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Ikea Skarsta Desk Review – Stand/Sit for Just $279

As the most affordable standing desk from Ikea, there is a lot of pressure on the Skarsta. It is often the first point of contact of new users with these types of desks. But for its purpose, it could well be worth the investment.

IKEA Sharka

Ikea Skarsta desk summary

  • Available in desktops of 47” and 63” in length
  • Height adjusts up to 47 ¼”
  • Based on a manual crank handle adjustment
  • Allows sitting and standing at the desk
  • Easy adjustments for left and right-handed users
  • Crank handle slides under the desktop
  • Works on uneven floors
  • Made from a particleboard with acrylic paint finish
  • Steel legs with powder coating finish
  • 50kg maximum load capacity

Ikea Skarsta desk review – is it too cheap?

When it first came out, the Skarsta was a game-changer. This is true with all products which are very affordable, regardless of their use. Today, at $249, it is still among the most affordable standing desks in its niche. Of course, as all manufacturers already know, this is both a blessing and a curse. It attracts a lot of attention and a lot of sales, but it also attracts plenty of critiques. This is the story of the Skarsta as well. Although it has been well received, it still has plenty of drawbacks which can are told often by its users.

Even so, the standing desk is simple, efficient and it does its job. Even with no motor, it can still with height adjustability of up to 120cm. This is enough for most people to work while standing. Even more, it is enough to offer the first standing experience for office workers. For many, the desk remains the first experience even today as it attracted these users with its low price point.

The crank handle system might remind of the first automobiles but it does its job. It works decently and it can provide multiple adjustments each day.

What you get with the Ikea Skarsta

It goes without saying that the Skarsta brings simplicity on a market where motors, electronics, and apps are already seen in many standing desks. Some users might not want to deal with all the electronics. They might not even want to pay for these extra technologies. The Skarsta is the choice for them.

Even with a lower load, it can still work well for the regular use. A laptop, a monitor, desktop speakers, file organizers, and a few books may still lay on the desktop. In most situation, there is no need for extra weight capacity.

So how do you use such a standing desk? The desk can be used in alternating sitting and standing positions through the day. The idea is to improve work posture. Better blood flow and higher energy levels can only come as a result. Furthermore, it is also interesting how the desk works just as good as any other alternative for the sole purpose of posture improvement. Since there is an increasing concern about what computer work does to the posture, it can be one of the affordable ways to reverse the process.

Watch the weight

One of the main concerns which need to be addressed is the weight capacity. At 110lbs, it is not the most robust Ikea standing desk. At the same time, there are no motors to break in case of an overload. But there still needs to be plenty of patience when it comes to working with the crank handle.

One of the issues of the manual height adjustment comes with the slight wobble, especially when fully extended. But it is not as bad as expected, especially as the legs can be further adjusted to balance uneven surfaces.

Sharka standing desk

Possible drawbacks and improvements for the Ikea Skarsta

It’s clear that most users love the Skarsta standing desk. However, they would also like a few small improvements. They are mainly centered on the wobble at maximum height. Realistically speaking, this could be eliminated with a 4-leg design. But this is not going to happen anytime soon.

The crank system is also the first to show signs of wear. Users should know that using it in the wrong directions can actually damage it. Ikea should make this clearer. At the same time, there is no special warranty from Ikea as they already offer on the motorized standing desk alternatives. Some users also argue that alternative desktops might also be a good choice, even at this price point.


The Ikea Skarsta standing desk is one of the best designs for simplicity. It is highly affordable on the standing desk price scale. It has considerable benefits such as a sturdy experience and very easy installation. But it also lacks the refinement which can be seen with motorized alternatives.

For most users, the 110lbs weight capacity offered by the 63” length Skarsta is more than enough. It represents a starting point for office or homework. Of course, those working with multiple monitors or heavy audio equipment may be better suited by the Idasen or Bekant.

But there is a certain simplicity which just works with the Skarsta. The bright white desktop encourages users to keep it clean at all times. It is also very easy to clean with a wipe. Even after months, the desktop looks as new. It is why the standing desk presents itself as a simple solution. But a solution which does not promise to deliver more than it can offer.

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