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IKEA corner desk review – Durable and Affordable

IKEA corner desk review summary

  • The IKEA corner desk is ideal for the household as well as office use.
  • It has a simple and elegant design that easily goes with any type of décor.
  • The product has a warranty of 10 years.
  • The surface of IKEA corner desk is made with melamine thus making it durable and easy to clean.

ikea corner desk review Bottom Line


  • It is perfect for small spaces like a kid’s room or a workplace.
  • The design of the desk is classic and chic for its size.
  • It is perfect for daily use and would endure the wear and tear.
  • One can easily keep laptops, papers and other essentials as the desktop space is quite long.
  • There are plug points in the bottom of the desktop which make it perfect for the office use.


  • On the downside, the surface could be a little slippery thus making it difficult to keep things steady.
  • This could not work well in places that are old and have slanted surfaces as the items can keep sliding.

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Bottom Line

Thus, the IKEA corner desk is perfect to be used in the office and also at home. It has a spacious top wherein you can possibly keep all your essentials. It has a stylish design that also supports an additional chair. You can always look out for the Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair to use. The structure of the corner desk is perfect to fit into any corner seamlessly. However, the finish of the desk can be a little slippery. Users would have to be careful while placing items that can slide easily.


The sturdy desk has been built to stand a lot of wear and tear. The work surface itself is huge and there is also a place wherein one can keep the cords. This IKEA corner desk is available for $239.

Design and Features

  • The product requires to be assembled and comes in a secure package. With a warranty of 10 years, you can rest assured to get it fixed in case something happens to the product. If any parts of the product get damaged you can simply contact IKEA and the product will be repaired.
  • The desk is made of melamine which is very durable. It is also easy to clean as well as stain free. You would not have to bother about any marks or stains as you can simply clean the surface with a cloth as and when required. This makes it perfect for office use wherein even if you spill the ink or coffee, it can be easily removed. Similarly, if you use it for household purposes then with regular cleaning, the IKEA corner desk would look just as new. In the kind of lifestyle, we are living there are bound to be spillages and marks from the day to day activities. If you are buying the product for a kid’s room then also there are bound to be a lot of stains. Wondering how to go about this? You simply do not have to bother anymore as the IKEA corner desk has a cleanable surface. Just keep a cloth around and you are good to go.
  • The legs can be adjusted which means that you can mount the table top as per your requirement. For a variety of tasks, you might need to adjust the height and this desk enables you to get the right comfort with its adjusting feature. This feature comes in handy when the same table is used by multiple people. This is relevant to both offices and home where the user might want to adjust the height as per their comfort. The adjustable legs are also very easy to tweak and the entire mechanism is very smooth.
  • The table top has a contoured surface which prevents from any bruises or marks which resting your arms on the edges. Unlike the ordinary tables and desks that you would see in the market, this aspect is indeed appreciable. For kids, it can be a good feature as they are usually finishing their homework using the desk. The curved surface of the corner desk protects from any harm caused by sharp edges. Put it simply, it is kid-friendly and also a good option for offices.
  • The desktop has a lot of surface space wherein you keep the office supplies such as the books, notepads, diary, pen stand and the like. It is quite a struggle to find the right balance of space and functionality in workplaces. This corner desk by IKEA offers both. Even the panel for switches has been beautifully managed underneath thus giving a lot of space which can be utilized.
  • The desk has been tested officially if it is suitable for office use and qualifies for it. It meets the requirements set for safety, stability as well as durability. To be specific, the IKEA corner desk conforms to EN 527-2 and ANSI/BIFMA X5.5. You can thus rest assured that your employees will be safe using this desk at work. Same goes with parents as the safety of the children is of utmost priority.

If you wish to buy office tables in bulk, then this desk is a perfect option. It gives plenty of space to keep the office essentials on its desktop. The desk is also available in two colours and you can choose the colour in accordance with the décor of your place.

ikea corner desk review Design


The corner desk from IKEA is very easy to maintain and you would not have to go through any hassle to keep it clean. Simply make a soapy solution and wipe the desk with a clean cloth. Following this, you can take yet another dry cloth to remove all the remaining stains.

Before accepting the product, it is a good idea to check if each of the assembly fastenings is tightened properly. As a part of the maintenance, you can tighten these every once in a while.

Planning to buy a table for your study room? IKEA corner desk is an ideal choice as it gives you the much-needed surface area for keeping all the necessary items. If you are using it in the office, then it perfectly accommodates your laptop, other accessories and the stationary. The design of this desk will ensure that you sit comfortably utilizing all the surface space, thanks to its curved design. As far as hand support is concerned, you can rest your arms without worrying about cuts and bruises as the desk has curved edges that are harmless.

Eco-friendly Design

The table-top of this corner desk is made with particleboard, ABS plastic as well as melamine foil. The composition of these materials makes them very easy to clean which is a plus point as far as maintenance is concerned.

As far as the underframe is concerned it is made from polyester and the feet of the table has aluminium in it. The table top can also be separated and it is made with recyclable material thus making it a very eco-friendly product. Even the underframe used is suitable for recovery. You can give it to your nearby recycling company once you are done using it.

IKEA focuses on introducing innovative products that are not only useful but also very eco-friendly. They design the desks while keeping its impact on nature in mind. You can go ahead and buy the desk as it has been designed consciously.

Product Dimensions

ikea corner desk review Product Dimensions

The product dimensions are suitable for any office space. The length and depth of this desk are 160 cm and 110 cm respectively. As mentioned before, you can adjust its length from a minimum of 65 cm to a maximum of 85 cm. The maximum load is 100 kg.

If you are using the corner desk by IKEA at home then its height might have to be adjusted. Maybe your kids would use the desk while doing their homework wherein you can reduce its height. Similarly, you can adjust its height as the level it up in case you wish to do some work. Pair it with a good ergonomic chair and you have your house office right there.

Even at the workplace, there are tasks wherein you would prefer to keep the height of your desk as high as possible. The adjustable nature of the desk is what makes it highly usable and functional.

It has a plain black or white colour that adds a good background for your table. You may also use it as a gaming table since it has plenty of surface area. Keep your gaming laptop, the mouse and other accessories in a comfortable manner.

The best part about this IKEA corner table is that you can use it in a myriad of ways. The panel for electric switches under the table would also support gaming as you can easily plug in the gaming console and your laptop charger to it. The protective mesh around the switch ensures hassle-free usage.

As far as décor is concerned, the white background can be enhanced using a contrast-coloured desk matt. You can add items that add a splash of colour to the neutral hues of this IKEA corner desk. The minimalist design of the desk makes it suitable for all sorts of settings. For instance, you can use it in a kid’s bedroom, study room, house office, and corporate office and even in the master bedroom to keep your essentials in one place.


The assembly of this desk is quite straightforward. It would come with two boxes. One will carry your desktop and the other for its leg hardware. The instructions are also very easy to follow and you simply have to execute them one step at a time.

However, it is a good idea to first read all the information before starting the assembly. While putting it together make sure that you protect the desktop from any scratches. This is because while assembling the desk you might keep things around that can end up scratching the surface. Do not bother about the spills as the surface is pretty easy to be cleaned.

A Word from the Manufacturer

The manufacturers claim to have modified the design so that it can suit the modern day lifestyle. IKEA is also bringing in desks that would support sit and stand function. This is helpful for the current lifestyle that is turning to be more and more sedentary. All the desks have a cable management net which makes it very feasible for people to plug in their chargers.

The designers state that they intend to create products that make collaboration easy at work. Desks like these make it convenient for people to work together. The desks have a variety of sizes available and one can also combine them to create a workplace that fosters teamwork. Most importantly, the products are tested for office use before launching them. Thus, it is perfect for a variety of offices.


In conclusion, the IKEA corner desk is a great option if you are looking for spacious desktops. It can be used at both office as well as home and you may keep all the office supplies and gadgets on it conveniently. The design is very minimalistic and elegant at the same time. It would go with a multitude of decors. Available in black and white colour, this corner desk will adorn any office or home by adding value. It is very easy to clean and maintain and the assembly is straightforward. 

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