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Logitech G302 Review – Best Cheap Wired Mouse

Now, as you read this Logitech G302 review, one of the things that you will be wondering about is why someone would name a computer peripheral after a Greek craftsman. Part of the name of this one is Daedalus. You see, Daedalus was a Greek craftsman credited with making the maze where the Minotaur was held… so the story goes.

Now, to more practical matters … if you need a wired computer game rodent that is both affordable and rich on many features, get this one. If you have been playing games for sometime, you know that this brand name is one of the best peripherals maker in the market. You also know that their mice, especially the G series to which the Daedalus belongs are awesome. Thus, you do not need more convincing to buy this tool.

Logitech G302 Review introduction

Among some of the obvious features that you will notice about is that this is a wired variety. You will also see that it is a good looker, shaped nicely and fits comfortably in your hands, that is, if your palms are up to size. So, for the very affordable price that you will pay for it, is it worth it? Well, we will find out as we explore the features together.  

The Pros

  • It is quite affordable
  • Simplistic design makes it look nice
  • The buttons are very good and they last long
  • Comfortable grip for playing long hours
  • Widely customizable settings in the app
  • 4000 DPI sensor is enough for playing on most displays
  • Good weight, makes it glide easily
  • No frills and durable
  • 24-month warranty

The cons

  • Too high DPI setting can send the sensor out of control
  • It is small for a person who has small hands
  • The LEDS are too bright

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom line

The G302 is a solid gamer for avid gamers on a budget. It has many features for playing MOBA games and it has been built to last years on end.

The Mouse Features

This is a good device, have no doubt in your mind about that. However, even the best of the best mice have their downsides, and this one is not any different. However, in this section of the Logitech Daedalus article, we will look at the features that give it a playing vibe, and make it worth investing in.

Design and build quality

Logitech G302 Review Design

Unique looking tool this one, what with the design that tapers narrowly towards the front and the back, and a bulbous middle. Well, it looks quite unique, unlike any other mice that we know. It has been encased in thin but strong plastic. This gives it the lightweight, as it weighs barely 90 g without the cable. With the cable, weight gets close to 100 g, which is just about the standard in the market.

The good thing about the Daedalus is that it is not choking with features on every available space. It is built on the premise that simple is always better. Therefore, you will see that even the buttons are not crowded and that the sides look bare.

Today, the trend is to have gaming mice that are so flashy and feature-full such that they intimidate you even before you start playing. This one does the opposite of that. It invites you to check it out, to try it out.

This is not one of the big mice. It looks like it was made for people with small to medium-sized hands. It measures 4.5 inches in length and 2.6 inches wide. Thus, if you have big palms, you may not be able to hold it palm-style, and using it fingertip-style for too long will cramp your wrist.

The weight is 90 g and the color is a nice matte black. In fact, if you leave it on the work desk, it blends rather well, and no one will suspect that it is one of the most popular mice for playing computer games.


This company makes mice with awesome performance, across all budgets. And the Daedalus is not any different. It is a true performer! If you are playing League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth or any other, this tool powers your actions through the games. You will enjoy yourself immensely.

There is no drag at all to the performance, no latency at all. When you click a button, the command is immediately displayed on the screen. You will get accurate tracking all the time, irrespective of any surface on which you are using it. However, it is always a good thing to have a mat to preserve the feet.

While this mouse lacks the rubberized contours on the side that many gaming mice come with, the matte-black finishing makes it comfortable in your palms. You can play with it for hours on end without the action lagging.

The buttons work great. We will dedicate a whole section to them. They are responsive, there are no misclicks and they are mounted on switches rated for millions of clicks.

The optical sensor may not exactly be Pixart, but it works very well and tracks accurately. The 4000DPI will enable you to play even on displays with resolution higher than 1080P. Even for the highest resolutions, it is unlikely to require DPI of more than 4500, so 4000 is quite ok.

Button settings

Logitech G302 Review Button

Gaming mice are as good as their buttons. Lousy buttons mean lousy usage, and there are no two ways about that.

Any Logitech G302 review should show you that Daedalus has six buttons only. Now, we know of mice such as the G600 from same brand have 12 buttons. Others have up to 18 buttons. However, with six buttons, you can play any MOBA game with it comfortably. Besides, you will love the less crowded look.

The left and right click buttons are mounted on Omron switches, which are rated for 20 million clicks. These two buttons are not programmable. Then there is the DPI adjustment button located beneath the scroll wheel. When you want to adjust the DPI on the move, in the intense action of a game, these buttons are very convenient.

Even with the configurations that this tool comes with, you can use it just as well. However, when you customize your buttons, you can transfer some of the keyboard functions to the buttons. You may set up one-command per button, or create multi-command macros for each button. Playing computer games certainly becomes more exciting and enjoyable when you have the most important functions at your fingertips-literary.

The button layout is pretty simple too. There is the left and right click buttons, obviously. Then there is the clickable scroll wheel, it gives you an extra button. On the thumb side, there is the forward and backward buttons, two of them. Close to the scroll wheel, we have the DPI adjustment button. The DPI is adjustable from 2400 to 4000.

The cord

This is a wired rodent. It has a rubber cord, which glides easily on the table, without snagging on things. At six feet long, this cord is going to snake around obstacles on the desk to your computer. The cord is not replaceable though, so that means one star out of the rating. The cord ends up in a USB connector, which you can use with a USB 3.0 port for faster performance. USB 2.0 ports seem to be a bit sluggish with data transfer.

The software

The software is easy to use, even for beginners. This is where you can customize all the functions of your buttons. You may also try to change the hand orientation since most of their mice are ambidextrous. Once you insert the mouse in your computer port, it is going to prompt you to install the app. You just need about 70 MB of free space to install it.

The best thing is that you can store all the settings that you make in the app. The onboard memory ensures that you do not have to install the software in every computer that has a compatible game. It is a lot of work to have to create macros and game profiles all over again.

LED lighting

Logitech G302 Review LED lighting

If you read a random Logitech G302 review, you might find some users saying that the LED is too strong. This could be true. However, as long as you do not look at the light directly, you should be ok. Note however that flashiness is one of the factors of a games mouse. Otherwise, it would look just like any other mice.  

The Daedalus has a number of lighting zones. You can program them in the software so that they can light up differently. If you cannot, it is fine really using it just the way it is.

4000DPI sensor

Although we have touched on these in the different sections, well, the truth is that it deserves a small section of its own. This one uses the exclusive Delta Zero tracking technology. This has been designed specifically for high-speed tracking. Thus, you can set it to the highest DPI level and it will not even experience a jitter.


As you can see in this Logitech G302 review, this is one of the good, wired mice for computer games. It comes from a line of greats in the G-series made by this company. You can use it for playing most of MOBA games. It is simplistic in design and carries itself with confidence. When you have a good gaming tool, you can power your way through games with courage.

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