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Ikea Standing Desk Review: Affordable Posture Fixing

Ikea makes some of the most popular standing desks of the moment. The Bekant and Skarsta standing desks are already popular with a large number of office workers. The Idasen is the latest addition to the standing desk family from the Swedish manufacturer.

Bekant standing desk ikea

Of course, these are not the first standing desks made by Ikea. Years ago, the Jerker was the first standing desk from the manufacturer. However, it’s not in production anymore although those who want to collect it may still be able to find it in vintage shops or online. But Ikea has stepped into the standing desk future and it has done it without offering the most expensive standing desks on the market. But are they worth it?

Ikea Bekant standing desk review

The Bekant is one of Ikea’s popular standing desks. It comes with a desktop of 63” or 160cm in length and 23” or 60cm in width. It is made using different materials which allow it to be both sturdy and quite durable. Its legs are made from aluminum with powder coating for extra durability. Particleboard with melamine foil is also used in the desk.

How it works

Height adjustability

The standing desk is among the easiest to use in its class. It comes to prove it can be one of the most interesting options when it comes to simplicity with just two buttons for height adjustment. The height adjustability range of the desk is between 22” and 48”. Of course, for most people, this means there is plenty of freedom to work while sitting or while standing.

Cable management

One of the characteristics of the desk is that it allows users to properly manage the cables which are typical to a work desk. This means that the cables are out of the way with the included cable tray. But even beyond the cables themselves, the simplicity of the design can also be seen in the way it is actually maintained. Its desktop is made with touch-friendly materials which are also easy to clean and dust so that the workstation is always clean and in the best shape.


Ikea also states that the melamine desktop is stain resistant. While this might be true with coffee or juice stains, it is not recommended to expose the surface to ink or any other type of stains as they could leave visible marks. Of course, the rounded shape of the desktop also favors proper functionality as users can be as close or as far from the computer as needed.

The desk has come far from its Galant roots. It is now more modern and better suited for most work environments. But who is it really for? Although it comes with the same weight capacity as the new Idasen, the standing desk is not Ikea’s most affordable option. It represents a solution which can be considered by those who are seeking their next standing desk after having worked with entry-level options. At the same time, it can be a good first desk for the people who want a minimalist approach in a desk which is also easy to maintain.

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Ikea Skarsta standing desk review

Ikea Desk

The Skarsta standing desk is among the interesting options worth taking into consideration when on a budget. It is the most affordable standing desk from the manufacturer. At the same time, it is also one of the most affordable standing desks on the market. However, people rarely see it just as an affordable product. Bearing the Ikea name, it is often expected to deliver solid results. It comes in two versions. The 63” and the 43” length standing desks make Skarsta one of the affordable products from the manufacturer which may be just enough for those unwilling to spend a fortune for standing at a desk.

How it works

Made with particleboard with acrylic paint finish based on steel feet, the standing desk is very easy to use. But unlike its bigger brothers, it comes with manual height adjustments. There are no electric outputs to deal with and this can be seen both as an advantage and as a disadvantage.

It can be seen as a certain advantage as it comes with a reduced price since there is no motor added to the desk. At the same time, height adjustability can come with more effort and more wobble during the process when compared to what is actually offered by an electrical motor alternative.

Height adjustments are made between 27” and 47” and they represent the standard to which Ikea delivers solid results. One of the main concerns with the desk comes with the effort needed for the height adjustment. But this is not difficult for men or women. It can be done either with the left hand or with the right hand. Of course, since it is an Ikea product, its functionality is also above the average product. It is also why the crank handle can also slide under the desktop. It works both to unclutter the work are and to actually improve workspace safety.

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Bekant or Skarsta?

But if the standing desk is fine by itself, how can users determine if it is truly right for them? One of the simplest ways to establish if the standing desk is the right choice is simply by asking if the crank handle adjustment system is worth the savings? In reality, the standing desk can cost half as much as the Bekant and this is a considerable question to ask.

Users who are tech lovers will always gravitate towards the electronic motorized alternative. These types of users are also likely to pay the difference in order to get a product which satisfies their passion for tech and tech products. Those who are unsure about paying the difference for the Bekant or those who simply wish the most affordable option are likely to see the Skarsta as the right option.

Of course, the Skarsta doesn’t come with the same fluid design as the Bekant as well. But the main difference will come from the manual height adjustment mechanism. In turn, the mechanism can come with cost savings when considering the initial price of the standing desk and with further savings on energy consumption, which is otherwise low.

Even in these conditions, the Skarsta handles weights of up to 50 kg. This covers a few monitors, a laptop or a PC and another type of accessories which would be used in an office environment. For most users, this is quite enough. However, its real value comes in the fact that it allows workers to alternate sitting and standing at one of the most affordable prices in its range. Standing benefits do not rely on motorized performance and the desk is here to confirm this.

Ikea Idasen standing desk review

With a generous work surface, the Idasen is the latest addition to Ikea’s standing desk series. It comes to prove there is plenty of innovation still to be made by the manufacturer in this space. With one of the most elegant desktops in the category, the standing desk is able to handle the larger weight of up to 70kg. It is available in brown and black colors and it represents one of the most interesting options when it comes to its overall simplicity combined with refinement.

How it works

The desk is electronically-adjustable. The range is from 24” to 50” and it represents the highest adjustability of an Ikea standing desk. Of course, it is also the most expensive standing desk from the manufacturer. But even with this price tag, it is still affordable considering its competition.

The desk comes with integrated app functionality. It means users can simply adjust its height directly from their smartphones. There is a 10-year warranty on the standing desk which remains constant in these Ikea products.

But the durability of the standing desk should not be a major issue. In the conditions of a veneer surface, it is scratch and stain resistant. Furthermore, the standing desk is also among the most interesting solutions when it comes to proper functionality in any type of office environment. This is basically due to its larger weight capacity, which situates it in a class of its own at Ikea.

Furthermore, the standing desk can be easily used at home as well. It has a certain versatility. However, its legs are designed differently from what has been seen at Ikea to this moment. Jon Karlsson might have made the base different, but he has also made the desk better suited for more formal environments.

So of the standing desk is sturdier, better and more up to date then its Ikea alternatives, it doesn’t mean that it is perfect for all users. It works very well for those who are actually in need of a professional standing desk above all other characteristics such as affordability.

standing desk Ikea

Pros and cons of Ikea standing desks

Ikea makes three standing desks which come with their own strengths and weaknesses. For some users, the manufacturer manages to offer a great solution at an affordable price. For others, Ikea integrates the simplicity of smartphone height adjustability.

The Skarsta starts at $249. The Bekant starts at $519. The Ikea Idasen starts at $549. These prices are still considered affordable in the standing desk market. Considering that alternatives can easily pass the $1.000 mark, Ikea is still true to its core values with these desks. However, the differences are considerable, especially when considering the Skarsta as the difference between the Bekant and Idasen are small. Skarsta may be the most affordable option from Ikea but it still requires some effort from the users for height adjustability. However, it might make sense as a purchase if combined with one of Ikea’s stools, such as the Trollberget.

On the other hand, those who seek to purchase a combination of a standing desk with an office chair from Ikea will need to considerably increase their budget. In the case of the Skarsta, this budget might even double.

But if the standing desks are different from some perspectives, they are also similar in others. All three of them come with a 10-year warranty which can only be laudable in the modern environment. At the same time, they all come with clear step-by-step instructions. As all Ikea fans know, they will not need specialized help from a handyman to install these standing desks. Everything needed for the installation process already comes included in the pack.

But Ikea might be missing out in an area which might not be clear from the start. This is the area of customization. There are simply too few options to choose from in terms of colors or desktops for these standing desks. Of course, those who want the ultimate customization can choose the Idasen underframe and use their own table top. But considering its price, users are unlikely to go down this customization option.


Ikea standing desks have been making a solid positive impression on the modern office worker. It is likely that these workers already have Ikea products in their office and this means brand awareness is considerably higher than compared to most other alternatives. Of course, none of these adjustable desks should be chosen simply based on their name. But it goes to show that there is a certain continuity which can inspire other manufacturers in this segment.

At the end of the day, an adjustable desk needs to be reliable and easy to use. While Ikea doesn’t make the most complex standing desks on the market, it covers these two main characteristics very well. As a result, it’s simple approach also comes with impressive warranty policies which can’t be matched by most competitors.

But Ikea also knows that the standing desks are unlikely to be the sole purchase for an modenr office. And a stool or a chair might also work well for better posture at work. For this reason, it offers solutions which are affordable to a wide range of users offering solutions for all types of budgets.

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