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Respawn 110 Gaming Chair Review – 100 Series for Added Feet Comfort

respawn 110 introduction

The multiple ranges of Respawn gaming chairs offer distinct benefits. One of the main benefits of the 110 gaming chair is that it offers plenty of comforts, adjustability and even an included leg rest for an affordable price. Having to invest in gaming equipment might not come cheap in today’s world. This is why products which offer maximum return on investment such as the Respawn 110 gaming chair are highly appreciated by gamers. Of course, it is not perfect. No gaming chair is truly perfect. But it is on par with some of the best gaming chairs for this price and it can even compare to more expensive designs in areas such as comfort or adjustability.

It can be said that the type of gamer consider this gaming chair is often a person looking to play for a few extra hours every gaming session. This is where the leg support system proves to be a great advantage. With attention to posture and the added supportive pillows, gamers can find the right product for them.

Respawn 1110 gaming chair review – Summary of features

  • Made with a supportive ergonomic design
  • Supports 130° backrest recline for added comfort
  • Designed with an expandable footrest
  • Armrests are height and depth-adjustable
  • Ships with two extra pillows for lumbar and head support
  • Fully padded backrests and seat pan
  • Durable and supportive with a maximum weight load of 275lbs
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Made with a seat pan of 21” in width

Respawn 110 gaming chair – the good

With a distinct ergonomic design, the 110 gaming chair can be considered even by the most demanding gamers. The way they look at gaming chairs has changed. It is also why they can find it quite difficult to upgrade their current gaming chairs, as the process is different than buying the first gaming chair.

But regardless of the background gamers come from, the Respawn 110 gaming chair proves a durable choice, especially when expectations are high. The chair offers already expected features such as a recline function but adds surprising characteristics such as the expandable footrest. It might not be clear from the start why gamers would need extra features, but the reasons are detailed below.

Expandable footrest

The expandable footrest draws the attention of those looking at the chair. Those who have not seen one before can find it adds a bit of bulk to the gaming chair. This is true, but it also adds a level of comfort many gamers have not experienced before.

respawn 110 Expandable footrest

One of the great parts about this ingenious design is that the footrest actually reclines underneath the seat. It will not be in the way of the legs when it’s not needed. But when gamers want to get their feet up, it will always be there with a push of a lever. But is the existence of a footrest a make or break characteristic? For most gamers, it can be the case, especially when trying to make the most of what Respawn has to offer. At this range of affordability, it can be the one feature which drives gamers towards it.

Recline backrest

The reclining backrest is another impressive comfort characteristic. Going back 130 degrees, it allows gamers to sit in a more comfortable position. It is also one of the main reasons gamers can sit for long hours on gaming chairs than on many other office chairs.

Of course, the recline feature is not unique to Respawn. In fact, many other brands offer them. But seeing how the chair functions as a whole can mean the backrest is made for true comfort. In some cases, the recline function is locked in a smaller angle which might be just enough to take some of the weight off the spine and to allow users to properly relax.

Posture and comfort pillows

The gaming chairs also ship with two support pillows. There’s a lumbar support pillow to count on and a headrest support pillow to count on. Both of them can be adjusted to some extent which is great when it comes to users of different height.

respawn 110 Posture

However, the main question is if the lumbar support pillow really improves posture? This has not yet been proven, at least for most gamers. Many of them can say they feel more comfortable with the pillow on the chair. But can comfort be confused with good posture? This can certainly be the case. Gamers need to learn more about proper posture and how hours of sitting affects the way they sit and the way they stand. However, it’s nice to see Respawn offers a bit of attention in this area.

There are two straps which run down from the holes in the backrest to adjust the lumbar pillow as needed. Of course, it won’t stay in position for the entire day as its likely to need some readjustments. Things are about to improve, however. Gamers can use it even for shorter periods of the day, just until they get their posture right.

Proper armrests

Where would a gaming chair be without adjustable armrests? It seems that gamers preferring fixed armrests are few and far in between. This Respawn 110 gaming chair review acknowledges that the chair’s armrests are valuable. They adjust both in height and in depth, which already sees some readers simply imagining a custom sitting solution.

Of course, the armrests are not adjustable to the sides. However, their padded profile can support one of the most comfortable sitting positions. After a long day at work, the gaming chair can also be one of the relaxing methods preferred by gamers specifically for this thick padding, present on the armrests as well.

Respawn 110 gaming chair – the bad

It’s clear Respawn has done a great job with the 110 gaming chair. While it is not as complex as those in the 400 series, it is one of the most complex chairs in its class, for the money. This being said, a few users found some issues with it. The following problems were more popular than others.

Reasons why the extendable footrest might not work out

There are many reasons to why the extendable footrest might be great for many users, but at the same time, some gamers review it as not needed in most cases. Since extending the legs also means moving further away from the desk, this can lead to gamers not actually having the ability to use it too often. Not having the ability to reach the keyboard and they don’t prove too helpful. In other cases, lifting the legs under the gaming desk is possible. However, there still needs plenty of room under the desk to allow this position adjustment.

Poor ergonomics of the seat pan

The seat pan of the chair is not the most ergonomic in its class. It represents one of the weaker points of the design. But as with most chair drawbacks, its actually not a full drawback. It would allow users to feel a bit unsupported on the sides, comparing to other padded gaming chairs. Others might prefer this freer design.

However, what is clear is that lateral support on the seat pan is not comparable to what can be seen at leading manufacturers. Furthermore, not all gaming seats can be as reliable when it comes to the left and right padding on the seat pan. However, when the feet are up on the extendable footrest, it’s clear that better lateral support would have been a much-needed addition.

Bottom line

Overall, this Respawn 110 gaming chair review recognizes the merits of creating an ergonomic chair with a footrest at an affordable price. Gamers would be looking long and hard before finding another similar design. But at the same time, gamers would also consider the chair for its actual cushioning. Its ergonomics and cushioning make it an appealing option for many types of users.

respawn 110 Bottom line

Ergonomics and posture

One of the main strengths of the gaming chair comes with its successful ergonomic design. Even without too much lateral support on the seat pan, it still proves friendly to users and most importantly, it proves a top design for good posture. All gamers should actually have to ask themselves, what is a gaming chair if not a design which is based on good posture?

Customization options

A few words in the Respawn 110 gaming chair review need to be attributed to the customization options. Unfortunately, there are no materials to choose from. Gamers can only choose from different colors. There are 5 colors to choose from and they come in a combination with black, the base color.

These colors, as with most gaming chairs, are actually basic colors. Reds, greens and blues are seen from brand to brand. Unfortunately, Respawn has not still managed to include some special colors. But in the company’s defense, there are not too many brands which have managed this.

But customization options also include the two back support pillows. They have a special attribute which allows them to be adjusted up or down, which is already a big plus for posture. Most users are also able to find the right support for the lower back.

It is posture which is the main area of benefit of an ergonomic supported design. Furthermore, not all posture-enhancing chairs offer support pillows. It also must be said that Respawn has not always offered them, so taking advantage of the pack is actually a recent development.

The casters of the gaming chair can also be seen as a distinct advantage. Designed to go over small obstacles such as carpets, they are one of the best casters in the class. Their non-marking nature also means the chair can easily be used in rooms with hardwood floors. Even more, they can be among the most useful casters when it comes to moving the chair from room to room.

The chair is also easy to assemble. However, gamers also need to know the instructions manual is not really reliable, at least not as much as with other brands. This is where the user experience can actually suffer. Gamers also need to know the chair can be assembled in minutes with no extra help. All tools and screws are included in the pack so that users won’t need screwdrivers or hammers to install the 110 gaming chair.


The Respawn 110 gaming chair is one of the distinct affordable designs in its class. It’s not just a gaming chair as it manages to offer a more complex approach to gaming. It is also one of the chairs which offer distinct images with its comfortable extendable footrest. Of course, there are plenty of times when the gaming chair can be useful, not only when the feet are up.

However, gamers should not forget that the biggest strength of the chair remains its posture support with its ergonomic design. Given its low price, it may as well be the first ergonomic gaming chair for most users and this means it can come with considerable improvements over a regular office chair. These improvements should be seen in posture and in how the users are actually able to take control of their gaming position.

The adjustability of the armrests helps as well. Simply moving forwards or backward towards the desk and the monitor is easier. Since the armrest can be adjusted in height and depth, they allow the user to enjoy a better gaming experience, which is sometimes missing, especially in other alternative designs. Of course, not all of its features are going to be used. But the recline feature and the adjustable armrest are two of the features which are going to be used the most. The good news is that they can both benefit the way gamers sit and feel on the gaming chair.

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