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Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair Review: The Leader in Weight Capacity

secretlab titan introduction

As the leading design from secretlab titan, the Titan is one of the most impressive names in the industry. It comes with a 130kg weight capacity and it represents a viable option for a large number of gamers seeking ergonomics and top materials. It is also one of the most expensive chairs as a result, but it offers the best reliability form the line of chairs the manufacturer has to offer.

With the same racing-inspired profile, the chair manages to offer an attractive option for many users. Even more, it represents a viable solution for better results with posture as it has a built-in lumbar support design. A hugging backrest also proves to be of added quality for ergonomics and comfort.

Prime PU leather, SoftWeave fabrics, and Napa leather are the materials to choose from. They are among the most qualitative options on the market and they represent a viable choice for all tastes. 

Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair Review – Summary of features

  • Handles up to 130kg
  • Suitable for all users up to 200cm
  • Made with a high 86cm backrest
  • Offered with PU leather, SoftWeave fabrics, and NAPA leather
  • Built-in lumbar support with the adjustment knob
  • Large PU casters design
  • Cushioned with cold cure foam
  • Designed with 4D adjustable armrests
  • Ships with a velour head pillow

The good characteristics of the chair

With a selected number of proven characteristics, the top chair gathers all the most important materials, designs and systems form Secretlab in a single chair. The Titan has an inspired name as it is truly the most robust option from the manufacturer. At a weight capacity of 130kg, it is easily suitable for taller and even for overweight users. At the same time, a chair is also a durable option in the spaces where multiple users can sit on the chair. For these reasons, it is among the most durable options, even when it seems quite similar to the other more affordable chairs from Secretlab.

secretlab titan The good characteristics

Weight capacity

With a weight capacity 20kg higher than the one of Omega and with extra 40kg over the Throne series, the ergonomic chair is among the durable options in its class. It is not the most robust design in its class, but it comes close to some of the leading options in terms of weight control.

This higher weight capacity can also mean the gaming chair has improved durability. Since the resistance of the materials is higher, it is also important to understand this helps the chair maintain its sustainability in the future.  

Ergonomics and cushioning

The ergonomic design of the chair is still inspired by the chairs in the racing industry. It is why the Titan gaming chair is among the most reliable options in its class. Furthermore, it comes as one of the most impressive designs for added comfort both on the seat pan and on the backrest.

Both of these parts are assembled by the user and they work to offer a supportive base and a cushioned backrest which is comfortable even when reclined. But the gaming chair also has a profile which allows users to sit more comfortably as it is larger than other Secretlab chairs. For example, at 86cm, the backrest is the highest in the line of chairs from the manufacturer, making it suitable for taller gamers.

secretlab titan Ergonomics

Adjustable lumbar support

The lumbar support of the chair is where it starts to show its true luxurious profile. Unlike many similar chairs, it actually offers a distinct advantage mainly suitable for those looking for the ultimate posture. It is now always easy to maintain good posture when playing games and sitting for the entire day. Doing this on a repetitive basis comes with its own challenges and this is why many users are simply left with no other option than to start looking for gaming chairs which value good lumbar support.

For many users, having the capacity to enjoy the latest designs in terms of lumbar support can make a difference. Unlike the Throne series which comes with an added lumbar pillow, the Titan series needs no pillow as it allows users full levels of freedom and adjustability. Even when it seems unlikely, the chair still manages to offer the lumbar support tall people may not have with smaller chairs.

A top choice of materials

Another distinct strength to consider with the Titan is the actual choice of materials. With Pu leather, textile fabrics, and Napa leather, users can enjoy one of the most distinctive features of the chair simply by going for the option most suitable for their budget and needs. If the PU leather is the go-to option for the average gamer, the other two options have very specific ideal users in mind. They are most suited for gamers who appreciate high levels of comfort and distinct materials. These users are also willing to invest more to get their ideal gaming space. Of course, every type of material has its own strengths. The textile weave material is advisable for those who might overheat or sweat on the gaming chair, this is why it may be a good idea to choose this material if living on warmer climates.

Recline function with extra support

The recline function of the gaming chair has its role as well. It allows gamers to take a well-deserved break from gaming and to lie back. At the same time, it can also be one of the active features of the chair to improve mobility and to avoid a stiff back.

Since the function is not exclusive to the Titan, most users can already be familiar with it. Those upgrading from the Thorne series are already familiar with the function. Furthermore, the recline function of the chair is among the important options to consider, especially in the conditions in which the large backrest can accommodate even the tallest users.

The drawbacks of the chair

With a complex profile, it seems the Titan is one of the mature chairs on the market. Even if this is the case, the chair can still see minor improvements in a few areas. The bulky design of the chair means it is not the lightest in its class. The chair will not be easily moved around from desk to desk or when vacuuming.

secretlab titan The drawbacks

Weight and size

With a weight of 35kg, the chair’s design is heavyweight. As one of the heaviest in its class, the chair is truly made to support the heaviest users as well. But the cost of this extra weight comes with its practicality. Many users will need extra strength to move it around the room, from desk to desk. However, since the chair is not really moved too much for the average users, this might not be as big of a problem as many would anticipate.

However, with a backrest of 86cm, the gaming chair needs its space in the gaming room. For most users, it means that the backrest will fully recline when there is enough space behind the chair. Furthermore, many other users are simply encouraged by its large design. With one of the widest seat pans in its class, the chair is truly suitable for the tallest users or those who do not like to feel crammed.

The height adjustability of the chair sits at 9cm. It allows gamers to raise the chair from 50cm to 59cm in a comfortable experience for all heights. The key is to adjust the chair in a way in which the knees would form a straight 90-degree angle. Hanging off the seat pan can come with impeded circulation in the legs.

Similarities with the Omega series

Another problem the chair has is just how similar it is to the Omega series. If its colors and weight capacity are different, the materials and designs are very similar. This is why those on a budget will go over to the Omega chair in most cases. The Titan series really becomes a chair made for the taller or heavier gamers.

Bottom line

As one of the most robust designs in its class, the Titan gaming chair represents one of the most interesting options in its class. Among other characteristics, it manages to offer impressive characteristics for a luxurious feel. With premium leather option as well as one of the best cushioning foams, the chair is useful for a large number of users. Even more, it is one of the most reliable options for a high backrest, which are not easy to find.

Ergonomics and comfort

Other distinct advantages come with the ergonomic design of the chair. With distinct materials, the chair is used to improve the support of the body while offering soft premium materials. The comfort level is also influenced by the actual hugging design of the backseat and of the seat pan, as both come with padded edges which prevent the users from slipping to the side.

Materials such as the SoftWeave are also known for their improved comfort, especially with temperature control. In most cases, it is advisable to find the best solutions for the ultimate comfort when it comes to keeping the body cool during the summer months. Sitting for hours is certainly one of the ways the body can actually sweat more which then reduces the comfort of the gamer. This is where the textile material proves to be a great choice for extra comfort.

But the Napa leather options is a top solution as well. Its soft touch is recommended for all types of gamers. With a luxurious feel, the leather is known for its friendly profile and this is also why it is largely used in the car industry. But the basic PU leather option has the main advantage of high friction durability, which finds it’s suitable for the average user. Furthermore, another choice of materials such as velour for the headrest is important as well. This is why the chair as a whole, is the most luxurious option from Secretlab.

Final considerations

If the Secretlab Titan lives up to its name is not a matter of discussion, but rather a matter of suitability. Not all gamers will make the most of its features and materials. However, two categories of gamers can find it the most useful. Tall gamers, as well as those seeking for that extra level of space on the chair, are going to find it particularly interesting. Under normal conditions of use, the chair offers a level of comfort which places it among the leading options in its class and why it can also be associated with premium designs, far from many affordable entry-level options.

However, the customization options of the gaming chair also mean that it is actually one of the few solutions which come with a differentiated price but which offer a different type of comfort. For most users, it is always advisable to choose a solution which can be used all year round. If the textile materials are proven during the summer, PU leather is proven in all seasons, with changing temperature. For most users, it is crucial to find options which are also suitable for their gaming space. With some of the largest casters in its class, the gaming chair works on all surfaces.

However, as with all casters, there are certain risks associated with them on hardwood floors. For most other surfaces, the casters can be used without a rug. But the main purpose of the chair remains to improve comfort levels for a category of users which is notorious for the long hours spent in front of a computer. This is why the Titan can live up to its name. It remains to be seen how future releases are going to differentiate themselves even more from the Omega series, which is similar in performance but maybe more affordable for the average gamer.

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