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Secretlab Omega vs DXracer FHOO: Head to Head Battle

If Secretlab is a younger brand, it doesn’t mean its products are not up to standard as they are comparable with DXracer’s multiple chairs. Secretlab only has three chairs at the moment while DXrace has multiple gaming chairs split into 3 series. Since pricing is the ultimate ground for the chair’s comparison chart, the Omega gaming chair is going to be compared to the DXracer FHOO. With ergonomic designs and a high-density foam cushioning, the gaming chairs are suitable for most gaming needs. They have a few basic characteristics and a few top characteristics such as the choice of materials.

Secretlab Omega basics

The Secretlab Omega is the mid-range choice from the manufacturer. It represents one of the simplest and most efficient choices for the gamers looking for an ergonomic design. But the choice of materials is what makes the chair truly stand out not only in front of the DXracer but when compared to most other chairs on the market. It also ships with a velour pillow to use as lumbar support which is also made to a high standard with the same premium feel. Based on a 5-point base, the chair is stable and comfortable even when its in full recline position.

DXracer FHOO Formula and Racing Series basics

secretlab omega vs dxracer basics

The DXracer FHOO is very similar to the Omega chair in many respects. It comes with an ergonomic design, it is foam cushioned both on the seat pan and on the backrest. The chair comes with a recline system, adjustable arms and a 5-point base for the casters. The manufacturer also ships the chair with an added lumbar support pillow and a head support pillow.

Secretlab Omega vs DXracer FHOO – head to head comparison

Both chairs can handle most users’ needs. They have all the adjustability needed for proper comfort and support. Based on quality Class 4 cylinders, they have proper height adjustability which is recommended for a smooth transition. The simplest and most useful adjustability of a gaming chair is height adjustability. It is why both of the chairs use this quality cylinder to offer a smooth experience which is also durable. Since they handle similar weights, they are to be used within their intended purpose and they would rarely be used in commercial spaces.

Ergonomics are welcome 

Gaming chair ergonomics is one of the most important aspects when making a purchase. For many users, having the ability to rely on such a design can make a difference between good posture and a proper posture. Nothing impacts the sitting posture more than the ergonomics of the chair.

Both chairs come with included lumbar support designs. These arched designs of the lower back are basically intended for all users as they take some of the weight off the back, allowing the shoulders to go back and the head to sit in a straight position. Of course, this sitting position might not be sustained for 8 hours of straight sitting, but the ergonomic design facilitates it.

Both chairs come with a racing profile design. It means they offer lateral support for the backrest and for the seat pan. The hugging design of the chairs makes them advisable for all gamers who want to be up to date with the latest in the gaming space.

Maximum weight capacity: 110kg vs. 90kg 

What would gaming chairs be if their maximum weight capacity would not be respected? Most gaming chairs would simply break if their maximum load would not be respected. While they have a similar capacity, the Omega chair is better for taller gamers or overweight gamers. With an extra 20kg of weight capacity, the Omega impresses with its 110kg of support. It is still not Secretlab’s most sustainable gaming chair but it offers sufficient credibility for the weight of the average gamer to be supported without damaging the chair in time.

secretlab omega vs dxracer maximum

The DXracer gaming chair has its own limitations when it comes to weight capacity. At 90kg, it is among the options which are not really a bad choice, but which can easily be overworked. So if a gamer has a lower weight, the chair is still a good option. But if there is the possibility of multiple users sitting on the chair, which can happen in certain gaming locations, the chair might not be the right choice. It all depends on the environment. For most home users, the chair will work fine. Others will struggle to find it sustainable enough before the height adjustability cylinder is damaged irremediably.

Cover material 

The cover materials are where the gaming chairs are differentiated the most. Since they come with different standards, these materials are also seen in the final price. At the same lowest price, both gaming chairs come with PU leather. This material is the most popular for the gaming chairs of the moment. It is durable, it is easy to clean and it has a durable profile. It can also come in different colors. These are the reasons so many brands now openly use them as the go-to option for their new gaming chairs.

But the Secretlab Omega chair also features two more materials which can be seen as premium choices. The SoftWeave fabric and Napa lather are the alternatives. The fabric material is soft and durable. Most importantly, it has a breathable profile which means the gaming chair is very convenient in high temperatures or simply when playing long hours during the summer months. Napa leather is another option to consider. It is the premium solution by the look and feels. Of course, gamers have to pay extra for this material. But the good news is many gamers simply cannot imagine a gaming space without distinct equipment and accessories and this is where the leather material is such a hit with what is a small segment of the market.

The basic cover material remains the PU leather for both chairs as gamers already know what to expect for a good price. So both chairs are as durable with high friction and as easy to clean. The leather can be wiped clean with a simple cloth from time to time to keep them fresh. Of course, Secretlab’s textile and Napa alternatives require a different cleaning approach.

Cushioning material

High-density foam is used for cushioning in both chairs. This type of foam is known for its supportive profile. Made with a different cell structure, the high-density foam can maintain its supportive nature better in time. This is why both chairs are cushioned with such foam.

Both the backrest and the seat pan are actually cushioned with this high-density foam. The supportive and relaxing effect of the chair is what truly makes them stand out. Unlike their entry-level alternatives, the gaming chairs have thicker cushioning. This equals to a higher level of comfort. But at the same time, it is known that the material does not flatten as quickly as the cheap sponge alternatives. 

Of course, not all high-density foams are the same. They go through different types of manufacturing processes and they can handle different types of weight. Of course, the more weight the foam handles, the more expensive it gets. It must be said that the foam in the Omega is not the highest in weight capacity from Secretlab. The same goes for the DXracer’s FHOO foam, which is also not the strongest from the manufacturer. However, the choice is actually made by the maximum user weight and the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Both chairs also ship with back support pillows. If they have similar foam cushioning, their cover material is different. DXracer users PU leather while Secretlab uses a premium velour material which can make users feel like they are getting an extra-special design. 

Chair weight: 30kg vs 26kg

Is the weight of the chair an important characteristic of the purchasing process? For some users, the actual weight of the chair is not an indicator to worry about. Others might feel that the higher the weight, the more quality they can expect from the gaming chair. But at the same time, there are users who prefer a lightweight design. This is why it can be important to find the right way towards the weight which is easy to live with, on a daily basis. Of course, smaller users will find it more difficult to move the chair multiple times per day.

Moving the chair to another room or simply changing its location from place to place when vacuuming can become tiresome after a short period of time. However, there is an aspect which is rarely discussed when it comes to chair weight. This is its impact on sensitive surfaces, such as hardwood floors. In this case, it is always worth finding the right option for the type of floor in the gaming room. A protective mat can be used if the chair and the weight of the user can be too much. In most cases, it is simply advisable to take extra care of the hardwood floors regardless of the weight of the gaming chairs.

Adjustable recline angle

secretlab omega vs dxracer recline

Both gaming chairs offer an adjustable recline angle. This is where they allow users to lean back and relax. The backrest recline is one of the functions which is not missing from modern gaming chairs. Even if users are not inclined to consider it among the important characteristics, it may still be needed for future-proof purchases.

The small advantage of the Omega chair is that its recline backrest also comes with a locking function. It is why so many users are simply able to lock the backrest in position and enjoy a few seconds of relaxation without leaving the chair. Of course, the best type of break is to simply get off the chair and start being more active. But some gamers prefer to have this option which can even mean they don’t need to pause their game while relaxing. From the perspective of possible health benefits, this recline angle allows users to sit comfortably and their back to regain a straight posture if suffering from rounded shoulders.

Armrests adjustability

The adjustability of the armrests is one of the areas where chairs can be differentiated. But both gaming chairs allow users to adjust the armrests in 4 positions. So instead of offering simple height adjustability, the armrests can also be adjusted to the left, to the right, to the front, and to the back. 

In terms of practicality, these adjustments can only improve the posture of the gamer. But at the same time, they can allow the gamer to play in a more relaxed position. Since both chairs use cushioned armrests, it also means that the comfort levels can be improved by these accessories.

Color options

The DXracer FHOO comes with 4 color options. But the Omega series has its own range of colors which also applies to its different materials. It has 6 colors for the PU leather and 4 special editions releases which instantly make the chair stand out. The fabric cover is available in 2 colors while the Napa leather cover is also available in 2 different colors.

Final considerations

Both of the Secretlab Omega and the DXracerhave chair have a similar profile. They can handle similar weights and they are cushioned similarly in an ergonomic design. The recline function is present on both chairs as are the truly adjustable armrests. But as most users can note, the difference is made in the details.

If both chairs are similar in price, there are distinct in extra accessories. They both come with back support pillows but the materials on offer are different. The DXracer only has the PU leather option for gamers to consider. But Secretlab Omega comes with extra choices of textile materials and Napa leather which would make it a more customizable gaming chair choice.  

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