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IKEA Secretary Desk Review – why it’s a must buy


  • This desk by IKEA has cable outlets for easy and hassle-free management of cables. It requires assembly and comes with a manual for the same.
  • The leaf on the desk can be folded anytime to hide all the work once it is done.

ikea secretary desk The Bottom Line

The Good 

  • The desk is sturdy to hold all work essentials.
  • The cable management features makes it a good purchase. 
  • It is perfect for restricted spaces and would enable you to close it up once the work is done.

The Bad

  • On the downside, the desk can get a little wobbly if you put a lot of pressure on it and tilt it. 

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The Bottom Line

Overall, this desk is an excellent choice for your household use. If you have a home office then this is perhaps the best desk for you. Those who have to travel frequently will find this desk very useful as they can carry it around to several places. 


The IKEA PS 2014 Secretary desk is priced at $199. It can be shopped online directly from the IKEA website or from sellers like Amazon. Let us have a look at the design and features of this desk. 

Design and Features

  • If you are a fan of minimalistic designs then the IKEA secretary desk is perhaps the best option. Do you like to keep it simple and want furniture you can simply use and close while saving space? This desk by IKEA is designed for just that. 
  • To begin with, it comes with a classic cable management concept. You can keep all the cables organized and in one place while being out of sight but still reachable. Isn’t that perfect? 

When there is space constraint, the last thing you want is tangling cables falling out and coming in your way. IKEA has solved this menace with its cable management feature. 

You can now keep your laptop charger or mobile charger plugged and out of your way. This way you can make the most of its desk top and only keep the things which you actually need while working. 

  • Maintain a clean and plush look with this white IKEA desk that can be folded. The leaf simply has to be turned up and locked once you are done with your office work. It comes in handy for everyone in the family. 

Let’s say you have to quickly work on an assignment, you can just open the desk, do your task and fold it back again. 

  • The modern day lifestyle means small living rooms and apartments that have shortage of space. Seldom there is any furniture that actually solves this problem. The IKEA secretary desk has certainly made a breakthrough with its unique design. It perfectly goes with the urban lifestyle where space optimization is a must. 
  • If you are a work at home professional then this desk is heaven for you. When it is work time, you can take the desktop out and keep the things required to finish your tasks. As soon as you are done with your job, you can put it back again which is indeed a great feature. 
  • Apart from this wonderful functionality, the desk also has a chic design. It is white in color and even when it closes it looks just as attractive. After folding the desk you would not even have to bother about maintaining it as it simply stands in one corner. The white and wooden look of this urban furniture will compliment any modern household. 
  • To complete the look, you would have to add a good quality chair which you can just drag when needed and then make do with once done. The steel case gesture chair would be a good option in this regard. 

It comes with wheels so you can grab a chair each time you have some task at hand and then keep it away so that the space is saved. This makes for an amazing minimalistic work design. 

ikea secretary desk Design

  • As a work from home individual you certainly have a lot of responsibilities to cater to. You might even have wished for a way to just shut the work away the moment it is done. Well, this desk allows you to do so. After you close the table you can proceed and go ahead with your chores or even leisure activities. 

It is a good way of creating the much needed difference between work and play as we call it. Working from home means you are constantly thinking of unfinished tasks and getting anxious over it. This desk has made it easy for you to simply keep the work away and unplug. 

  • You might wonder that since there is a small desk for your work, you cannot keep the essentials on it. However, this is not true. The desk surely lacks a lot of desk space but then compensates for it by adding storage space at the top. 

You may stack all your books, notepads and pens on the top and can have an easy access to it anytime while working. This had made it very comfortable for people to deal with storage issues. Moreover, it also makes the most of a said space without taking up any room horizontally. 

  • Thus, it is truly designed for a modern day lifestyle. The small and comfortable IKEA secretary desk compliments the work on the go lifestyle. People move to new places all the time and they seldom have the energy as well as time to move heavy furniture along. After assembling this desk once, people can just pack it and travel with it to the new place. Since it is so space efficient, it will immensely help. 
  • As far as the placement of this furniture is concerned, you can keep it in the living room, study room and even the bedroom. It does not matter which place you keep it in as the desk folds and unfolds whenever required. 

Moreover, when it is not functional, the desk is essentially sitting in one place. Not to mention how well it blends with the rest of the furniture and the décor. The white color of this desk with a wooden touch just makes it perfect. Even the designers have created it with the intention of catering to the urban traveler. 

  • For a household use, it can be tweaked according to your lifestyle. The desk is truly multipurpose and all the family members can use it according to their needs. 

For instance, the kids can use it for finishing their homework or maybe the color book and then when done they can put it back up. Similarly, it can also be used for gaming for a brief time as it already hides all the cables and enables you to focus on the task at hand. 

  • Priced at $199, this product is a good deal and provides value for money. You get a simple yet effective desk which is best suited for a home office. Moreover, the desk also has a place at the top which accommodates all your essentials. The product is easy to assemble also which makes it a good product indeed.

Dimensions and Materials Used 

The width, depth and height of this product are 90 cm, 44 cm and 127 cm respectively. The chic design of this desk will surely catch your attention. It has a side panel which is made of particleboard, clear acrylic lacquer and Birch veneer. 

ikea secretary desk Dimensions

The work top is essentially made from Particleboard, birch veneer, and the like which makes it clear and shiny. Its box is made from fiberboard and has an acrylic paint for a smooth finish. The hinge arm is sturdy and adds structure to the design of this desk. 

It is made with steel and epoxy powder. Overall, the entire look of this desk has been designed to easily blend with any modern day living room. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

As far as cleaning is concerned you would not have to bother much about it. You should take a damp cloth and wipe the desk every once in a while. The stains do not necessarily last long on the surface. 

Maintenance is also not an issue according to our review. You should check from time to time whether the assembly fastenings are tightened properly and then retighten them as and when required. Since it is opened and closed frequently, it can get lose with time. Just keeping an eye on the same will help a lot. 

Customer Reviews

The average customer reviews are only in favor of this product. Users exclaim how helpful the desk is in terms of saving space. The setup is easy and usage too is convenient. Moreover, users love how the desk is lightweight and also find the space at top useful. It is multipurpose and very attractive to look at. At the same time, it also comes with amazing sturdiness. 


Thus, according to our review, this desk is ideal for household and office work at home. Those who admire minimalistic design would surely love this desk. It unfolds into a functional desk for when you want some work to be done and goes back up to save a lot of space. 

This feature is indeed appreciated in urban living where the room size is often smaller than what one would wish for. 

It comes with a unique and efficient cable management system which keeps all the chords at one place and away from your sight. This means that the desk is only used for keeping the necessary things and is not crowded with unnecessary cables everywhere. 

If you work from home then this desk is perfect for you. Those who work from home have a constant feeling of getting back at work even if they are free or on a leave. With it’s on and off feature, the desk can be used to work dedicatedly and then keep it closed to enjoy the leisure time. This way, it also makes your abode look tidy and clean. 

Moreover, you can choose to keep it anywhere like in your bedroom, study or even living room as it has a good design which would blend with the décor of your space. 

You would have to add a chair to this desk while working and make sure you get one that has wheels. This way you can drag it in and work anytime and then when it is done you can move the chair away. IKEA has truly focused on functionality, minimalism and space utility. 

Talking of which, we simply loved the space it has on the top of the desk. One can just keep the books and stationery items on the top for easy access. You can utilize this space to keep things that you would not have to take out from the closed desk. 

Everyone in the house can use this desk. Adults can do their office related work and kids can finish their homework or even watch a movie by keeping the laptop on this desk. Those who are into gaming can utilize this amazing desk. The best part is that all the chords would be out of the way. 

Thus, if you are looking for a desk that will solve your space issues while still giving the functionality needed then IKEA secretary desk is your perfect option. It is created with the intention to cater to all urban travelers and would suit your modern lifestyle. 

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