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Review of TP-Link Archer C5400X Router


If you had a craving for a top-notch internet connectivity device for your gaming rooms, then the wait for the same is over. Archer C5400X is a revolutionary product from the house of TP-Link. It has got all the top-notch security software required to keep computers and other devices safe from online threats. The TP-Link Archer router would revolutionize the way you have been using the internet with its high-performance drivers. Let’s see what it has kept for the customers in detail.


  • Lightning Fast Connectivity Speeds
  • Well laid out Design
  • Easy to use  and set up
  • Out of the box performance


  • Expensive
  • Lacks geo-filtering functionality.

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Bottom Line

TP Link Archer C5400X review Bottom Line

On a lighter note, the TP-Link Archer C5400X is one of the best high-end gaming routers that have made its entry to the market. The device promises high throughput and seamless connectivity in all conditions. The router comes loaded with top-notch features, allowing it to have edge over its competitors. It is ideal for installing in a room or for a whole house.

It should be your choice if you want to spend on a premium product. It comes with all premium features that can help you to get the most of the product. The rate of internet connectivity is very fast; you would certainly be impressed with all that you get from it.


The TP-link Archer C5400X comes in a square flat black color box, measuring dimensions about 11.2*11.2*7.6 inches. The Design of the router is made with precision and appears to be a next age networking device. It features eight antennas of black color with some red accents, which gives it an aggressive look and allows it to match your gaming room decor. It is comparatively three times larger than the Nighthawk router from Net gear. It can be mounted on the wall as well as you can keep it on your desk.

It has been made to withstand high working temperatures up to 105 Fahrenheit. The center of the device gets an illuminated logo of TP-Link. The logo remains white when all the whole things are working correctly, and it turns into a red color when there is no internet connection available. In the rear, you also get an input WAN port. Apart from that, you also get two 8 GBPS downstream ports.

You would also find an on-off button and a reset switch. There are 2 USB 3.0 ports which can be used for connecting printers and other data devices. On the other side, you get switches to turn off the lights, stop or pause Wi-Fi transmission, alter the router to work as a wired router.


The TP-Link Archer C5400X is powered by BCM4366 Wi-Fi chip from Broadcom. Like D-link DIR-885L/R Router, it also houses an MU-MIMO technology, allowing you to use it for simultaneous connections. It is also used for beamforming. It has got a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor that is paired with a 1GB RAM. This router has 128MB storage space for storing the software and settings. The overall product comes in robust packaging. Furthermore, it has been made from top quality materials that can withstand tough working conditions and serve you for a longer period of time with its high grade of durability.

TP Link Archer C5400X review Hardware


It has been designed to deliver a peak output of about 1GBPS over the 2.4GHz band while 2.168GBPS over its two 5GHz channels. It is designed to provide top quality support for high-end gamers and enhance their gaming experience. The Archer C5400X has got a very robust configuration that can help to upsurge the bandwidth of the connection.

It can aggregate two Ethernet connections for maximum output. The router is capable enough to support larger rooms that other routers would never be able to do. The signals coming out the TP-Link C5400X is amplified to reach every corner of the room, providing the best connectivity for a lively gaming experience.

Comparing the TP-Link Archer C5400X with other routers like Netgear D500 N150, it doesn’t have the feature of geo-filtering, but it has an in-built VPN server which is used to connect anonymously to cover all your online activities. You can now browse safe over the internet and be secured from any threats being rendered online.

Security at its best

This router from TP-Link can also be a good home router apart from just being a gaming router. It has got all the parental controls that one would expect in a home router. So being a parent, you can streamline what is being watched by your kids. The TP-Link Archer C5400X contains high-end security software that makes available for filtering Malicious content. It can filter as well as block some of the evil and unknown sites.

It has also got an intrusion prevention system that protects it from malware attacks. Last but not least, it uses an Infected Device Quarantine to prevent computers connected to it from getting contaminated by online threats. It is some of the features that are only available with the premium and high-end routers in the market.


It is very easy to set up the device as it requires minimal effort to get it going; all you would need a connected internet browser or a tethered application to set up its features and functionalities. You can quickly get applications from the App Store and Play Store.

It is compatible with both iOS devices and Android devices. As soon as you get a tool for set up, you can begin with the device setup. Initially, you need to set up the time zone, and then you need to select how your device connects to the internet. It means you need to decide which protocols need to be followed by static IP, dynamic IP, PPOE, L2TP, and PPTP. If you are confused in between which setting would work the best, you can select the AutoDetect functionality.

TP Link Archer C5400X review Installation

After this, you will get a QR code on the smartphone. You would need to type in your usernames and passwords for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. There are options to hide the network name too. In total, you need 5-7 minutes to set up the device from scratch. Once it is connected, be sure to get uninterrupted connectivity.

Additional Features

The TP-Link Archer C5400X can blend well with anything that is connected with it. In this era of home automation systems taking up the charge, you get IOT functionality in every second thing that you might buy in the world. This product is nowhere left behind. It gets well integration with the most common home automation systems like the Amazon Alexa. The TP-Link Archer C5400X can use voice controls from Alexa. It has got a dedicated setup page for setting up the device and making it ready to be operated with Voice. 

It gets a range boost functionality, which means it has got a better range of operation. And it also has capabilities to target some of the specific devices for better throughput. Last but not least, it also has good VPN capabilities. Internet browsing and online gaming would be an amazing affair for sure.  It is also a great plug and play device. It features a NAS feature which is used for cloud storage functionalities. You can save files onto the cloud storage and then retrieve it from the router with the help of the USB drives.


With all the other competitors, you get only one-year warranty coverage and support services up to 90 days only. However, with the TP-Link Archer CX5400 comes with two-year warranty coverage from the date of purchase. When you get hold of this product, you also get continuous support from the technical team, which is a great add-on feature that you get with the TP-Link. Moreover, if you have any issue, you can get in touch with the concerned authorities for a claim.


The TP-Link Archer C5400X is an excellent and revolutionary product. It has been designed to WOW the minds of the gamers. It can also act as a day to day partner for converting your home into an internet hotspot. As a parent, you will love to have this for your kids. And your kids will also love the product when it provides lightning fast connectivity and keeps their devices safe and secure from all the online threats.

The Archer C5400X may be a bulky product, but it combines a higher rate of internet connectivity. Apart from this, it has also got a good range of operation with added security. The router is incredibly fast as compared to many other routers. It is one of the enthusiast grade routers which still have a very simplified user interface. It is a bit expensive, but it has its own features that are worth its price. If you are a true gaming enthusiast, then it is the right product for you. All these great features and functionalities make the Archer C5400X a definite pick and a true screamer for connectivity. 

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