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How Much Does It Cost To Repair The Screen Of A Xiaomi Mobile?

How Much Does It Cost To Repair The Screen Of A Xiaomi Mobile In 2022?

Suppose you have a Xiaomi mobile, and the screen breaks or suffers other damage. In that case, the repair can be free if it is still guaranteed and was purchased directly from the manufacturer through its website or an authorized store. Otherwise, it will cost you, and whether it is a lot or a little will depend on the phone model itself, but we will discuss this in more detail below.

To begin with, the price of repairing a Xiaomi screen can vary greatly based on the mobile model. Considering this, the final cost can range from around 20 euros and a little more to easily exceeding 200 euros.

In no case do we recommend repairing the screen of a phone on your own, regardless of the model and manufacturer, since, if you do not know about it, the mobile could become unusable, much less have the necessary materials and tools? That is why it is better to take the device to a warranty (only if it still has it) or a specialized technical service center, and what better than to take it directly to Xiaomi?



The Chinese manufacturer has a price list for repairing mobile screens that are out of warranty. In this, you will find many of the most popular models of the moment and the newest and oldest. However, several are missing, but this does not necessarily mean that those that do not appear are beyond repair; it only means that Xiaomi has not included them in the list due to a lack of updating it.

On the other hand, the prices that appear in the following table, as highlighted by Xiaomi on its official websiteinclude VAT, are indicative, and may vary based on the damage to the screen and the repair and/or replacement work that must be done. It is also affected by the final decision of the technical service, so it can be higher or lower in different circumstances. Similarly, in many cases, prices may be exact.

It must also be considered that the following prices include the inspection and shipping fees (if applicable), which are 30.25 and 12.10 euros, respectively.

mobile model screen repair cost
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G 72.48 euro
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 71.54 euro
xiaomi mi 11 €210.89
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra €219.39
xiaomi mi 11i 73.27 euros
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 71.32 euros
xiaomi mi 10t 71.32 euros
Xiaomi Mi 10T-Lite 51.67 euros
xiaomi mi 10 €186.28
xiaomi mi 10 pro €186.28
xiaomi mi 9 93.27 euro
xiaomi mi 9 lite 71.70 euro
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE 82.92 euro
xiaomi mi 9t 71.46 euro
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 71.93 euro
xiaomi mi 8 €106.52
xiaomi mi 8 lite 56.22 euro
xiaomi mi 8 pro 140.11 euros
xiaomi mi note 10 €112.97
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro €112.97
Xiaomi mi a3 42.86 euros
xiaomi mi a2 38.90 euros
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 37.76 euros
xiaomi mi a1 32.45 euros
Xiaomi mi max 3 57.31 euro
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 €98.93
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G €93.81
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 €115.48
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S €108.74
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 35.59 euro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S 37.12 euros
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G 38.01 euro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T 36.46 euro
Xiaomi redmi note 8 37.35 euros
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 46.84 euro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T €37.51
xiaomi redmi note 7 52.38 euros
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro 40.38 euros
Xiaomi redmi note 5 34.96 euros
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A 29.71 euro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 38.29 euros
Xiaomi Redmi 9T NFC 28.40 euros
xiaomi redmi 8 27.60 euros
Xiaomi redmi 8a 28.27 euros
xiaomi redmi 7 35.20 euros
Xiaomi redmi 7a 23.14 euros
xiaomi redmi 6 23.40 euros
Xiaomi redmi 6a 23.40 euros
xiaomi redmi 5 29.54 euros
Xiaomi redmi 5a 22.76 euros
Xiaomi Redmi 5Plus 37.35 euros
Xiaomi Redmi GO 22.03 euro
xiaomi redmi s2 29.63 euros
Xiaomi Poco M3 28.66 euros
Xiaomi Poco F3 72.98 euro
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro 48.32 euro
Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC 46.28 euros
Xiaomi Poco F1 (Pocophone) 43.72 euro




In addition to the Xiaomi technical service, there are also other stores, both physical and online, that are dedicated to repairing Xiaomi mobile screens and other brands. Many offer similar prices, even lower than those already described in the table above, officially given by Xiaomi for Spain. At the same time, in many cases, they provide a guarantee. These are:


We start with Mundo del Móvil, an excellent alternative to Xiaomi’s technical service with good screen repair prices and a guarantee of up to 6 months. Given its good technical service, it boasts a very good reputation and has several stores scattered throughout Madrid, Spain. On their official website, you will find all the contact information, such as their telephone numbers, emails, and the addresses of their stores. You will also be able to see all their repair services and prices.


This is another Xiaomi phone screen repair shop with competitive prices and offers repairs to other mobile components, ranging from buttons to inputs and ports. Mobile Repair publishes the prices of its technical service on its website and has a real-time chat for doubts and questions of all kinds. It also has a physical store and contact numbers, which you can find shortly before the footer of its website.


Computer Chamberi is another store that offers the repair and change of the screen of almost any Xiaomi in less than an hour, with a 6-month guarantee on its services. To lighten costs, you can opt for compatible and cheaper screens for your damaged mobile. If the final price does not matter to you, you can opt for original and better-quality panels for your phone. On their website, you will find their contact information, the prices of all the mobiles they can repair, the details of the technical service they offer, the repair of phones of other brands, and the sale of accessories.

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