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Ikea Micke Desk Review: An Affordable Computer Desk


The Ikea Micke desk is made with computers in mind to allow for ample ventilation for your computer and other components. The open back design makes it ideal as a computer desk to ensure your equipment are kept well ventilated and does not heat up. In long-run heat can damage components inside your desktop PC cabinet. Keeping it in a well-ventilated area is almost the most necessary step to keep your pc running great over the years.

The look and finish are classy Ikea with flexible storage units that can be placed on either side of the desk to allow you for customization as per your need. It comes with the cable management hole to allow you to route the cables hidden from sight and keep a clean desk. It is still an affordable desk with plenty of functionality. 

The drawers come with drawer stopper so that you don’t drag them all the way out. You can pair it with other Micke series drawer units and other desks as all are of same height. It can be a great durable option for your office to have similar desks that are functional yet look good. 

ikea micke desk review Bottom Line

The Good

  • Comes with an open back to allow for proper ventilation of your computer and other equipment
  • The storage unit can be mounted either on the right or left side
  • Cable management outlet allows for a clean desk setup
  • Comes with drawer stopper to prevent the drawers from opening all the way out
  • Finished back helps it to be placed anywhere in a room
  • Can be easily paired with other Micke range of desks or drawer units because of the same height
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Adjustable shelves allow you to customize your desk as per your needs

The Bad

  • Limited color option available
  • No separate keyboard drawer
  • The shelves have an open back which though good for ventilation not so good for storage

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Bottom Line

Micke desks are designed for workspace and allow for the extension of your workspace anytime by pairing it with other desks, All the desks and storage units of the Micke range are of same height making it ideal to extend your workspace. The desk is well built will sturdy base and adjustable storage unit. It comes with open back shelve to keep your computer cabinet and allow ventilation on the back area which generally heats up the most. 

The design is simple yet functional and allow for a lot of customization option to the desk to make it worth for you. It comes in two widely suited colors that can match most room decor. Ikea Micke workstation desk looks clean with a lot of storage and cable management option for a clean setup on your desk. For added security, the drawers come with a stopper that will prevent the drawers to be opened all the way out. 

In-Depth Review of Ikea Micke Desk

The Ikea Micke desk is a functional stylish and well-built desk. It comes with options to extend your workstation with matching Micke rang of storage units and desks. As all of the Micke series desk and drawer units are of same height it will keep uniformity in your workspace. It also has an open back design that allows for great ventilation for your electronics and computer. Built with computers in mind this allows for a well-designed sturdy looking desk. 

The clean modern design makes it ideal for most modern offices and gamers. The desk being a classy design desk is a great gaming desk. The table top is big with enough spaces for your gaming gears and your ultra wide monitors. It comes with cable routing outlet on the back of the top allowing for a cleaner desk setup. If you are a streamer, it will look great on camera for its cool modern design and customizing options. 

Fits every Need

ikea micke desk review Fits every Need

The best part of Micke desks is that they are easily customizable to suit your need. It can be used as an office workstation or even as a gamer desk or simply as an attorney’s desk. The table top is large enough for your computers, equipment or even files. Being sturdy gives a good strong base for heavy users like gamers and typists. The Micke will adjust to your needs and be the best partner to have in your office. 

The added features on the Micke desk allows it to be ideal for PC users and PC Gamers allowing for good ventilation for those long gaming sessions. Every gamer wants a desk that can allow for good ventilation to their computer, as heating, not only damage components in long-run, it actually reduces performance. The open back on the shelves will allow for good ventilation on the back of the computers and keep a healthy airflow around the computer during intense gaming sessions. 

The adjustable storage unit allows you to mount it on either side of the desk that suits your need and preference. You have to follow the provided instructions properly to fit your storage unit on either right side or left of the desk. The shelves are also adjustable and can be used to keep a variety of things based on your usage. You can lower or increase the height of the shelves in order to fit your equipment or anything that you may like. 

The storage drawers on the desk come with drawer stopper that is really helpful for people who like to pull their drawers hard. It stops the drawers from getting pulled out all the way and prevent it from falling. The desk also has a cable management opening allowing your cables to be cleanly tucked away without hindering the workflow on the desk. 

Extension Option

One of the biggest advantages of the Micke desk is that it is compatible with other Micke range of desks and drawer units. All the units are of the same height which allows you to customize your desk setup as you like with other storage units or desks. Thus making it a great choice for offices to have a uniform setup without compromising the quality and functionality. 

The Micke series desks and storage units are similar in looks making it easier for any setup to pair them seamlessly in a larger unit. It comes with adjustable storage options which are great for tight spaces and preferences. Some like the drawers on the left while some may prefer them on the right. The Micke desks have the option to mount them on either side without making the desk look out of place. Additionally, the shelves also come with customizable heights which are really beneficial for many purposes. 

Air Ventilation

As we have already discussed earlier, this desk is made with computer users in mind with open backs that allow for good ventilation around the computer and its accessories. While you are shopping for desks for your computer, it is really important for you to ensure it has ample ventilation option to allow the computer to breathe. 

Micke desk does take care of these issues expertly with open back shelves where people generally put their CPUs (Cabinet). The fans inside the CPU works on the principle of air pressure and having ventilation around the cabinet helps in keeping the pressure at optimum levels. 

Very affordable 

ikea micke desk review Very affordable

The Ikea Micke desks are built as a workstation with added functionality but at a budget-friendly price tag. It makes sense for the Micke desks to be used as office desks and extend your work area with other Micke series storage units and desks. The price of the desks makes it affordable for offices to allow a number of the desks kept in harmony along with adding to the aesthetics of the office. 

With Ikea trust you can get a very capable desk with plenty of options to extend in future with the Micke series furniture as all of them are of same height. It can all thus make a seamless looking setup without costing you a fortune. Additionally, it comes with easy step by step guide to help you put together your desk in no time. It can help you get your desk setup and good for working in no time. 

Ikea Micke Desk Review – Final Thoughts

Ikea Micke series of desks and storage units are made with functionality in mind. It is thus one of the favorite choices as a computer desk for gamer, writers, professionals, and offices. The customization options that allow it to be fitted in any space make it a versatile choice for many. Surprisingly, the price tag on the desk is more than appealing for most, which has drawn many followers for this range of Ikea desks. 

The flexibility to add other desks and drawer units to the desk from the Micke series make it an ideal choice for people looking for a customizable option with added options for more functionality. You can always add a desk to your desk to make a two-person working desk or add some extra drawer units to increase the storage capacity of your desk. No matter what your need is, you can always get an option that will suit your need. 

Maintenance of the desks is easy similar to any other IKEA desk. A damp cloth is enough to wipe off the dust and keep your table top clean. The cable management option will also help you keep your desk clean and clutter free which is very important for a positive workspace. On the whole, for the price, you get a lot of functionality with added options to make it more functional based on your requirements. However, it does not skimp on the looks and carries a modern clean look without any bulky base or legs. It is also very well built and rated for 110 lbs or 50 kgs of maximum load on the table top. A great value for money computer desk or workstation that will suit everyone’s need. 

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