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IKEA Galant Desk Review – Build your dream workstation

IKEA Galant Desk Review Summary

  • The corner desk comes in white, birch, brown, black and grey tops.
  • They are best suited for office use.
  • Comes with a warranty of 10 years thus securing any damage caused to the desk.


  • The desks by Galant are tested and approved for office use. You can easily buy them in bulk for your corporate office.
  • The sleek design has a lot of surface area for regular office work.
  • The attachments can be tweaked to create a unique desk design.
  • It can be used both at the office as well as home due to its myriad functionality.
  • The surface is very easy to clean which helps in maintenance.


  • It can get a little difficult to build the desk since it has a lot of parts.

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Bottom Line

IKEA Galant Desk Review bottom line

Overall, the IKEA Galant desk is perfect for office sets ups and has a lot of combinations. They come with segregated parts and one can bring a unique shape from scratch as per the requirement. This adds a lot of flexibility and gives a variety of options for the users. On the downside, the assembly can be a tedious task. However, it can be mastered once the steps are understood clearly.

Design and Features

  • The Galant series by IKEA has been started with an intention to provide models that can be used independently or can be connected. This is perhaps the best thing about the IKEA Galant Desk. The design gives you the freedom of changing the length and width as per your requirement. You can extend it for team meetings and collaborative work and can also reduce the size for individual projects. The employers can buy this desk in bulk and can choose the design and extensions as per each team requirement.
  • Even when using the desk at home, there is a lot of freedom in terms of tweaking the design. For instance, if you are a working mom you can span the desk wide enough to keep your office essentials. The desk can also serve as a place where the kids do their homework. You may either use it in the home office or even in the study room. If you have a lot of books or documents to keep, the IKEA Galant Desk can easily accommodate it. Keep the laptop and stationary on the generous desktop surface. Users can make the most of this single desk in multiple ways.
  • The curvy design of this desk will enable you to sit with a chair comfortably. What can be more comfortable than sitting on the Herman Miller Celle Chair? Moreover, you can have access to all parts of the desk just by sitting in one position. It is ideal for keeping in corners and utilizes space very well.
  • The additional extension tops can be added using which you can make 6 different desk arrangements. Moreover, to complete the workstation, you can also buy an IKEA drawer set which will help you keep your workplace organized.
  • In general, IKEA believes in launching products that have undergone the relevant tests. The Galant system also has been approved for office use. There are absolutely no issues related to safety and any damage would be covered within 10 years of manufacture. Thus, you can rest assured to buy this furniture for your office staff without any worries. As a matter of fact, IKEA Galant Desk has a reputation of the best desk for any startup. It completely supports the dynamic nature of a startup ecosystem. There are times when you wish to work with colleagues wherein you can adjoin several tables for meetings. Likewise, with its stylish and compact build, you can also work solo for your projects. No wonder most of the startups prefer this type of desk.

IKEA Galant Desk Review Design

  • The desk has gone through a lot of tests and they are also very durable. They are designed to endure heavy loads, which mean you can easily keep the laptop and other work material on it. Even if you use the desk at home, you can utilize the space and keep multiple items like books and your computer on it. It is advisable to add all extensions while using it at home. This is because you certainly would need a lot of space to keep gadgets and stationery. This is applicable mostly when you have kids and they too would use the same desk. This makes the IKEA Galant Desk a multipurpose desk.
  • The surface of the desk resists stains as well as scratches. You no longer have to bother about being extra careful with the desktop. This allows you to do the work in a hassle-free manner. The drawers of the desk are also very smooth to run and would not make any noises. They are adept for daily use and withstand the wear and tear that comes with regular use.
  • The incredible features of this desk make it a perfect option for any corporate office or even to be used at home. It is multifunctional and can be tailored to the specific requirements of the user.

Building Instructions

The IKEA Galant Desk is designed to suit your unique needs. There are instructions given which will show you step by step as to how you can create the perfect desk for yourself. Begin by selecting the table top and the shape of it. You can then add the type of frame which would go perfectly along with the table top. There are different types of legs that can be adjusted depending on the height.

In case you want a larger surface area, you can always use the extension top. Additionally, it can be completed with the right frame as well. Lastly, you need to add the cable organizers and accessories that will help in keeping things organized. The drawers can also be added to keep all work-related things. It gives you a feeling of crafting your own desk which is incredible. Moreover, you can always make changes to it as and when required.

Things You Need to Know

  • Galant believes in flexibility and thus the extension table tops have been provided for you to get the extra work surface. You could keep as simple and compact, or as big as you want.
  • The height of this desk is adjustable and you have the liberty always change it as per your need. For instance, you can keep it short for a regular day at work and when the same desk is used for team meetings; you can increase its height for a quick meet up. Even while using the desk at home, kids can use it at the minimum height and you can elevate it as and when you want to.
  • The curved surface of this table will provide due support while typing or writing. Most of the old desks used to have sharp edges which made it really uncomfortable for resting the arm while typing. Such is not the case with this IKEA Galant desk. Thus, it is safe to be used in modern day corporate offices. Moreover, it is also safe for kids at home while they do their homework. IKEA always focuses on creating innovative furniture that meets today’s need.
  • The surface of this desk has been made with veneer and melamine foil which makes it easy to clean and dust resistant. The corporate environment is full of tasks which might make the desk dirty. You no longer have to bother about that coffee or ink stains as the surface is exceptionally easy to clean.
  • The desk comes with a drawer unit which can be either kept outside or wheeled inside for better storage space. It enables you to store all your necessary documents. The drawer also has combination locks that come with unique codes which you can use to keep your documents safe.

Maintenance and Quality

IKEA Galant Desk Review Quality

As mentioned above, the surface of this desk has melamine and veneer in it. It can be cleaned with utmost ease. You simply have to take a damp cloth along with some mild detergent to wipe it clean. You can further use a dry cloth to clean the entire surface and remove moisture.

This functionality is indeed required as you use stationary and ink at work that can leave marks on the surface. Even when you use it at home, the Galant desk turns to be really effective especially when kids create a lot of mess on the table.

As far as quality is concerned, we are happy to say that you can rest assured. The quality standards are in accordance with the North American and European standards. You are bound to get the best product.


The price of the table would depend on the combination you are choosing. For instance, the basic combination would include A legs as well as T legs. Both of these are adjustable. According to the option you choose it will vary from $79.9 to $149.99. when you add another table top then it goes up to $200. For a curved corner desk, the cost would go up to $ 280.


Thus, the IKEA Galant Desk is a good choice overall. It is value for money as you only have to pay for the extensions that you would require. It gives the user the freedom to build a unique desk as per their requirement. The modern-day corporate offices are no longer restricted to individual work. The furniture too has to evolve along with the changing needs of the office.

The Galant series is designed exactly to meet these types of changes. With its different table top options, one can either have a compact desk or even a large connected one. It has been considered to be the perfect option for startups as they have a dynamic team structure. At times you are supposed to work in groups and other types it’s all about working solo. In both cases, the Galant desk will come in handy.

As far as maintenance is concerned, you do not have to bother about any stingy stains as the material itself is easily cleanable. The cable management panel underneath will help a lot in keeping the desk free of any cables. You can plug the chargers in the switch and forget about them. as compared to the other desks, this functionality is quite impressive. It helps you in keeping the entire desk tidy.

The height of this desk is also adjustable. It can go as low as 25 inches and as high as 35 inches. Thus, you can tweak it at work as and when required. Some meetings would require better collaboration and even during office parties you can easily elevate the surface to suit your needs.

Even though the series has been designed for office work, it is equally useful for household use as well. This desk would make a great companion especially if you have a home office. It has a wide surface area wherein you easily keep all your documents and computers. People also find it useful for gaming as the console and laptop fits easily. Not to mention the hassle-free wire management which makes the entire gaming experience smooth.

The product comes with a warranty period of 10 years and is fairly easy to manage. You may also change its height based on who is using it at home. For instance, you can keep it low when the children have to use the desk. Overall, it makes for a good choice while providing value for money.

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