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Ikea Hemnes Desk Review – it’s not just a desk


  • The table has a huge capacity to accommodate all your stationery and documents such that the desktop can be kept free. 
  • It has space under the table to keep the cables as well as extensions such that they hidden but available at the same time. 
  • The various cabinets provide a lot of storage space for you to keep myriad of objects in one place.  

ikea hemnes desk Bottom Line

The Good

  • There is a cable outlet for managing cables efficiently.
  • The back of the table has a finish so that it can be placed even in the middle of a room without any issue. 
  • You may assemble the desk as per your choice by mounting the drawers either on the left or right. 

The Bad

  • The wood on the side panel is thinner than the rest of the desk. You would have to handle it with care and ensure that there isn’t any scratch on it while moving it around.

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Bottom Line 

Thus, the ikea hemnes desk comes with a lot of storage space and is ideal for office use as well as household use. You can practically store a lot of items in its storage drawers and the table top also has generous space. It has a polished back which means that you have the liberty to keep it anywhere in the room. 


This Hemnes desk by IKEA is priced at $299. 

Design and Features

  • This review covers ikea hemnes desk that comes with extension cords as well as cables that are collected under the table so that you can have an easy access to it without having to deal with the coiled cables. 

More often than not, the multiple wires of your LAN cable, charger and the like can be really annoying as it occupies a lot of space. Moreover, the cables also come in your way while doing important office work. IKEA has found a unique solution to this problem by adding cable outlets for easy cable management. 

  • The lower drawer of this desk comes with a file frame wherein you can fit the letters or legal files. We liked this unique feature as most of the desks do not have such kind of a cabinet. 

You keep wondering as to how you can accommodate all the files in one place while keeping them in good condition. This is no longer the problem as you now have a designated place which accommodates the files and letters.

  • Unlike the other desks that only have a polished front, this desk by IKEA comes with a polished back too. This means that you can keep the desk anywhere you wish to. It is perfect for an office cabin where the back of the desk faces your clients. 

It also casts a good impression on your visitor and you simply don’t have to cover the back with additional materials or hacks. 

  • The material of any furniture matters a lot and you must be mindful of it way before buying it. The Ikea hemnes desk is made of solid wood and is thus very durable. It makes for a good choice as you would not have to buy a desk for at least a decade once you buy this amazing desk by IKEA. So if durability is something that you vouch for then this desk is perfect for you. 

Moreover, solid wood is also a renewable material which means that the purchase in itself is an eco-friendly choice. The wooden desk only grows more beautiful with time and there won’t be much maintenance needed. 


  • Whether you wish for the drawers to be mounted on the left or right, it is completely up to you. This gives you the freedom to keep things as per your choice and you can truly customize it. 
  • There are various compartments in the right drawer and the top most one has a lot of space for pens and other small objects. Since it is on the top most shelf, it is also very handy. 
  • This multipurpose desk can be used at home and at any corporate office. It has got so much storage space that you simply do not have to worry about it anymore. However, you might have to compliment this desk along with a good chair so that your office gets a complete look. Herman miller eames chair can be a good choice in this regard. 

Choose the color of other accessories and furniture accordingly in order to get a perfect office setup. 

  • As far as quality is concerned, you can be assured about it and trust the value for money given by IKEA. The solid wood has an exceptional quality and it is definitely going to last for years to come. 
  • This desk by IKEA has been designed to suit the modern day lifestyle. It indeed has a contemporary design with a touch of traditional look. One can accommodate all the office essentials in this desk. Moreover, it is best suited for both work and home. 
  • Using the desk at a cabin is office would be perfect. The top-most drawer on the right side can be used to keep all things that are needed handy. For instance, one can accommodate pen, note pads, paper clips, ink and the like. The drawers below that have the capacity to contain all official documents or important papers. 

On the left hand side is a cabinet which conveniently stores all your files. This feature is rarely found in desks and it can turn out to be really helpful at work. You would not have to worry about tilted files as you have a place that holds them and keep them it their best form. 

As far as the placement of the desk is concerned, you can keep it anywhere as it comes with a polished back. There is absolutely no restriction unlike the conventional desks. It is the highlight of this review that the desk can even be kept in the middle of the room. 

  • Moreover, if you wish to use the desk at home, you can do so. It is very spacious and can be used by multiple people. IKEA Hemnes Desk is suitable for family use. The kids can keep their belongings in the drawer of the right side and on the left you can keep all files required. The top most drawers can be used to hold the common stationery. 

However, you would have to add a chair in order to complete the look of this desk. If it is for a study room, you might as well add a night lamp to it. 

Dimensions and Assembly 

ikea hemnes desk Dimensions

This desk has a length of 155 cm with depth and height 65 cm and 74 cm respectively. You should measure the size of your office and home office to check whether this would perfectly fit or not before buying it. 

As far as assembly is concerned, it comes with instructions that are clear and you would also get a manual with pictorial representation. With the help of it you should be able to assemble the desk quite well. However, make sure that you do read them once completely before getting started and get some help for assembling it. 

User Reviews 

The users seem to have given positive reviews for this desk. The fact that it is made with wood which is long lasting is highlighted. The assembly would take quite some time but then it is also easy to figure it out because of the manual given. 

Users also liked the plenty of work space available and wide surface which accommodates all essentials. The drawers are also very adequate if you are someone who needs additional space to keep things. Moreover, there is a cable shelf which holds all the coiled cables. So one doesn’t have to worry about managing the charger chords. 

It should be noted that the wood on the side is sort of thin and so you would have to be extra careful while moving it around. It might even get cracked while you pull the table out of the box. make sure you keep it safe during the assembly also. 

The desk has drawers which do not make any annoying noises when you open and close them. however, they are less smooth while opening and closing which is why you would need some time to get a hang of it. 


Thus, according to our review, this desk by IKEA is perfect for both office and household use. It has a lot of desk top space wherein you can keep all essentials. The top of the desk can be used only for keeping the computer and important things as the rest of the stationery goes into your cabinets and drawers. 

The drawers are also having a lot of space in them and are perfectly designed keeping contemporary use in mind. The right side of the drawer can be used to hold important essentials. 

There is also a cabinet specially designed to accommodate only the files wherein you can keep all important documents and the like. More often than not, one has to squeeze in the important files in the drawers that changes its shape and can cause wear and tear. However, this is not the case with the ikea hemnes desk. You can use the designated space that will specially accommodate your important files. 

What we absolutely liked is that the desk also comes with a polished back. This means that you have the freedom to place it wherever you would want to. 

If you have a cabin wherein you need to interact with customers and officials, you can still use the desk facing them. the polished back will only cast a good impression on your visitors. Otherwise, when the back is not polished, one has to look for a lot of workarounds and this is not the case with this desk. 

Another feature is a smart cable management. It has a slot wherein you can put all the cables without having to deal with the messed up coils. At the same time, the cables are also easy to reach while just being hidden. This helps you save up a lot of surface space and you can easily utilize it at the best. 

We loved the fact that the desk is made of solid wood. It means that it will only last for a really long time. furniture is a very expensive investment you make and therefore it should have promising returns. With this modern desk by Ikea, you can rest assured that you will only get value for money. 

The desk is perfect to be used at office. It comes with compartments for your files and stationery items. So you can straightaway keep all these things in the desk drawers. Moreover, you can also decide where you would want the drawers to be and then start assembling it. 

If you are buying it for household use then that too is a good idea. this is because the desk has a wide surface wherein you can easily keep a lot of your essentials. Kids can also do their homework on this desk and keep their notes and books in the cabinets or drawers. The space can be divided so that you can keep your books, pens, staplers and the like easily. 

It can also be used for gaming purpose as you may keep multiple laptops on its lavish surface area. The multipurpose Hemnes desk is surely worth the cost. 

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