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Uplift Desk Review: Made With Plug-in Eco Adjustability

Uplift Desk offers a wide range of standing desk. Available accessories and chairs are also popular with the brand. In terms of affordability, Uplift Desk offers plenty of good solutions with a mid-range price even with some high-end features. The brand stands out with an eco-friendly approach and with practical solutions such as the integrated plug-ins.

Uplift Height adjustable standing desk

Height adjustable standing desk

With height adjustability of up between 24” and 50”, the standing desk embodies the simplicity of the Uplift Desk. It is available in various laminate desktops which are easy to clean. At the same time, these desktops are not too expensive to manufacture which makes the standing desk one of the most popular in its class.

Other distinct advantages of the standing desk include the 3-stage frame adjustability and the dual motor design. The three-stage adjustability allows the desk to be fully adjustable to ranges which cannot be matched by a two-stage frame adjustability alternative. Included power grommets also make the desk suitable for those who work with multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops or printers as they keep cables away from possible trips or accidents.

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Uplift Reclaimed wood standing desk

Reclaimed wood standing desk

One of the most intriguing designs from Uplift Desk comes with the reclaimed wood desktop. Unlike regular wood, reclaimed wood is lauded for its eco-friendly profile. At the same time, reclaim wood only looks better with time, making it one of the most distinct types of desktops to be used on a standing desk. At the same time, no two desktops are the same with reclaimed wood which means there is a certain element of uniqueness which comes with these standing desks as well.

The standing desk doesn’t come with the integrated power grommets due to the desktop materials. But on the other hand, it comes with the same 3-stage adjustable frame which is recommended for extra adjustability. Furthermore, it is also important to note that the controller or the keypad comes with 4 user-defined settings. This characteristic is not unique to Uplift Desk, but it does make using the product easier.

Uplift 120-degree workstation

120-degree workstation

The 120-degree workstation stands out with its unique design. It is known that office space is getting more expensive every year. But there are many good reasons to establish a direction of space-saving standing desks apart from the financial side. For example, the shape of the desktop allows multiple standing desks to be put together into what can be a conglomerate of desks where a team or multiple teams can work together on a certain project.

Apart from the interesting shape, the standing desks also come with the characteristics which are so specific to Uplift Desk. These desks can be considered for their particle board desktops which are durable and very easy to clean. Height adjustability is made to the same high standard with the brand’s 3-stage frame adjustability. Power grommets are also added to these standing desks. They work for better cable organization and for a more minimalistic and uncluttered look.

Uplift Curved corner L-shape standing desk

Uplift Curved corner L-shape standing desk

On the same line of atypical desktop designs, the corner L-shape standing desk from Uplift Desks are an intriguing solution. As their name suggests, they are made to fit corners and they can be a solution-orientated design more than anything else. Although the standing desk comes with all that’s good from Uplift Desk, its main strength is in its design. This is why it can be easily used in scenarios where there is no space in the office and when the workers need to occupy corners.

All other essentials remain the same. There is a 3-stage telescoping frame to count on. It represents one of the interesting options when it comes to full height adjustability, up to 50”. Polycarbonate and bamboo desktops are available which makes the standing desk quite useful even beyond its corner-style appeal.

In-desk power options

One of the areas where the standing desk truly stands out is with plug-in grommets. However, they are also made for US devices and they have a serious limitation in Europe or on other continents. But for their purpose, the power grommets represent an interesting addition which is not particularly seen with other manufacturers.

But are they needed? This is the main question which needs to be addressed on an individual level. While Uplift Desk chose right by not integrating these outlets in the reclaimed wood desktops, all other desktops can come with these power plugs. So the most exclusive desktop excludes these power plugs. While most office workers do need all types of devices to be charged, it is not necessarily a good idea to lose desktop space for this purpose.

However, since there are not too many alternatives on the market for the brand, it can be one of the distinct solutions worth taking into consideration. If you only work with a smartphone besides a laptop, it might not be worth to prioritize a desktop with the power grommets. But those working with multiple work smartphones, tablets, multiple laptops or multiple monitors can have good use of these accessories. Having the ability to power these devices without having cables tangled all over the desk is a definite advantage.

Eco desktop

The eco approach from Uplift Desk is not 100%. Not all desktops are made from recycled or reclaimed materials. However, there are plenty of manufacturers which do not offer a single eco-friendly product which already places Uplift in a good position.

So what can a true recycling fan expect? Recycled and reclaimed wood desktops are what can be expected from Uplift Desk. For example, bamboo desktops are a popular option. Apart from being reclaimed, these materials shipped from all over the world also look very good. Some users even argue they look much better to their synthetic alternatives. So those seeking a more unique experience while also positively impacting the environment can consider these standing desks.

On the other hand, these types of materials can be expensive and they are less likely to be seen in modern office spaces. Since they cost nearly twice as much as the basic laminate alternative, these desktops are not likely to be purchased in bulk as companies usually look at methods of lowering the cost of purchases. At the same time, there are plenty of options to consider for those who want something more affordable. But these reclaimed wood desktops can be a great choice when it comes to those who work at home who buy their own standing desks and who have the resources and the freedom to choose their own office supplies.

Digital memory keypad

The digital memory keypad Uplift Desk has mounted on their designs is a clear indication of what can be expected in the future of the industry. Uplift is one of the manufacturers which have included the user-defined characteristics of the height adjustability with 4 preset locations. This system is not innovative or new. But it does a very good job when it comes to simplicity.

It is seen in multiple other brands. At the moment, Ikea has not implemented such as system in their standing desks, but it is expected to happen in the future. Furthermore, it is also important to know that most of the standing desks from Uplift come with this keypad which is proof of its reliability.

Dual motor capacity

Dual motors are used by Uplift Desk to a large extent. They can be reliable solutions which are quick, quiet and recommended for all users. Most of these dual motor designs are hailed in various user reviews and they make height adjustability much easier.

Start/stop motor function is available in each leg of the standing desks. But maybe most importantly, users appreciate their smooth performance with a low noise, which is perfect for modern busy offices.

Uplift Desk

Uplift Desk Review: What can Uplift Desk add to the lineup?

There are various products to consider at the moment. Most of them are based on solid materials and on basic dual motor design integration. However, Uplift Desk is staying behind when it comes to great alternatives such as AI technology which improves the way in which technology is integrated with the standing desks.

Although there is a good selection of office chairs, Uplift is still not including AI technologies. But one might wonder why chairs and stools are needed for standing desks? In reality, standing all day long is not recommended. Neither is sitting. This is why there needs to be a good alternation between sitting and standing for the best health benefits. This includes extra calories being burnt, better posture and the ability to maintain better energy levels by moving from time to time instead of sitting for hours and hours.

Uplift Desk does most things well. It has certain advantages over the competition when it comes to recycled materials such as the bamboo desktops. But even with these desktops, the standing desks are only partially made from recycled materials. This means there still have some way to go for 100% recycled products. On the other hand, the Uplift Desk also needs better technology integration. There are products which struggle to stay congruent with the times and they can perish in the future if things don’t change. For this reason, many users want to see better smart technologies integrated with Uplift Desk. Even if they maintain the same interesting reclaimed wood desktops.


Uplift Desk certainly has a few interesting advantages to work with. They can come as the solutions which are recommended for better health while working at a desk job. There is clear evidence that these jobs are bad for general health in time and people need to take active steps to ensure they have the capacity to fight the drawbacks of a sedentary lifestyle.

Uplift Desk does a very good job at small changes which can boost the motivation of workers to continue and even improve their productivity while at the desk. Small changes such as using quality reclaimed desktops are what can be seen as the major advantage of Uplift Desk.

Apart from having unique desktops, the frame of the standing desks is also made to a high degree. It represents a solution which is easy to work with and which can certainly be among the most interesting options to work with for stability and ease of operation. Dual motors are used in combination with the three-stage frame adjustability. In most cases, it can be interesting to see how these technologies work even for a lower price.

It is also interesting to see how the options are set at the moment in the situation in which Uplift Desk needs to integrate more advanced technologies in their standing desks. However, Uplift Desk is recommended both for the home and for the office worker.

With solutions which can even be integrated into a corner, the standing desks can easily be the top choice for space-saving designs. It is also why there are so many products which can also be integrated with these versatile desktops. 

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