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This Is The Meaning Of Sco Pa Tu Manaa,The Latest Twitter Viral

This Is The Meaning Of Sco Pa Tu Manaa,The Latest Twitter Viral

«Sco pa tu manaa», sco tu pa manaa», «sco para tu mana»… The new Twitter viral has as many meanings as it has forms of expression. As happened a few months ago with the Ontas meme, the latest viral is crossing the language barrier, and today its use is even extended to the English-speaking public. But what does Sco pa tu manaa mean, and why is it becoming so popular? Find out below.


Although the last meme has become famous among the Spanish-speaking public, the truth is that its origin originates from Zambia, although the reason for its virtualization has several reasons.

According to Urban Dictionary, the meaning of Sco pa tu manaa in Zambia, a country located on the African continent, has to do with “the duty to express one’s opinion on a specific topic”; Nothing about “sco para tu mana” or “sco para tu mañana,” the Hispanic version of the meme that has created confusion among users of the aforementioned social network.


Other websites such as KnowYourMeme ensure that the expression’s origin is inherited from Hawaiian and that Sco pa tu manaa means “What does this remind you of” or “What memories does this bring back to you.” Google Translate tells us that its meaning in Hawaiian is “you will find it interesting” or “this is interesting,” so the first meaning must be given full credibility, as there is no online translator from Zambian to Spanish.

But surely its virtualization is due to the song by the artist Kawoulaa Biov called Daavi Neba in collaboration with Patapaa. The artist, originally from Ghana, mentions the famous phrase Sco pa tu mania at 1:47 of the song, which we can hear in the video attached below.

The expression in question was the reason for a meme a little over two months ago today in different parts of the world. The so-called “Scopatmanaa challenge” was created to imitate the phrase above in the United States and other English-speaking countries. As in previous viral challenges, the challenge was based on pronouncing Sco pa tu manaa quickly and accurately, having a certain degree of difficulty for certain languages ​​of Anglo-Saxon origin.

Two months later, the meme has converged on a new fashion to express our opinion about a topic. In general, an image of the topic to be discussed and the expression Sco pa tu manaa or Sco tu pa manaa are included.

Subsequently, it is linked to the original tweet to express the opinion about the subject to be discussed by other users or by the meme’s author. Nothing that we have not seen before with memes like the famous Unpopular Opinion banished, this time by Sco pa tu manaa.

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