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The Best Torrent Pages That Work

The Best Torrent Pages That Work

The establishment of ‘streaming’ platforms as the preferred channel for consuming movies, series, and all kinds of multimedia entertainment has contributed to a decrease in piracy, but does this imply the end of the famous torrent download files? Although those that were reference pages for years have been closed by the authorities, and the affordable price of many platforms such as Netflix or Spotify discourages their use, it is still possible to find the best torrent pages that work to download movies or series through of the P2P file sharing system.

Despite everything, some users still turn to torrent download pages in search of movies that are difficult to access and have yet to be distributed in our country. It is also possible to use them to exchange files with other users anywhere in the world, so their use is not only reduced to downloading movies, series, or music discs. These are some examples of torrent pages that are still active in 2023.


The queen of torrent downloads has had as many deaths as resurrections in recent years. Her .org domain is active, and you can download torrent files without any added difficulty. We have to click to open our torrent download program directly instead of downloading the file and then opening it from our PC.


If you have used torrent download sites in the past, the name RARBG will sound familiar to you. This is one of the reference pages for downloading all kinds of content, from movies to video games or computer software. In the past, they had to change their domain to avoid prosecution by the authorities who sought to end their presence on the Internet, but it continues to be one of the ones with the most traffic and downloads. Its search engine is very efficient, and torrents can be sorted by the number of ‘seeders’ who have it on their devices, so you can see which download will be faster.


Another website that has had to modify its domain to avoid the law is KickAssTorrents. To be able to download torrents from this page, we will have to have an extra point of care. When clicking on the ‘Download Torrent’ button, which presumably should download the torrent to our computer to start downloading the file we want to have, it directs us to an advertising page, so what we will have to do is open the files to through the ‘magnet link ‘ that directly opens the BitTorrent (or µTorrent) application on our computer.



The original version of LimeTorrents is blocked in multiple territories, including Spain. Still, other mirror pages appear for each closed page that offers the same service with a different domain. The ‘.lol’ domain works appropriately when writing this article, allowing downloading movies, music, applications, and multimedia content relatively quickly.


The difficulties in accessing 1337x are also more significant since it constantly changes domains. Its links only sometimes work, leading to mirror pages where users become frustrated by not finding the torrent file they are looking for. To solve these problems, and as long as the domain is active and not blocked when looking for a file (either a movie, a disc, or an application), it is better to directly access the ‘magnet link’ and open BitTorrent or µTorrent.


One of the pages offering a better service to download movies, series, and documentaries in Spanish is Mejor Torrent, which is also embarking on a permanent domain change. To find out your current domain, you have a Telegram group in which you report the address, and its operation is effortless and without intrusive advertising. The constant news can be accessed through the ‘Latest torrents’ tabs, including mass consumption and more ‘indie’ releases.



A second alternative to finding movies in Spanish is NaranjaTorrent, another website with a simple and intuitive design. In addition to films and movies, you can download torrent files of music discs and video games on PC and consoles. The bad thing about this page is the way to download torrent files; quite heavy and full of advertising (you need a video tutorial to get them). Whoever uses it must do so under their responsibility and always take extreme precautions to avoid putting their equipment at risk. 


Until relatively recently, TorrentLatino was one of the reference pages to be able to download movies with Latin audio. That website is no longer operational, but TorrentLandia has taken its place. In it, you can exclusively find movies dubbed into Latin Spanish, but it is an excellent place to download movies released in Mexico that have not reached Spain (and also Spanish cinema).


With a good antivirus and an ad blocker installed in the browser, it is possible to access YTS, which has a vast catalog of movies. The advantage of this page is that each title can be found in different qualities, thus adapting to the screen and the needs of each user.



In GranTorrent, you can search for the movies and series you want to download or immerse yourself in its different categories to see what titles are available in torrent form to download to your computer. It is difficult to find old titles, but the latest news from streaming platforms is straightforward. They also have a Telegram channel to notify of possible domain changes and report other information on the page.


The Telegram Movies Torrents 1080p channel offers various movies from different pages to download. The bad thing is that they are usually titles in the original version that are not accompanied by their subtitles, so the user who downloads them from here and does not speak English will have to look for a website where they can obtain them. Given the difficulty for a torrent download page to stay active, many of them have found Telegram an enjoyable refuge to continue sharing their links.


Another alternative that can be used without leaving Telegram is to use TorrentBot. This bot works very simply: you must write the movie’s title (or the chapter of the series you want to download), and an exhaustive search will be done through the active torrent pages. In seconds, you will have a list with several options to choose the download that best suits your needs.



From Russia comes RuTracker, one of the most complete torrent pages that can be found. Under its forum format from the early 2000s, you can find much more than the latest movie releases: anime, Russian movies, books, and magazines on various topics, sporting events, etc… Beyond the fact that it is a page in Russian, the downside is that you need to register to be able to download torrents. The language problem is easily solved with the translator that Google Chrome incorporates.


Sports lovers have on this page of Russian origin one of the most complete to download torrents of any sports competition. Whether you are looking for Spanish La Liga matches or other competitions (cycling, gymnastics, American football, etc.), you can find the most recent torrents with good quality on this forum website. However, the audio is usually Russian, something for the other part expected.


With a much more modest scope, Sport-Video is a Ukrainian page that has continued uploading content despite the difficult situation that this country has been going through since the beginning of the year due to the Russian invasion. Its design is straightforward, and there is no intrusive advertising, which makes it one of the most efficient (and unnoticed) pages to download torrents. On this website, you can find torrents of top-level sporting events, such as the NBA, the ice hockey NHL or the main European soccer leagues.



One of the sectors in which the use of torrents is still very profuse is that of anime. Many Japanese animated series and films have not been dubbed into Spanish (nor is there any intention to do so), so resorting to torrent download pages is quite common. With Shana Project, you can find the chapters quickly and intuitively, with the advantage that the vast majority have English subtitles, so it’s a ‘win-win’: you get to be up to date regarding TV series. Anime and, incidentally, reinforce your level of English.

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