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HP Omen Desktop Review – Tame the Gamer in You with HP Omen Desktop


The emergence of gaming laptops has been dated back to the year 1996 and has been in huge demand since then.  Various companies have been striving hard to rule over the gaming laptops market and, similarly, HP has rolled out a series of laptops solely dedicated to meet the needs of gamers. HP calls the series Omen that solely target the gamers and will be launching desktops, laptops, and accessories compatible for them.

This series is lead by the HP Omen desktop and can be identified by the dragon red highlighted logo along with the name omen printed on either side. The only drawback in the desktop is its look; the looks cannot be referred to as soothing or appealing. Though, it is clearly understood that HP wants to win over the target audience definitely in terms of the performance; looks are hardly a concern for the company. HP has been hinting ever since the news broke out, that the laptop will possess a good machine for VR gaming. Hence, the spec is highly designed to be powerful enough to carry the weight of hard graphitized games.

HP Omen Desktop Review

For all the gaming fans, the HP Omen desktop is good in terms of

  • Price
  • Upgrading capability
  • High Speed

However, it has only one drawback is Design

If you are looking forward to buying this HP Omen desktop for a unique gaming experience, then it can turn out to be one of the best investments of your life. With countless numbers of suppliers available in the market, it is not easy to decide where to buy this gaming PC. Before you go ahead, it is recommended to do a little research to find a reliable supplier and know the things you should consider while buying a gaming desktop. To help you make the right decision, we are going to present the basic details of this gaming desktop including price, design, the upgradability and the performance of the laptop.

A Complete Review of HP Omen Desktop:


If you want a product with the perfect blend of price and feature, then HP Omen desktop is the one for you. This desktop is powerful along with its future proof gaming machine and comes with a tag of price which would shock you for its genuineness. Though the designs are not up to the mark for this desktop, you can solely rely on its performance, power and upgradability as compared to the bucks you spend on it.

Going for a gaming PC is not something that everyone can afford. For some people, it would cost a lifetime of their savings. With an era of such popularity of gaming laptops, the price has always been in the rise, but HP Omen desktop boasts having a reasonable price tag.

If you wish, you can compare the price of Omen with other desktops available in the market, which have the same features as Omen. The base model is its cheapest which would cost you around $1,369 and comes with a 3GB ram and a hard disk of 1TB

Additionally, it comes with a keyboard and mouse to facilitate your gaming experience in a better way. No matter which model you would choose, we assure it will consist of a powerful machine as Omen has two of i7 8th generation and one i7 9th generation processor in hand.


HP Omen Desktop Design

Omen’s design has not been appealing from the view of the customers. Though its design is not so flattering, is it only the looks that all matters for a gaming PC? We doubt that hardly matters.

However, talking about its design in detail, it sturdy black textured casing with rigid fascia and red RGB lighting gives it a perfect color contrast. The word logo (OMEN) is printed on its front at the top left-hand side and illuminated at the center of the desktop lid with red lights. The red lights may not look attractive each time as it switches on, it feels as if you are combat ready and up for some mission. This additional look to HP Omen desktop was given for the people who love to play FPS games. The inside isn’t soothing to look and experience as well.


HP Omen Desktop Upgradability

Along with its class performance, this PC should be recommended for its upgrading capability. HP Omen desktop has four slots of RAM which allow you to upgrade it in the future as per your needs. Plus, a 3-additional bay for an extra hard drive is a merit in itself. In addition, you may find a configuration for adding Intel Optane memory and liquid cooling. The command center of Omen software has 4-sections.

  • System vitals: System vitals help you to monitor your GPU, memory and CPU utilization. It also plays a significant role in temperature management which is must for a gaming desktop.
  • Overclocking and Network booster: The second and third sections are the overclocking and network booster. These sections help in customization of the desktop’s processor as well as the network performance. Speaking about the overclocking, it has a special significance which gives the user an opportunity to run a criterion to know the performance of a machine or how it is working. The network booster section provides good quality wireless device network which can be accessed from any location.
  • Streaming: And the last section provides the user with an additional feature of streaming games from the HP Omen to another Windows PC with a sufficient upload or download speed.


HP Omen Desktop Performance

When it comes to its performance, no other laptop can beat it; you can’t find even a single fault in its performance. Its powerful processor makes it ideal for running any kind of ultra gaming stuff with ease; it hardly finds any difficult command to execute. That is why this laptop is suitable for popular games like a hot knife through butter and referred by the professional gamers. It is the gaming desktop that is ruling out the market with its affordable prices and ability to offer you an outstanding gaming experience. The HP Omen desktop has been tested with 3 AAA titles:

  • Shadow of the tomb raider
  • Far cry 5
  • Assassin’s creed odyssey

These 3-titles were tried on the HP Omen desktop up to an extreme level, and there were no issues encountered; there were absolutely no flaws within the textured drops, time lags or glitches among the same.

These three games are released out within a year and require a fast, great continuous generation environment and much more graphics craving as well as atmospheric effects. They belong to the open world games where most of the technology is integrated with excellence. The performance given up by the desktop for these three games is something extraordinary. This impressive and smooth performance is the result of the hardware technology fitted into it. The hardware to be named and praised is the graphics card, the top of line CPU and of course the RAM of the system.

The unit which has been tested and fitted with the Intel Core i7-8700K hexacore processor to handle the heavy loads, facilitate great multitasking and last but not the least, streaming of 4K UHD videos. The 32GB RAM comes with NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, and graphics card competent of supporting next-generation gaming demands, ultra-high resolutions and multiple monitors.

All these configurations are put up together for the seamless and smooth user experience. This HP Omen desktop is a must as it is guaranteed to offer you an uninterrupted experience for all the existing games as well as the games which would roll out in the near future. Name any game, and this desktop can efficiently handle the


Yes, we agree that Omen is not the desktop which would satisfy any eyes which would look at it. But, aren’t looks overrated? In general, gamers are performance hungry; this desktop is the one which would soothe their soul with its A-class performance. No one can deny the fact that this PC is the best in terms of performance. And here, we talked about the powerhouse that can be used with any processor and heavy graphics games. The gaming experience it will give you is so real that would make you feel you are a part of it. We can consider this HP Omen desktop for a long term investment because its upgradability feature makes it the best for future use.

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