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Uplift 900 Review and 3 Reasons to Buy

The Uplift 900 is one of the simplest and most efficient standing desks from Uplift Desk. It performs to a high standard due to the dual motor design. It is made to offer height adjustability between 24” and 50”.

The Uplift 900 might come with a small desktop compared to other Uplift designs, but with good weight capacity and great characteristics of functionality, it is a practical choice for most office workers.

Uplift 900 Review – Summary

  •         Made with a 355lbs weight capacity
  •         1,5” per second adjustability speed
  •         25” to 50” height adjustability range
  •         Made from durable laminate desktops
  •         Available in black, gray and walnut colors
  •         Powered by a dual motor design
  •         Built-in sensors to detect possible resistance
  •         3-stage height adjustability frame

Uplift 900

The 3 benefits of the Uplift 900

The standing desk is among the options to consider for workers who do not want to complicate their existence too much. At $495, it was made as one of the affordable products on the market. It might not be as expensive as other premium products, but the way it works would not be tied to a cheap product.

1. <50db motor performance

First of all, it comes with a good adjustability speed which is on par with some of the most expensive products on the market. Furthermore, it is also among the most interesting options when it comes to better sound performance as well. During testing, the dual motors came with a top noise level of 50db which can be seen as a good performance.

2. A 3-stage height adjustable frame

Part of this performance is also based on the 3-stage height adjustability frame design. This frame design is constant in the Uplift Desk range and it is a clear indication that it works well to a high degree.

3. Adjustable frame crossbar

With the help of an adjustable crossbar, the standing desk is not too wobbly. Of course, it is not as stable as its more expensive alternatives on the market. But given the design of the frame and the capacity of the crossbar to be moved as needed, the standing desk does a very good job compared to what can be purchased at this price.

Another interesting advantage is given by the telescoping frame. This allows the users to go with the standard desktop and even to expand it in the future. So those who are willing to invest in a custom desktop from better materials in the future can still use the base of the standing desk without having to invest in new legs and a new adjustability mechanism.

Uplift tab

Possible drawbacks to consider

As no standing desk is perfect, there are a few considerations to make with the Uplift 900. One of the biggest concerns comes with the marketing claims of the manufacturer. There simply is no proof to sustain the environmental concern of the brands when it comes to its standing desks.

Another important concern comes with the warranty information. It seems that the 7-year warranty does not include desktops. This can be an issue, even in the conditions in which the desktop is quite durable. But if the top is durable, this can’t be said about some of the plastic materials used in the manufacturing process. When compared to what the competition offers, the poorly-made parts are certainly not what Uplift had in mind with its manufacturing process.

Some taller users have also complained they had no options to consider as extensions. Not having this option even with an extra purchase can deter possible customers away. Given this option is available with other brands, it can be considered as a major drawback.

Installation process

The installation process of the Uplift 900 is straightforward. It comes with clear step-by-step instructions and it represents one of the most interesting solutions when considering the simplicity of the product. There is no need to call for a handyman as the standing desk comes nicely packaged in multiple packs which are easy to put together.

Closing thoughts

There might be many standing desks on the market which offer a minimalistic design. But the Uplift 900 is one of the simplest options in its class. Apart from the power grommets, the standing desk is one of the most reliable solutions to consider. In most cases, it can be a great addition to what is considered to be a simple desk.

So who is it for? Unlike the manufacturer claims, the standing desk is actually aimed at the first-time purchaser. Even if it comes with good adjustability speed, the lack of quality in the chosen materials is what sets it apart from leading options on the market. Furthermore, it also represents a choice for those who might be thinking of multiple purchases, due to its lower price. With an interesting profile of available accessories, the standing desk can be a good choice for a number of users who are just getting into the standing revolution.

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