaboration features. Multi-Core is designed to increase the performance of a few software applications. Not every user or a software product will necessarily use this technology. The performance is purely based on the workload only. HP 250 G6 is known for:

  • Non-glossy display
  • Optimal performance
  • Complete HD display unit,
  • Rapid temperature cooling system
  • Integrated Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity features
  • No CPU strangling
  • less running temperatures
  • long battery runtimes
  • Less power intake
  • Detachable Li-Ion battery package
  • Noiseless

Many users found it not appropriate due to its:

  • Bluish display
  • The fan is always set to on mode
  • No separate maintenance opening.
  • Tough maintenance
  • No keyboard backlight
  • Keys of the Keyboard at times rattle
  • No touch display
  • No Anti-glare screen

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Check-out a complete HP250 G6 review:

Design and assembly

  • Windows 10 versions, Free DOS 2.0 operating system
  • Choice of any latest Intel processors
  • Selection of HDD up to 1 TB

To the extent that the design is considered, the HP 250 G6 has been reformed to a minor extent when compared to its previous model with some details being changed here and there. The complete body of the device is made of plastic which eventually is expected to reduce the total weight. The laptop is about 15-inches in dimension, and the HP 250 G6 is handy gauging around 23.8 mm in height and weighs about 1.86 kg.

HP 250 G6 Design

The cover is now built using plastic, and the exterior does not have any patterns instead has light, sleek metallic surface with HP’s logo in the center. Because of the light color, the thumbprint impressions are not visibly seen. While you try to put some pressure on the center of the lid shows some slight bend, and waves like pattern appear on the screen. This could be seen if you try to turn the screen as well. But for such a price, these sturdiness tests are entirely negotiable. Another useful feature is an extended component on the cover that can be used as a support while opening the laptop.

Nevertheless, the joints do seem to be quiet compact and are noticeable with a bright finish. The bottom surface of HP 250 G6 is to some extent made to look rough with a metallic gray coating. The battery is removable that comes with a silicone base. There is a provision for a small vent for air circulation as well.

You can configure the hardware with the newest versions of Intel processors as per requirements. As for as the visual aid performance is considered, the choices you may have are either Intel HD Graphics Unit or AMD Radeon 520  which is expandable up to 2 GB.


hp 250 g6 Display

The display measures about 15.6 inches or 39.6 cm diagonally which is an HD SVA EDP anti-glare thin WLED (1366 x 768) display unit. To view images in HD format, the resolution of the content should be in HD. Resolution pixels are subject to the monitor capacity and color profundity settings.

The Interiors

When we look at the interiors, it is made up of an alike plastic material the same as the one that is used for the external. It resembles to be a flat surface but looks like soft aluminum. If you tend to press around the space bard strongly, you may feel slight bend, but it tends to be okay at times. The keyboard seems to be the standard type and is an absolute value for the money. The keycaps look ok but every key press results in substantial robust and noticeable response. As a result, you will have a comfortable and reckless keying experience. The keyboard has all the required Fn keys, and the Numpad unit is spacious enough for agreeable input experience. The touchpad, conversely, looks a bit tough to handle and is likely to offer a slow sliding experience. But hopefully, it should get ok with practice.


There is no specific maintenance needs are being specified for HP 250 G6 model. This indicates that to patch-up and upkeep the central units you might have to dismantle the bottom plate as you do with other models. Initially, you may have to take away the battery carefully and the optical drive, trailed by the bolts on the base. Make sure to remove the screws that are under the base shoes.


HP 250 G6 Performance

The HP 250 G6 is a compact 15.6-inch notebook designed for office usage which shows sufficient performance for business and internet related applications. It is driven by an Intel Core i3-6006U Skylake dual-core processing unit. This configuration tends to offer optimal power to provide adequate performance for office use. This model i3-6006U is an ultra-low voltage (ULV) type that provisions four threads for two cores. The CPU can run at a speed of about 2 GHz but does not offer Turbo Boost. Indeed, the base temperature can reach Up to 50 °C which shows that the HP 250 G6 possibly will passably cool any powerful processor.

Graphics Card

The HP 250 G6 is provisioned with Intel Graphics Unit 520 that can handle 250 G6’s visual aids. The GPU can reach up to 900 MHz and can support DirectX 12.3Dstandard outcomes as anticipated. This GPU is operates using a distinct-channel RAM. By adding a RAM module, the performance of the GPU can considerably be boosted.


The simple least number of connecting sockets is placed on the sides of HP 250 G6. These connectors are ample enough to suit most of the user needs. If you are looking for a low-priced laptop, then this would be the best option to go with. The left-hand side provides accommodations to the HDMI, HDMI, two X USB 3.0 ports, VGA, and a 3.5 mm audio port. The right side is the optical drive, an additional USB 2.0 port, and the SD card reader. The ports are placed appropriately offering great comfort to the users. Likewise, the primary heat diffusing vent is put on the left to avoid any discomfort while using the peripherals. By default, the fan is set to on in the BIOS. This can be restricted which in turn can provide a far noiseless experience.


The HP 250 G6 has unpredictably decent battery life. It offers an extended runtime thus providing improved performance, efficiency, and more significant battery volume, of about 41 WH battery capacities. The battery is user-manageable and can be exchanged anytime as required. The battery life for Win 10 O/S may differ subject to several aspects such as product’s type, settings, installed applications, peripheral features, usage, wireless operations, and power management configuration. The supreme capacity of the battery will undoubtedly decline with time and use.


In spite of a few noticeable downsides, we realize the expenses HP had to bear all the way to provide such low-cost business models. We can claim this to be a victory as the most vital facets like over-all firmness, hinge solidity, compactness and input peripherals cannot be disregarded. HP has offered a modest 15.6-inch professional HP 250 G6 laptop. Despite the fact the Core i3 chip will not disrupt any performance histories, it will provide the adequate performance required for the workplace as well as for internet applications: the SSD guarantees reckless and even system performance. Unavailability of maintenance flap is undoubtedly a big drawback as the whole base has to be removed to make small repair works.  The device runs on various types of the Windows 10 operating system and can be upgraded as and when required. Overall, it is a good win-win for both the consumers and the sellers.

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