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Logitech G300S Review – Best Gaming Mouse Under 30

logitech g300s introduction

Are you on a low budget and would love to have a nice gaming mouse and save money at the same time? It is possible!  In fact, you will get a gaming mouse rated for millions of clicks. But a good mouse for gaming is not only about the buttons. It is also about the build and design, the cable and the software to mention but only a few of them. In this Logitech G300S review, we will look at all these components and features and many more.

One thing that all the avid gamers have in common is that they love their mouse when it is as customizable as possible.  This enables you to have a mouse that feels as if it was just made for you alone. Everyone has that one thing that they desire their mouse to be able to do. Thus, even if the gaming mice look the same to untrained eyes, they all feel quite different when it comes to the usability. Everyone customizes his/her mouse to their taste.

Sometimes, it is best to buy your gaming mouse from a renowned name and the Logitech G300S comes from a good family. Besides, it is an ambidextrous mouse. Just set your preferred orientation in the software.

Some games require an expensive mouse, some do not. Some fall somewhere in between. The good thing about the G300S is that it is so affordable you can actually order a couple, or even three of them without putting a dent to your wallet.

In the upcoming sections, we will look at the features of this mouse, and its abilities.

For more details and price, click here.

Logitech G300S Review: Summary of the features

  • This is an ambidextrous mouse.
  • You just have to set your orientation in the software control panel.
  • The design of this mouse is incredibly good. It flares outwards at the bottom, making it look like a sort of a supercar. If it works and looks even better, well it is a win-win situation for you.
  • The contoured rubber grips at the sides make the mouse usable for many hours. The contours look a bit rough though but they are very comfortable in your hands
  • It has nine fully programmable buttons – It is almost like moving the functions of your gaming keyboard to your mouse buttons. You would enjoy fast loading and firing of weapons, no?
  • Like many other Logitech gaming mice, the G300S also has onboard memory where you can store your game profiles so that you do not have to install the software to every computer that you use.
  • 7 colors for custom lighting, every DPI setting can be accompanied by a unique color for easier identification.
  • This is a lightweight gaming mouse. At about 82 g (without the cord), they do not come any lighter than this. Does this impact your gaming ability? No it does not. In fact, it makes the mouse able to glide much easier on your gaming pad if you have one.
  • The Logitech G300S is a plug-and-play gaming mouse. All that you need to do to use it is just plug it in and start using it. There is no requirement to download fancy drivers and software.
  • The mouse has a rubber cord that is, among other things, anti-snag. Of course, you would love to have a clutter free table, but any avid gamer knows that wired beats wireless mice by many miles. The communication between the mouse and the computer is quite rapid.
  • High polling rate settings. If you like, you can set this mouse to 1000Hz polling rate where the mouse can communicate its position to the computer 1000 times per second.
  • The optical sensor can only increase the range from 250 to 2500. Thus, you may not be able to use this mouse on displays that come with higher resolutions, but it is good for many games.

A much closer look at the Logitech G300S features that you will enjoy

Design and build

This is a mid-sized gaming mouse. What this means is that if you have very large palms, you will feel a bit cramped on the wrists when using this mouse. However, because most people fall under the category of mid-sized to small palms, it works.

This mouse may be so affordable, but that does not mean that its durability is affected. It can last a jolly long time. First, the thin plastic casing does not crack open at an accidental fall. You would have to put a hammer to it or the foot of your sole.

With the button switches rated for 10 million clicks, you can see that this mouse is going to last a long time. With good care, this mouse can last years!

logitech g300s design

As a lightweight mouse and with a good underside that does not drag on your gaming mouse, this mouse will glide ever so smoothly. The communication between the mouse and the computer is instantaneous, no delay whatsoever unlike what you would find with a wireless mouse.

As for the finish, you will love the black matte finish. Matte finish is much better than glossy finish as it does not sustain any smudges. While the matte finish at the top of the mouse seems to wear off with time, we can say that it is good while it lasts!

Good news for you if the intensity of your Call of Duty game makes your palms sweat because the contoured rubber sides of the mouse make it quite anti-slip. Your grip is firm and assured.

The final, and perhaps the most important thing about the build and design of the mouse is that it can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people. In fact, this mouse is so well balanced that a left-handed user feels quite ok with it. Just choose your orientation settings in the software.

The buttons

There is no arguing with the fact that mouse buttons are perhaps more important than any other feature. Thankfully, the Logitech G300S comes with nine fully programmable buttons. You can assign different functions to any button, as you like.   

The buttons of this mouse are conveniently located and at the same time, they stay out of the way when you do not need to click them. You can adjust your DPI settings on the go, just click either of the two buttons located beneath the scroll wheel.    

You can get 10 million clicks for the buttons. That is high. If you can take excellent care of your mouse, you will find it usable for a few years at least, which is a very good deal considering the low cost that you will pay for it.

logitech g300s The buttons

As for the buttons layout, it is a bit different from the other Logitech gaming mice. You have two buttons at the thumb position, the scroll wheel also serves the function of a button because it is clickable, you have two DPI settings located beneath the scroll wheel, and you have the regular right and left click buttons. Lastly, at the extreme edge of the mouse, you have two buttons on each side.

Familiarize yourself with the mouse first before you can start using it for gaming. Once you memorize which button has been customized with what function, it will be hard to forget.

The scroll wheel

The Logitech G300S has a clickable mouse. Therefore, you can assign any function to this “button.” The scroll wheel is friendly to the fingers, has nice ridges and it lasts a long time. This is an entry level gamer’s mouse, but its features are incredibly advanced.


Perhaps one thing that we should mention here is that this mouse communicates fast with the computer, something that wireless gaming mice are not able to do. You can set the polling rate in the software, to as high as 1000Hz if you like.

There is no delay at all between the mouse and the computer. When you make a command, it is displayed/executed immediately on the screen. If you play fast games, it is better to set the mouse speed to 1000Hz. If you are playing slow games, any speed, from 125Hz onwards will do just fine.

Another thing we can say about the performance of this mouse is that the underside is so well built such that the mouse can glide perfectly over just any surface. Even if you do not have a gaming mat, you will still be able to use this mouse.

The buttons are really good as we have reiterated in this Logitech G300S review severally. They respond fast. It can get a tad challenging for a first-timer to get used to the side buttons, but once you get the hang of it, you can assign any functions to the buttons.


It is quite long at six feet, which is the standard for many gaming mice anyway. This cord is coated with rubber. While many people swear by the braided mice, well, the truth is that rubber cords have their benefits too. One of them is that they glide so effortlessly without getting snagged. However, cables create clutter on the desk especially if it is this long, or when you are using a laptop. But it is better to have a long cord than a short one.  

This cord is not replaceable. Not that we expected it to be replaceable for such a low cost mouse but hey, it is worth a mention. Right?


First, before we talk about the Logitech Software, you have to know something. This mouse comes with preset options, meaning that you can as well just plug it in and use it. You can download the software later.

Now, the mouse is not delivered with its disc for software installation. Rather, you have to download the software from the Logitech site. To some people, this is a bother. However, just download it and install it once and you are done.

The software is so easy to use. It is a choose-and-click kind of software. Thus, even if you have never installed any software before this one should be quite easy for you. Once you have installed the software, you can then proceed to assign the buttons different functions.  

You may also set the orientation of your mouse. If you are left-handed, you will really appreciate this feature.

logitech g300s Software

Optical sensor

This is an optical sensor gaming mouse. But you already know that. What you may not know is that this is a high accuracy sensor, and you can play game after game with it and it will never miss a beat. Other gaming mice come with sensitivity settings that can go to 16000 DPI. But this one can only go to 2500 DPI, adjustable at intervals of 250. However, you can check whether there are other settings in the software.


This Logitech G300S review would not be complete without listing some of the pros and cons that you should look forward to in this gaming mouse. That way, nothing catches you by surprise.

Here are the pros:

  • It is ambidextrous – we cannot overemphasize the importance of this. Logitech makes many of their gaming mice this way
  • This is a very affordable mouse if you want to save money
  • For an entry level mouse, the features are pretty impressive
  • Onboard memory allows you to store up to three gaming profiles – when you use the mouse on a different computer for gaming, you do not have to install the software again
  • Big TEFLON feet enable the mouse to glide ever so smoothly on different surfaces.
  • The unique design makes this Logitech mouse stand out very well. Again, this company is known for its special designs.
  • Pretty two-tone lighting makes this mouse stunningly beautiful. The Underside is red and the upper side can be the color of your choice – you can choose from 7 colors.
  • The contoured side rubber gives this gaming mouse a nice grip. It will not slip out of your sweaty hands.


  • The medium size of the mouse does not favor people with big hands
  • The four buttons positioned at the extreme edges of the mouse – 2 on each side will take some getting used to
  • Some people complain that this mouse is not as customizable as they would love it to be


If you have read this Logitech G300S review this far, you have seen that it is a good entry level mouse with almost as many features as the highly priced gaming mice. The low price is most definitely the main reason to buy. You will also love the fully programmable buttons and the unique-looking design of the mouse. With this gaming mouse, there are no regrets whatsoever.


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