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Ikea Alex Desk Review- A Smart Elegant Desk for every Settings


The Ikea Alex desk is a minimalistic looking clean desk that looks elegant and is functional. The cable management drawer at the back to make your setup clean. You can hide all your charging cables on behind the desk with a small slit to allow you to connect the gadgets to the cables. Storing your extension cord at a convenient location is very essential for computer users to plug in your accessories conveniently. 

The table top is made of sturdy materials with a finish that can last longer and still look good if taken proper care. The covered back allows it to be kept anywhere in a room without attracting unwanted attention or ugly stares. All it will attract are eyes of people appreciating a good looking clean desk that does its job very well. The hidden compartment will ensure you have a cleaner looking desk in your office or home. It is versatile to be used as an office desk, or a standalone study desk. 

ikea alex desk review Bottom Line

The Good

  • Clean looking
  • Sturdy table top
  • Variety color options
  • Cable management drawer
  • Easy to maintain

The Bads

  • Not a computer desk as no keyboard tray

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Bottom Line

It looks sexy, it has the functionality for being a great desk with cable management options. There are two drawers adding to the functionality of the desk as a multipurpose desk. The finished back makes it easier for the table to be kept in any setting. It comes with a wide choice of color options that will suit your requirement and style. 

It has a sturdy metal base making it a sturdy desk to be used for studies or office work. The leg room allows for a comfortable sitting posture without troubling your back. It is easy to install and provides functionality for various type of users. No matter how you intend to use this desk, it has something for everyone to find it useful. 

In-Depth Review of Ikea Alex Desk

The Alex desk is a functional classy looking desk that serves its purpose wonderfully without being heavy on your pocket. It has the functionality with a strong base making it a great choice for a viable option as study or office desk. 

Sturdy Base

The Alex desk comes with a metal base that makes it a sturdy desk without any wobble. If you are someone who would like a sleek desk that is sturdy to allow for constant usages like a writer or office worker, Alex desk can be an ideal choice. The metal legs allow for a cleaner design making it look sleek from all the angles. It does, however, provide sturdy support to the tabletop making it ideal to be used for typing and other office usages.

Clean design

What sets the Alex Desk apart from other desks in the range is the clean and modern design. It has a lot of free space thanks to the strong metal base design. The metal legs help to cut down bulk from the table’s overall design while providing strong support. It has an impressive 24 ⅜” height below the table allowing a lot of breathing space and cleaner look. 

ikea alex desk review Clean design

Easy Set-Up

The Alex Desk comes with detailed instructions to help you assemble the desk in quick time. If you have any experience of assembling desks, this would take you less than 30 mins in most cases. Having very few parts to actually assemble, it makes it easier for first-time desk assemblers to get it done in no time. The instructions provided are easy to follow and provide step-by-step guidance to assemble your desk properly. 

Cable Management

Cable management drawer at the back of the table top provides an easy location to keep all your cables away from sight and give a cleaner look to the desk. It also makes it safer for the user to use the desk without worrying from open wires. The cable management drawer has a small slit on the edge to route the cables effectively. Cable management is an issue most desk users face due to amount of gadgets and assessories we use for our daily purpose. 

Variety of color options

The Ikea Alex desk comes in a variety of color choices that might suit your room decor or style need. It is available in Grey, Beige, Blue and White. All the finish look very classy and looks really great in person. Given the clean open design it looks modern adding to the contemporary look of any room. 


There are two large enough drawer to occupy your files or notebook or iPad for safekeeping and easy access. The drawers are sturdy and have drawer stoppers to prevent them from getting pulled out all the way out. It prevents accidentally pulling out the drawers all the way that can cause the items inside the drawer to fall out and get damaged. The little details in the engineering of the Alex desk have made it a popular choice as an office or study desk at an affordable price. 


Final Thoughts

The Alex desk is a perfect mixture of style and functionality with aesthetics in mind. It is made of strong durable materials to stand the wear of time and usage. The cleaner design gives it a modern and contemporary look making it a perfect choice for modern homes and offices. Being compact in size, it can be easily placed even in tight spaces without compromising the functionality of a full-fledged desk. 

Although it is not meant as a computer desk for the absence of a keyboard tray and other shelves for computer accessories. It can be used for people using laptop setup as their workhorse. The table top is sufficiently large to allow for a comfortable working experience using a laptop. If you do not bother much about a keyboard tray, you can easily use a keyboard with a monitor on the table top itself as it is quite deep at 23 ⅝”. 

Overall for the price, you get a very modern looking classy desk that being versatile can be used as you may like. It also comes with added functionality like the cable management shelf that allows you to hide all your cables and extension cords safely. There are two drawers that will help you store all your important documents and files along with some electronic gadgets safely. 

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