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Corsair M65 Pro RGB Review – Gaming Mouse with 8 Buttons

corsair m65 pro rgb  introduction

With this gaming mouse, you can expect features such as a 12000 DPI sensor, a manageable weight of 115 g without the cable and weights, a very strong aluminum chassis as well as a robust plastic casing. You will see why we say in this Corsair M65 Pro RGB review that this is a good mouse, perhaps even the very best version of the Corsair M65 series. There are so many features to admire in the mouse. For the price that it is sold at; we think it is quite a steal.

The larger-than-normal design makes it a good gaming mouse for people who have large palms. Remember, many of the gaming mice in the market seem to cater to the needs of people with average and small sized palms.

The Corsair M65 is quite a relief for you. If smaller mice such as the Logitech G300S that we reviewed earlier cramp your wrists, get this one. These things, plus the fact that this gaming mouse is so durable that it can last many years on end make it a good investment for a regular gamer.

Did we tell you that this mouse not only looks like a performance car, but it is also tunable as one? If this matters to you, and it will if you play often, you can even tweak the center of gravity of the Corsair M65 Pro to suit your needs. It is that good.

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Corsair M65 Pro RGB Review: Summary of the features

  • The most outstanding thing about this mouse is just how much tunable it is. You can even calibrate it for precise tracking on the kind of surface that you use. If you do not use a gaming mat, just use the calibration tool to weak it for your surface.
  • The performance of this mouse is out of this world! Even for the very intense and fast games, the mouse is always up to sport.
  • You can adjust the precision of your optical sensor on the fly. A tap on the button will increase or decrease the DPI as per your requirements.
  • The design and build of the Corsair M65 Pro RGB is quite a marvel. You see, with this mouse, you get things such as an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis, and high quality plastic parts. All these combine to make this mouse a very durable piece of gaming equipment.
  • The 12000 DPI sensor is very precise. Tracking is precise and there is no delay between the mouse and the computer at displaying the relayed commands.
  • The RGB lights are widely customizable and the mouse can be programmed through the macros to make it look like it was specifically made for you.
  • With 8 fully programmable buttons, these are all you need to play your games as you wish. Just assign the buttons any functions that you wish in the software.
  • Like the other Corsair gaming mice, this one also comes with Omron switches, which are simply the best with a rating of 20 million clicks. Translated to years, this can even be more than 20 years considering that a fast gamer can mostly do 120 clicks per minute.
  • The iCUE software is easy to use. Besides, it makes it possible to customize almost every aspect of this mouse. By the time you are done, it will look as if the mouse was made specifically for you.
  • The sides of the mouse are contoured so that it does not slip out of your control even in the intense battle scenes in your games. The excitement gives a user sweaty palms.
  • The scroll wheel is not enclosed. It features a unique design where the end is open outwards. This means that unlike many mice where the cord is somewhere below the wheel, in the Corsair M65 Pro RGB mouse, the cord is to the left side.
  • You will love the red sniper button on the side of the mouse, between the two buttons that lower or raise the DPI. With just a single press of this button, you will be able to lower the DPI to your choice level.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB review: A closer look at the features

Build and Design

When Corsair engineers sat down to design this mouse, the clearly outdid themselves to bring gamers this masterpiece, for it is indeed a masterpiece. It is a vast improvement on its predecessor and it is easy to see just how much love has been invested in it.

It is a very durable gaming mouse since it has been made with an aluminum chassis. Do not worry about the weight though because this is aircraft-grade aluminum, which is light and durable.

Apart from that, the rest of the parts are made of durable plastic, including the casing itself. This ensures that you have a gaming mouse that, with good care, can last you several years.

corsair m65 pro rgb  Design

At its widest point, this mouse is 2.8 inches. Now, that is wide! However, that also means more comfort for you if you have large hands. People with smaller palms will find it a bit too much. But it is manageable.

The weight of 115g without the cord and the weights is quite good. Some mice that we have reviewed here that weigh even 85g do feel too flimsy in the hands with their featherweight. Not this one. It feels like the equal of an American muscle car.

The mouse is 4.6 inches long. As you can see, this is not too long, we have seen bigger, some even bigger than 5 inches. However, you will love it.

The aluminum chassis protrudes outside the mouse. This makes the mouse look quite hardy and ruggedly handsome, you know, like Dwayne The Rock Johnson. On the left side under the left click button, the braided cord proceeds out.


Even if you look at other resources online, you will see that every gamer waxes lyrical about this gaming mouse. Why is that? It is because the performance is incredible.

While the optical sensor will not work on a glass surface that is just about all we have in terms of cons for this mouse. You will love the fact that it glides perfectly on any other surface without so much as a drag to it. It has five rubber feet on the underside that make it easy to use all the time and on any kind of surface.  

Again, under the surface of this mouse, you will see three weights – they look like aluminum. These are removable so that you can balance the weight of the mouse to your preference, even shifting the center of gravity. You just need to “listen” to your palm. It will tell you where you need more weight.

You will notice a big red sniper button that is located on the left side. This one enhances the performance of your Corsair M65 Pro RGB gaming mouse a great deal.

You just need to press and hold to lower the DPI to your preferred level immediately. When you release it, the DPI setting goes back to the original setting.  

The sensor is super accurate and responsive. There is no time lost at all in the communication between the mouse and the computer. Of course, the red button also gives you more precision thus enhancing the overall capability of this mouse.  

The grip

No matter how a mouse looks or feels, if the grip is not right, you will not be able to know what the mouse can do for you.

Thankfully, this mouse gives you a very comfortable grip IF you have big palms. If you have small palms, it may be a bit of the struggle. However, the mouse is generally very comfortable, with the contoured rubber sides being quite anti-slip.

corsair m65 pro rgb  The grip

The top of the mouse is also quite comfortable. Depending on how you feel the mouse in your palm, you can remove or reposition the weights on the underside to get the perfect center of gravity.

Unfortunately, you will mostly only be able to hold this gaming mouse palm-style. Measuring 2.8 inches at its widest point, you may not be able to hold it claw-style comfortably.  


The iCUE (Corsair Utility Engine) software is very customizable. However, it is a bit detailed for a first-timer, but then that is because it contains many features. The first thing that you will want to do in the software is set your DPI range. That way, you can then decrease or increase using the buttons installed for just that. If you want, you can set the DPI range from 800 to 9000 or set it at 100DPI to 12000DPI.

In the software, you will also be able to set the red sniper button function such that you can lower the DPI to 100 when you zoom in with a sniper rifle. Once you release the button, the DPI setting goes back to the original setting, say like 8000DPI.

If you like, you can lower the polling rate a bit, as it comes preset to 1000Hz. It is better to use it at that rate because it makes it easy to play the fast and intense games. However, there is not all that much noticeable difference between 500Hz and 1000Hz, so you can lower it if you like.

In the software, you will be able to set your game profiles in the onboard memory. This is a very big benefit because it means you can carry your gaming profiles in your mouse. Then when you plug in the mouse to another computer, it will automatically detect the installed games. You can play without having to install the software to the new computer.

You can also tweak the RGB lighting to make it to your taste. Choose the colors of your choice.

The Cord

The cable is 6 ft long. Some people complain that this is too long when using a laptop, but you can always tie it up to reduce the size. It is better to have a longer mouse than a shorter one. At the same time, the cord is braided, which makes it quite flexible. We love rubber cords on any mouse, but we cherish the braided cords because they come with so many benefits.

Being a wired mouse, there is no delay at all in the relay of commands between the mouse and the computer. This is laudable indeed as the wireless mice are not as fast as the wired ones. Just select a good polling rate in the software and you will get a super fast mouse.

This is a fixed cable though meaning that if it suffers any damage, it will be the end of it. However, with a warranty of 24 months on the mouse, you know you are well covered against such damages.

Buttons and scroll wheel

It would be quite unfortunate to end this Corsair M65 Pro RGB review without mentioning the buttons. All gamers know that buttons are the most important features in any gaming mouse. This one comes with 8 fully programmable buttons. You can transfer a good number of the keyboard functions to the buttons and access them on the go.

corsair m65 pro rgb  Buttons and scroll wheel

The layout of the buttons is quite user-friendly. On the left side at the thumb position, we have a red sniper button, one that decreases the DPI range to suit different gaming actions. Then there are the increase or decrease buttons for DPI. Above the red button in the side, at the edge of the mouse, there are two buttons. You can assign them any functions in the Corsair Utility Engine.

The scroll wheel feels very good, responsive and wide, and it resists any accidental touches. It is precise and it will not interfere with your gaming actions.

The buttons are mounted with Omron switches, which are rated for 20 million clicks. Now that is quite assuring!

Corsair M65 Pro RGB Review


  • It is quite affordable considering the many features
  • Warranty of 24 months enables you to buy your mouse with confident
  • Customizable RGB lighting and color makes your mouse quite personalized
  • Nice buttons, responsive but they stay out of the way to prevent accidental clicks
  • Has onboard memory to carry your game profiles easily
  • Nice braided and durable cord
  • You can remove or reposition weights to tune the center of gravity
  • Nice design especially with the aluminum chassis


  • While Corsair clearly outdid themselves with the M65 Pro RGB, they overstepped the design just a bit, making this mouse look overdesigned.
  • Not very nice for people with small palms


To buy or not to buy the Corsair M65 Pro RGB mouse? That is the question. And the answer is a resounding yes. With good care, this mouse is going to last a long time, years. Sure, it has its flaws as you have seen in this Corsair M65 Pro RGB review, the pros are more than the cons. If you are a frequent gamer, you need a mouse made for millions of clicks, and they do not come better than the M65 Pro.

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