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IKEA Linnmon Desk Review –quality beats price


  • The desk comes with pre-drilled holes that help in easy assembly.
  • The feet are adjustable which allows for leveling on uneven floors.
  • Desk has an eco-friendly design.
  • Comes with screws to attach the legs to the table top. 

IKEA Linnmon Desk Bottom Line

The Good 

  • The assembly is very straightforward and takes really less time.
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain surface. 
  • Enough Space to keep all the essentials at office or at home. 

The Bad

  • The desk does not come with drawers so you might have to put additional drawers by purchasing them separately. 

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom Line 

IKEA Linnmon Desk makes for an excellent addition to your furniture. It has a classy design that would go with any type of décor. You do not have to bother about maintenance as the desk can be cleaned without any hassle. Since the desk comes without inbuilt drawers, you would have to compensate for it and buy them additionally. 


The Linnmon desk by IKEA costs $ 38.99. It comes in a variety of colors like white, black, white/blue, black-brown and the like. 

Design and Features

  • The IKEA Linnmon Desk has a board-on-frame which is really strong and sturdy. It can easily bear the heavy weights. The frame is so lightweight that you can easily carry it around to someplace else as and when require. 

The design of this desk has been made by keeping the nature and environment in mind. Particleboard, fiberboard or a recycled paper filling is used. This certainly reduces the negative impact on environment which makes it an eco-friendly purchase. 

  • Most people are worried about the assembly while buying a new desk. However, according to our review, IKEA Linnmon Desk comes with pre-drilled leg holes which make it very easy for you to assemble it. All you need to do is to read the instructions given and you can follow along to set it up within no time. 
  • The desk will also come with screws which can be used for attaching the legs to the table top. So you do not have to buy them additionally. 
  • When it comes to cleaning, you simply need to take a mild cleaner along with a cloth. The surface would be cleaned within no time and you can easily get rid of any stains due to the daily activities. 

The desk is suitable for both office and home. While working in office, there are bound to be a lot of stains from a spilled ink or maybe from the snacks or coffee you have. It can get really annoying if the desk is difficult to be cleaned. IKEA has resolved this issue by designing desks that already come with a good surface. 

  • The design of the desk is such that you can keep a lot of your stuff underneath it. It has plenty of space apart from reasonable leg room. So you may add drawers and a CPU also if you have a computer. The table top too is very spacious and can be used to keep laptops, books, notes, stationary items, and the like. 
  • If you are purchasing the desk for household purposes then it is a good option. In our review we found out that it is ideal for a home office and even kids can use it. It meets the safety requirements well and you can rest assured that it will pose no harm when used by the kids. 
  • A lot of people question the stability of the desk before purchasing it. With IKEA Linnmon Desk, that is not an issue. You can be assured about the stability of it as it stands in a firm manner. Just be mindful while assembling it. 

If you assemble it right then you would not face any issues related to stability. It can also withstand reasonable about of weight and would not toggle if heavy objects are kept on it. However, avoid overloading the table. For extra safety, you can keep it above a thick carpet so that there is good friction. 

IKEA Linnmon Desk Design

Many times kids can be playful around the household and might end up pulling or pushing the table. To make sure that it is as sturdy as possible, add a carpet or a rug underneath. 

  • The space under the desk is generous as mentioned before and you can add a chair which will easily be pushed inside. Adding Herman miller caper chair can be a good idea as it will also complement the design of this minimalistic desk. 
  • The durability of this desk is remarkable. You can use it for years to come as the material is very robust and strong. Moreover, with little to no maintenance, you can keep the desk in your home or office for a long time. 

In case you are using the desk for keeping laptop or computer on it then make sure that its level is adjusted to match the ergonomic best practices. 

As a rule of thumb, your hands should be at right angles while typing and the screen has to be on eye level. Before doing all the fixings and placing it permanently, make sure that you keep these things in mind. 

  • We believe in providing a genuine review and cannot help but say that the quality of desk is remarkable. The welds are clean and you can rely on the quality while purchasing this desk. 
  • To complete the set up, you might need a good quality chair. Choose a chair that has an ergonomic design so that you take care of your health while working. Also, the chair height should be adjustable so that everyone can use it according to their comfort. 

Some other additional accessories could be a set of drawers which you can keep beneath the desk. It could help in keeping the additional documents, papers and stationary items which you do not wish to keep on the desk top. 

Keep the desk clean and utilize the space by moving all the other things to your drawers. Opt for drawers and chairs that go with the color of your IKEA Linnmon Desk. 

  • As far as the length of the table top is concerned, it is big enough for you to do all the paper work and also accommodate a laptop therein at the same time. Moreover, if you wish to use this desk for gaming we would recommend it. This is again because of the wide space that is available. 

You may keep the gaming laptop, all consoles and mouse easily on this desk. At the same time, you can add a chair and enjoy the lavish legroom the desk offers as there are no drawers. Get extra drawers which are movable to make the most of the space. You can add them whenever you wish to use it as office desk. 

Additionally, you can change it back to a gaming desk by removing the drawers. 

Pro Tip

IKEA Linnmon Desk Pro Tip

If you are still skeptical about the stability of this table, then you can perhaps add additional support underneath it wherever you wish to enhance the stability. The extra legs can be bought separately from IKEA website. 

However, you would need some help in adding these additional legs to your desk. The best part is that you can tweak the design by removing the legs when you want good leg room. 

Dimensions and Materials Used

The tabletop is made of Fiberboard and has acrylic paint on it. This is what makes it easy to maintain and clean as an acrylic surface does not retain stains. The frame on the other hand is made of particle board with ABS plastic and the bottom also has fiberboard. 

As compared to the earlier variants of desks, that had huge amount of plastic, this desk has reduced the amounts. This means that it more eco-friendly than the previous range which makes it a good option. The legs of the desk are made with steel, epoxy or polyester powder coating and the foot is made of polypropylene.

The dimensions are as follows: length is 120 cm, width is 60 cm and height is 74 cm. the desk is pretty lightweight and it is easy to be carried around without any hassle.   

User Reviews 

The customer reviews for this desk are also good and users have used it for their gaming desk. It should be noted that the height of this desk is slightly to the lower side and so it is only suitable to be used as a work table. In case you wish to use it as a dining table it would not be possible due to the short height. 

According to reviews, the desk in value for money and you would get a matte finish sort of a look instead of a glossy finish. If you prefer a glossy finish then it is a good idea to go for a table cloth with glossy touch so that you get both the desired appearance within budget. 

It is clean and simple and you can use it as a small desk for your work from home office.  Whereas there is no downside as such, users do advise to be wary of the sliding surface. So you should ensure there is proper friction by adding a table mat or cloth of some sort. 


Thus, the IKEA Linnmon Desk is ideal for you if you are looking for a small desk to add to your furniture. It could be in a corporate office or even at your office at home. The desk has a minimalistic design that goes perfectly with any type of décor. 

To complete the organizer, you can add chairs and drawers to it as it comes without a drawer. If you are adding it to your study room then also go for a night lamp. 

The surface of this desk is very easy to clean as well as maintain. You would not have to bother about the dainty surface as simply taking a soapy cloth and cleaning it would do. This aspect is perfect for household use especially when kids are using the desk too. Even at work, it becomes easy to keep the desk clean and it withstands the daily wear and tear. 

The assembly is not an issue as it comes with screws and instructions that help in easy assembly. Its huge surface area gives you a chance to keep all work related essentials in one place. 

It also has a huge space underneath the table wherein you can keep additional drawers and things to make the most of the space. Compliment the desk with a good quality chair that will help you work efficiently. 

As far as the usability is concerned, the desk can be used in workplaces as well as in home. It has a simple design that would go along with any type of décor easily. Moreover, the added space underneath can be used to keep the CPU of your computer or even accommodate a drawer set for keeping official documents. 

If used in the house for study room, you can add a night lamp to it to complete the look. People are also recommending using this desk for gaming purposes as it has a huge surface wherein one can keep all the consoles and laptops. At home, you can use this desk for multiple purposes. Keep your laptop, books and stationery items and kids can also do their homework with ease.

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