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Herman Miller Eames Chair Review – A Luxurious Chair


The Eames chair remains one of the most known chairs in the world. It has been in use for more than 50 years and is a preeminent lounge chair when you think about style, comfort, and value. The chair was designed by Charles and Ray Eames, who are two outstanding furniture designers in modern history. No chair matches the comfort, the classic style, the attractive melding of materials and the unexplained feeling of familiarity that this chair gives.

eames chair introduction

The chair is built and warranted by Herman Miller which is probably the best furniture maker in the USA. Everything in this chair attracts effusive praise and warrants a celebration. Even if the chair were designed by someone else and later forgotten, it would still be an outstanding piece of furniture. The Eames Chair is very supportive and comfortable and is far much better than any recliner you’ve ever tested and is more beautiful to boot, and the soft, luxurious leather together with the precise padding and the curved wood offer a real resting experience that you so much desire.

The Good

You will agree with me that you will like everything in this chair. From the luxurious leather, the elegant and groundbreaking molded plywood shell, the optimum comfort and the beautiful ottoman. Also the historic nature of the chair and design, and the cultural cachet of the Eames name. No recliner in modern history offers the comfort that the Eames Chair provides, and no furniture piece is as beautiful or famous like this chair. Tall people can still be comfortable in this chair, but after they scoot forward in the chair so that your head can remain supported.

The Bad

The only thing you may not like about this chair is the price. Although its value is worth every penny, you will need to part with a lot of pennies to acquire it. Again, the chair may be not fit appropriately for tall users, like those with 5’10’ going upwards.

Bottom Line

You can’t have a better chair than the Eames Chair. It is absolutely the crème de la crème, having being made by the best all-time design team and produced and warranted by the best furniture company in the United States.

eames chair Bottom Line

Herman Miller Eames Chair Review – Summary

  • The seat is permanently tilted to allow the user’s weight off the lower back and spine
  • Designed by geniuses Charles and Ray Eames
  • Both backrest and headrest screwed together by aluminum supports
  • Molded by 3 curved plywood shells
  • Made from 24 percent material and 29 percent of its content is recyclable

Design and Features


The wood used in making Eames Chair is harvested exclusively from managed sustainable forests. In addition, most of the chair was constructed using recycled content, and about one-third of the product is recyclable. Although there are slim chances that you will ever recycle the chair because it is durable and can be passed from one person to the other as much as is possible.

eames chair Design

A Place to Relax

The contours of the seat and high back are attractive to the sitter and have a built-in swivel mechanism. The Eames chair practically fits in any place in your home, from your living room to your office. The chair is sturdy and comfortable and is made for all-time generations and serves as a mini-retread from straining life. The designers of the chair were inspired by Billy Wilder, who was used to rig up lounges for short time naps while filming as he needed a refuge from the storm.

Classic Comfort and Luxurious Feel

The chair comes with a urethane foam cushions with a thickness of 6’’ and high-class leather upholstery. As a result, the user will experience the luxury that has no pretension and ostentation, and comfort and a feeling of relaxation without resorting to bulky. The chair is built to serve a definite purpose dully and is a clear indication of what elegance is.

Quality and Craftsmanship

The pieces in this chair are all assembled using a hand. The shells are 7-ply cherry, natural cherry, walnut or santos palisander veneer; the base and back braces are die-cast aluminum. The designers at the Herman Miller are second to none in the world and are unparalleled in experience, and also the quality and the Eames chair is built exactly as it were over fifty years ago.

No Adjustability

You should not worry about adjustments when it comes to this chair because it does not require any. Anyone who has sat in the chair has attested to its comfort and have loved it. Unlike other chairs that you have to adjust so that you can have the right posture, this chair is made in such a way that you will enjoy its every detail.

eames chair No Adjustability

One notable feature that makes this chair so comfortable is how the seat is tilted permanently with the aim of taking the weight of the sitter off the lower back and the spine of the user. In fact, when you find a chair that reclines you should automatically know that it is not Eames. This chair is made to give a reclining position without any adjustments.

Environmental Information

The Eames Chair consists of 29% recyclable content when you are due with its usage and is made up of 24% recycled content. The all die-cast aluminum contents comprised of 100 percent recycled content and are also 100% recyclable. Steel contents have an approximate of 25% recycled content and are 100% recyclable. A lot of metal components consist of a powder-coat paint finish that gives out minimal amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC’S).

Foam substances are part of an open-loop system and can be recycled to various elements such as automotive components or carpet paddings when they come at the end of their immediate use. The packaging materials of Eames lounge chair and ottoman consist of corrugated cardboard and a polyethylene plastic bag. All these materials make up a part of a closed-loop recycling system which means that they can be recycled several times.


Herman Miller currently provides the Eames chair in different colors with coordinating wood. The chair is by no means cheap as you will have to part with $5,000 -$6.500 to get this chair depending on the type of material that you choose. This is different from the replica of this chair who sell it at a much lower price. However, despite its high price the chair is worth every penny.

Materials and Measurements


  • 6’’ thick urethane foam cushions
  • 7-ply cherry or walnut veneer shells upholstered with leather
  • The base comes with a built-in Swivel Mechanism
  • Natural rubber shock mounts
  • Stainless steel glides that are adjustable
  • Back braces and base are die-cast, and base of the ottoman painted black with bright polished aluminum trim


  • Lounge chair: 32-inch height by 32.75-inch width by 32.75-inch depth
  • Ottoman: 17.25-inch height by 21.5-inch depth


Herman Miller Eames Chair is a chair like no other. It remains the best-engineered chair in the world of furniture. With this chair, you will experience buttery softness and smoothness. It is indeed a triumph of form and aesthetically pleasing functionality while offering much-needed comfort. However, for tall users would need to go for the tall version because the standard size is fit for small and medium-sized persons. Apart from that, the chair is suitable for everyone.

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