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Steelcase Chair Review – 8 Best Steelcase Office Chairs

If you need an office chair or stool, this Steelcase chair review is for you. You will see why Steelcase is referred to as the one-stop center for all types of office chairs. Some of them are complex and others are simple in design. Working in the office requires an ergonomic chair so that you do not compromise your back health.

If you look at the Steelcase website, you will see that theirs is a one-stop center for the best office chairs. They do seem to have an office chair for just about anyone, irrespective of your budget, size and style needs. As you will see in this Steelcase chair review, their products are well engineered and they give good value for money.

If you work long hours in the office, you need an ergonomic office chair. You need a chair that will not only give you good value for your money, but one that will also met your ergonomic needs. Sitting down for long hours will cause you chronic back pain in future. Now, that is something that you really want to avoid. There is no need to work for decades, only to be rewarded with a bad back in your retirement.

From reviews posted online about these chairs, they say that Steelcase office chairs are made to conform to the human body. What this means is that these chairs are truly ergonomic. However, you can never know that for sure until you try them out.

Steelcase Chair Review: 8 Top Office Chairs

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Steelcase Gesture

The gesture series of office chairs from Steelcase is quite a selection for any office owner who cares about his health or the health of his employees. These chairs come with or without a headrest but either way, they are designed to accommodate different sitting postures.

Besides, these chairs are made with technology in mind. Thus, as you bend down to work on your tablet or computer, this chair is going to offer you the requisite support. Every posture that you adopt, every kind of movement that you make when seated in the chair, you will have ample back support. This chair has been designed to conform to your movements when you are sitting down.

Everything from the licorice fabrics, the hard floor casters and the frame oozes quality. You can never go wrong with the Steelcase Gesture chairs.

In any Steelcase chair review, you can find Gesture chair with headrest, without headrest, leather or licorice upholstery. Standard features across board include adjustable armrests, pneumatic height control and more.

Like many of the Steelcase office chairs, the Gesture chair is sold with a limited warranty of a lifetime but on different parts.

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Steelcase Amia Chair

Steelcase Amia

One of the most outstanding qualities for the Steelcase Amia office chairs is their build and design. This chair oozes a quiet confidence, and does what it is meant to do without drawing any attention to itself. It has good lumbar support and the high back design is good for even tall people.

The backrest tension can be adjusted – there is a knob for that. More weight needs more tension for ergonomic support and vice versa. Pretty much everything else about this chair is adjustable.

Another thing that sets this chair apart from many others in its price range is that it has been built with the Alive Technology that Steelcase is so popular for. This means that when you move your back, the backrest moves with you. If you lean, it leans with you. You will have ergonomic back support all the time.

The price for this chair is quite affordable. It is basically half or even less than half of what you would pay for its bigger sister the Gesture.

If you love simplicity coupled with efficiency, go for the Steelcase Amia office chair. With a lifetime limited warranty, you can be sure that your investment is protected for a long time.

Steelcase Think Chair

Steelcase Think

Any Steelcase chair review would not be complete without the Think chair. As they say on their website, this one has been made to support all types of office tasks. Whether you want to use your computer, books, have a conversation with a client or just relax, this chair makes all that possible.

The backrest of the chair can be either knit/meshed or upholstered. Either of these two is quite breathable and so you should never suffer a sweaty back even in summer. You may also buy the Think draft stool with a meshed back or a regular fabric.

The Think office chair is truly ergonomic, thanks to the adjustable features. In fact, you do not even have to rise up fully to adjust the height of your chair. The knobs and levers are positioned at a very accessible place and the height adjustment pneumatic rod is very responsive.

This is a lightweight chair as you can no doubt see from the design. The seat pad is not too thick either. However, do not let that fool you because it is quite supportive and firm. Besides, it is designed in such a way that the edge never presses into the back of your knees.

One thing that you will love about this office chair is the breathability. It is awesome! Whether you go for the one with fabric upholstery or the meshed/knit back, you will feel very comfortable working on these chairs for days on end.

When you buy this chair, you get 30 days money back guarantee, and a lifetime limited warranty.

Steelcase Series 1 Chair

Steelcase Series 1

Built with the famous LiveBack technology, the Steelcase Series 1 chair is a fully ergonomic office chair with a lot of customizability. It allows you to find your favorite sitting posture. That way, you can work long hours on end without compromising the health of your back.

The LiveBack technology ensures that the backrest adapts to any sitting posture. If your back moves, the backrest moves with you. If you have back pain, this chair is going to be good for you. If you would like to prevent back pain in future, this is the best chair to buy.

The 4D adjustable armrests are like the icing on the cake. The flexible lumbar support also ensures that your lower back is well supported all the time. You can also adjust the seat depth to make your legs as comfortable as possible. The seat has a nice waterfall edge that does not press the back of your knees.

The mechanism of the chair is very responsive and durably built to last a long time. The high quality casters on the polished aluminum 5-star base make the chair able to roll around smoothly.

The Steelcase Series 1 is indeed a series with different models. There is the coat hanger, the headrest, the stool and that task chair. All of them are designed for maximum sitting comfort to the user.

Steelcase SILQ Chair

Steelcase SILQ

This is by far the most simplistic office chair in the market. The backrest and the seat are combined, it has nice armrests and it is so lightweight.

The SILQ chair shows the level of innovation that Steelcase can go to just to bring its users that perfect chair. Think about a chair that is fully ergonomic, but minus the fiddling and the tweaking so common in the other chairs.

With this chair, you are not going to need to fiddle with any knobs, dials or levers. Just unpack it, assemble it and sit down. The back support is already adjusted for you. The only thing that you can adjust is the height.

The SILQ task chair is available in many colors, with pink and blue being the most common. The upholstery is fabric, but for an additional amount of money, you can get leather. The polished aluminum base is going to last a long time and the best thing is that the casters can roll perfectly on any floor.

This is an office task chair. If you are looking for a chair with a lot of customizability, this use it the one. It is made for people that just like to sit and start working, then come the following day without having to fiddle with any knobs.

The weight limit for the chair is 300lb. As you can see, it can pretty well seat just about anyone, except Mark Henry the wrestler.

Steelcase Leap Office Chair

Steelcase Leap

One thing that the Leap and Amia chairs have in common is that the intelligent back support. These chairs are designed to offer good back support to you irrespective of whatever posture you adopt. The lumbar support in this chair is so good such that even people with back pain can use the chair. It is a good chair for preventing the occurrence of back pain and it is also good for people who already suffer from back pain.

When it comes to the seat of the chair, the design is quite ingenious. You can actually adjust the depth of your seat. Just the find the most ample position for the comfort of your legs. A good seat enhances the blood circulation and you will be able to work longer.

Because the seat can glide, it moves with you as you move. Thus, as you lean forward or backward, the seat glides and moves with you, to keep you in good range of your desk and your computer.

The armrests are adjustable. For example, you can increase the width depending on your frame size – just pivot them outwards. You can also raise their height, and you can slide the armrest pad forward and backward. The good thing is that once you adjust everything, it stays that way until you feel the need to change your sitting posture.

The comfort of the Leap chair is unmatched in the market. The breathability is great, and so is the general design of the chair. Whatever posture you care to adopt in the office, this chair is going to support you fully.

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Steelcase Amia Air chair

Steelcase Amia

The Amia Air Chair is more like an update of the Amia chair. However, the features are almost the same, the biggest of them being the LiveBack technology. This chair is designed in such a way that the back rest moves with you as you change your sitting posture. If you lean forward, it follows your back. The same also happens when you lean backward.

Many people adore the simplicity of the design of this chair. The frame is not complicated at all, but it is very effective. It also has a solid base, with casters that can roll smoothly on all kinds of floors. For comfort, you will love the meshed back, which ensures enough airflow when you are working long hours in summer.

Steelcase Jack Chair

Steelcase Jack

The last chair in this Steelcase chair review is the Jack task chair. This one is made for fast sitting down and rising up. It looks nimble, simplified and assured of itself. As a task chair, do not expect the chair to be too fiddly. However, that does not mean that it is not ergonomic in any way. The backrest is designed in such a way that it hugs the pressure points in your back just where you need the release.  

The contoured seat and backrest are good for comfort. The breathability is awesome, ensuring regular airflow all the time. The height can be adjusted and so can the tension. This is a swivel and tilt chair and you can adjust the tension of the tilt.

With a built-in synchro-tilt feature, for every 2 degree of tilt for the backrest, the seat tilts by 1 degree. It happens in tandem such that you do not have to fiddle with the back and the seat at the same time.

There is also a Jack stool available, if you would like one.


As you have seen in this Steelcase chair review, there are many best office chairs under this brand name. One hindrance though is the price because all chairs cost more when compared to brands like Autonomous. Perhaps the price can only be compared to that of Herman Miller chairs. With style, wide choice, durable build and many more features, anyone can find a good Steelcase office chair.

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