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Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review – A Heavyweight Choice

The Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair promises to deliver unmatched comfort with its durable foam. Covered in pleather, the chair is suitable for long hours of sitting. This is why it improves comfort with an added soft neck pillow as well as with a lumbar support pillow. With a hugging design it contours the upper body and the legs, offering a sink-in style of sitting.

The chair with its 57lbs is heavy but it also comes with large weight capacity. Supporting up to 320lbs, the chair is one of the capable solutions for both heavyweight and regular weight gamers. Of course, its increased weight capacity puts it in a class of its own where it has the capacity of supporting even those who are overweight.

arozzi vernazza gaming chair introduction

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review – Summary of features

  • Made with a weight capacity of 320lbs
  • Designed with a hugging backrest
  • Multidimensional armrests included
  • Added soft neck pillow
  • Shipped with a lumbar support pillow
  • Stable large premium casters
  • Covered by pleather
  • Included Arozzi rocking mechanism
  • Impressive 70 kg/m³ seat foam density

The good parts of the comfortable Vernazza gaming chair

As one of the best-equipped Arozzi chairs, the Vernazza represents a suitable option for many users. It has a lost list of features and it lives up to its name as a supportive comfortable chair. Most of its materials are seen in other Arozzi chairs. However, some of its materials such as the unique supportive foam are chosen specifically for its robust profile.

Based on supportive high-density foam, the chair offers plenty of cushioning, as needed for heavy users. At 70 kg/m³ foam density, the chair is among the most supportive in its class. For most people, it can even be one of the harder chairs to consider, especially when softer cushioning and sponge cushioning might not be enough. As users expect, the Vernazza is generous with the cushioning as the high-density foam covers the entire surface of the chair. It is why gamers are able to find it as one of the densely-cushioned chairs. Even the hugging edges of the chairs are cushioned.

But Arozzi also maintains its lumbar support pillow as much as with most of its other chairs as well. It is why users can rely on a height-adjustable lumbar pillow which is suitable for gamers of different heights. As the name of the pillow suggests, its role is to support the lower back. This can reduce some of the pressure the area feels while sitting. At the same time, it can be used as a posture-improvement solution as it forces gamers to straighten the chest while sitting.

arozzi vernazza gaming chair The good

Proper neck support and adjustable armrests

Arozzi also adds a neck support pillow to the chair. It is a true neck pillow and not just a regular head support pillow as with most Arozzi chairs. It is why the Vernazza can be among the top solutions to offer a multi-hour gaming support comfort. But at the same time, users should not rely on this pillow to avowing taking breaks for health reasons.

The adjustable armrests of the Vernazza are an inspired addition to the comfortable support. They allow the hands to sit in a comfortable position, supporting the forearms. If the height of the armrests is adjustable on a number of other chairs, not the same can be said about the angle of the armrests, as it can adjust to the needs of the user. The angle at which the hands fall on the keyboard is different and more natural as a result. Since there are many other reasons to consider the Vernazza for reduced wrist pain such as height adjustability, it is highly advisable to use the chair in different positions to find the right comfort and the posture which allows users to enjoy a full day of gaming.

The chair’s posture benefits

It is often believed that sitting for long periods of time is bad for posture. This has certainly proven to be the case in a number of studies. But at the same time, sitting on a chair which is not ergonomic or which is simply not cushioned properly can be at least as bad. As a result, the Vernazza gaming chair fixes at least some of these problems as it addresses proper comfort with the support it can offer in key areas.

While the seat pan is the base of the chair, it is often that the backrest can improve or negatively impact posture the most. This is why the Vernazza is now one of the most reliable solutions for proper posture, especially since it has adjustable lumbar support and adjustable neck support.

The ergonomics of the chair largely depends on where the lumbar support pillow is placed. But since most gaming chairs don’t even offer such accessories, it might be a sign that they can be improved at least in the key areas of back support as the Vernazza chair.

arozzi vernazza gaming chair The chair’s posture benefits

Arozzi staple functions

Arozzi then added recline and rocking functions to the chair. They are both useful in changing the sitting angle and the mobility on the chair. Instead of having the same sedentary position, the chair offers gamers the ability to have at least some level of mobility. Of course, the recline function can also be locked in place at a particular angle so that users can take a short break and allow their back to relax.  The locking function of the chair also allows for some forwards and backward mobility which can prevent a stiff back.

The pleather materials cover the entire surface of the chair. Unlike other chairs from the manufacturer which combine pleather with textile materials, the Vernazza is mainly made to be durable and easy to clean. All chairs which are encouraging long hours of sitting should actually be easy to clean. The great part is that pleather is very easy to clean with soap, water, and a clean cloth. Regular cleaning is required, as with any type of office chair. But gamers can also ensure the accessories such as the lumbar support pillow remain clean as well as they can be removed when needed.

The bad parts of the Vernazza gaming chair

The Vernazza might be hard to match for comfort and weight support. Of course, there are a few drawbacks such as the extra weight caused by the high-density foam. At 57lbs, the chair is very heavy. It might even be too heavy for some users. This can be important if gamers want to slide on the chair from one place to another. Moving the chair when vacuuming with one hand may even be impossible, even if it comes with large casters.

Another problem caused by the hugging design and the pleather cover is actually the lack of breathability. During the summer months, users might actually struggle to find the right level of thermic comfort on such chairs. Just as leather chairs in the car, the Vernazza might prove unproductive in allowing the body’s temperature to cool down when the outside temperature is high.

But by far, the biggest limitation of the gaming chair comes with its size. As one of the largest designs in its class, the chair requires a lot of room in the area of the gaming desk. It is why so many users will actually have to start looking towards the best ways in which they can integrate it in their gaming space, especially if it comes at a premium, such as in small apartments. Those who have the space for the rocking chair can enjoy it to the full capacity while those playing with the back to a wall might not be able to enjoy its rocking mechanism too much.

Bottom line

While there are many cushioned gaming chairs, not many of them are actually able to offer such a comfortable experience. For many users, it can even be the best time to assess where they want to be on the scale of gaming chairs as the Vernazza is clearly one of the premium options form Arozzi. Without being too affordable, the chair actually includes premium characteristics and it may only be really worth it for truly dedicated gamers.

arozzi vernazza gaming chair Bottom line

The added comfort of the Vernazza chair is still the most important reason for gamers to invest in the chair, above ergonomics. Most gamers who are willing to spend a considerable amount on a gaming chair are basically looking for a design which goes further than the average chair with all-day comfort. For these motives, the Arozzi manages to offer good results. Even more, the chair is actually very easy to use compared to most chairs in its price range. Installed in minutes, the chair can be ready for gaming with no extra help.

Why the multidimensional armrests are different

If most Arozzi armrests are either fixed or only height adjustable, Vernazza comes with a different approach. Its armrests slide in, out, up and down to offer a real 3D experience. This is made to offer proper support for users of different heights. When it comes to the ultimate comfort, users can also rely on a bit of extra functionality as the armrests can be suited for different types of gaming. If for keyboard access the hands need to be at desk level, the same might not be the case when using a controller.

But the armrests also come with a padded surface for the ultimate comfort. This is where they manage to provide plenty of support for each user and they do so with a damping effect. The overall padded nature of the chair is extended to the entire surface of contact as a result. However, the angle of the armrests does not adjust when in a reclined position. But for their versatility, the armrests remain some of the most practical and useful designs at all levels in the gaming chair category.

Final considerations

The Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair is one of the pride of the manufacturer. Its distinct and aggressive design makes it a stand-out option. For many users, it represents a solid option in terms of functionality and comfort.  With elegant stitching and a design which is available in multiple colors, the chair is a stand out design worth taking into consideration more than similar chairs.

One of the ideal users of the chair is a dedicated gamer. For most dedicated gamers, a real solution for extra comfort is always a worthy investment. It is in this case that the chair’s thick padding and contoured shape makes the most sense.

When it comes to the ultimate level of comfort, the unique dense foam is hard to match. This is based on an impressive frame which holds users of up to 145kg.  With added height adjustability, the chair is certainly practical even for smaller users.

Based on large casters, the chair can be used across various surfaces. However, since it also comes with extra weight, the chair should rarely be considered on hardwood floors where it could scratch or damage the surface. Most users can also find the chair to be highly durable, especially in the conditions in which it is covered in full pleather.

With extra durability and weight capacity, the chair is also one of the largest in its class. This is why its extra weight support it manages to offer one solution for overweight users. Since it also comes with a hugging design, the chair has added lateral support, similarly to most Arozzi chairs which makes it a great first choice from the manufacturer. Most users can also find it impressively comfortable from the first day, which is basically due to the high-density foam which is only used in this form on the chairs which are made to support heavier users.  

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