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This Has Been The Most Watched Face Reveal On Twitch: The Face Of Axozer And The Reactions Of Auronplay And Ibai

This Has Been The Most Watched Face Reveal On Twitch: The Face Of Axozer And The Reactions Of Auronplay And Ibai

Twitch is a very popular platform on the Internet. However, it still holds many secrets to discover, especially when putting a face on many content creators who broadcast their live shows without showing their faces. The followers of those streamers, always eager to learn more about their idols, put a lot of pressure on this topic because it generates a lot of intrigue. One of Twitch’s most viewed faces was revealed from aXoZer, which has already come true.

The face reveals it is one of the contents that generate the most audience on the purple platform due to all that expectation of seeing who is hiding behind the cameras. For his part, this young man ceases to belong to the select group of streamers in Spain who still keep their faces anonymous, following in the footsteps of Rebron or DeqiuV. Only the mysterious Focus continues to represent the image of him through a raven, and it seems that it will continue like this for a long time.

It’s a reveal that aXoZer had been thinking about making for a long time, but different delays have been cropping up for that exclusive. He had already planned to show himself at the end of 2021, but some technical delays and the oversight of Biyín (Auron’s girlfriend) have forced him to do so in May 2022. Said oversight, in which the popular streamer uploaded a story to Instagram where AxoZer appeared by mistake. It cost him the sample of his face much sooner than expected.


Unsurprisingly, the streamer would not reveal his face immediately but would keep the intrigue as long as possible. Nor would it be a live show where the most anticipated moment would be prolonged with filler content and without foundation. Therefore, aXoZer appeared with his popular mask and a planned schedule for his face reveal.

A direct that would break all records on this channel, exceeding 500,000 viewers following the live. The dynamics of the broadcast have been quite interesting because through the Who’s Who game, different colleagues have been passing through, such as Polispol, Juan Guarnizo, TheGrefg, Carola, Karchez, or Auronplay himself, who went live to chat with aXoZer and discard any of the 150 photos that the streamer proposed. The passage of these creators was not a mere chance because the common point is that they have already seen aXoZer in person.


Finally, of the 150 faces in that huge collage, none belonged to the streamer’s face, so it was all part of a trolling to the community. When the call round ended, one of the rising stars of Twitch would remove his mask to show it on the screen and in a rigorous direction.

I would do it in a professionally produced video as if it were a video to announce the signing of a footballer. From there, the mask would disappear to show his face, but it would also announce another novelty for all his followers. And it is that aXoZer has confirmed his signing by KOI, the Ibai Llanos team. The streamer will thus join the project to continue creating content on the purple platform. Ibai would appear to live after the face reveal since aXoZer has done it all from the Basque streamer’s house.

This adds a new familiar face and image to represent Twitch Spain. More than 500 thousand spectators, after two hours of waiting and after a lot of secrecy, where all the protagonists of the surprise have managed to hide all the movements from the public during the last days.

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