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A Detailed Review of Vertagear Racing Series P-Line PL6000 Gaming Chair

Advantages and features

  • The armrest of the chair is designed and contoured to provide ultimate comfort
  • Has heavily reinforced bases
  • Available in various colors
  • Offers better stability
  • Deploys easily to reach tilt lock mechanism
  • Makes use of soft glide polyurethane wheels
  • Allows easy assembly without seeking the assistance of a professional
  • It can cater to the weight of people who have their body weights up to 440 lbs.
  • The cushions offer you the utmost comfort


  • Usually, go out of stock due to its high popularity

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The Bottom Line

P Line PL6000 Gaming Chair Bottom Line

Vertagear PL6000 racing series is one of its kind in its category. It’s a simplistic chair, though a bit pricey but promises extreme comfort in return. The design of this chair is super eye catchy and makes use of the right color palettes to leave a curbing appeal. It has various advantages in terms of comfort and relaxation, and you can experience the same by using it if you spend most of your time sitting and working.

Detailed Review of Vertagear Racing Series P-Line PL6000

Vertagear racing series P-Line PL6000 gaming chair is committed to excellence and provides a great level of comfort to every gamer or employee who spends maximum time sitting down glued to his/her chair. If you have any doubts about the chair, check out the Vertagear P-line PL6000 racing series gaming chair review. It will help you make your decision to pick on this chair for your gaming desires or office purposes.


At the very first point, when you tend to notice the shape of the chair, you can feel the comfort factor that it offers. The chair is made using resilience foam of high quality to offer extra comfort and deploys fully adjustable armrests that can be moved in all the four directions. So, these chairs can be used by anyone irrespective of their shape and height.

The seat of this Vertagear gaming chair is designed in racing style and is calibrated in such a way that the users can use it for a continuous seating period without straining their backs. The chair provides the exact quotient of support to the person using it and distributes the pressure throughout the length of their body instead of concentrating it entirely on the spine. The lumbar support cushions are removable and adjustable at the same time and are made using PUC leather material to add on to the consistency of the chairs.


In order to give a clearer picture of the Vertagear racing series P-line PL6000, the construction of the chair is another thing that you need to take into consideration. It stands as one of the most sturdy and robust chairs and can cater to weight between 300 to 440lbs. So, it is suitable for those people as well who are more towards the heavier and bulky side. Usually, gaming chairs fit best for people with a height of 6 feet, but these chairs are an apt choice for tall people more than 6 feet.

It has a reclining backrest, and the seat angle can be easily adjusted and assembled as per the user. The weight of the chair is about 56 lbs, and thus with someone’s help, you can easily assemble it together, ready for use.

P Line PL6000 Gaming Chair Construction

The PL 6000 chairs deploy a heavy dusty frame that is constructed using string materials to offer lasting support and comfort to its users. Also, it makes use of PENTA RS1 casters that offer high-end resistance to debris and foreign particles. You will not get to hear a screeching sound when you pull the chair in and out because they operate noiselessly and can roll effortlessly. This effortless rolling saves your floors from accruing any scratches and getting tarnished.

4D Armrests

Another benefit that you can avail by bringing this chair home is the adjustable 4d armrests that allow some extra bit of comfort for your forearms with the four directional adjustment technology. It is specifically designed to prevent you from accruing shoulder pain and helps in keeping your forearms steady on the adjustable armrests.

Gas lift

For hiking up the adjustability feature, these chairs use a class 4 gas-lift to allow the users to enjoy the versatility aspect of these chairs. One can mix and match the height of the chairs according to their own preferences or for the purpose for which they are using the chairs. It prevents the users from experiencing sore shoulders and also gives them the advantage of catering to their daily activities, adjusting the height of the chair according to the need of the moment.


Durability is one such factor that you expect from the best ergonomic chair that you buy, and with the price tag of these chairs set, a bit towards the pricey side, the need for durability is something every user has in his mind. And yes, these chairs are durable enough to serve you for long as they come with a base padding that gives you an ethereal feel. The base incorporates some extra padding layers to provide extra comfort to your thighs, legs, and buttocks.

Chairs with flat bases and cheap padding materials are not fit for sitting for long hours and can leave you with sore feet. On the other hand, Vertagear racing series P-line PL6000 can keep you comfortable and relaxed for hours, giving you a comfortable seating posture.

The padding is made using soft materials but is responsive at the same time, and thus expands back again to its original position where it was before the user sits down on the seat. The durability that this chair offers prevents the padding from getting hard and compacted. So, you can expect the same amount of comfort for years and experience the same relaxation even after years of purchase as if it was just brand new.

P Line PL6000 Gaming Chair Durability


No one likes to spend a few hours assembling a chair, and this is exactly what this chair adheres to by providing ease to the users in its assembly. These chairs are quick and easy to install and can be put together in minutes. The procedure is painless and easy, and you will never get a chance to complain about any hassles that you come across during its assembly.

Materials and Colors

These chairs use a combo of PU and PVC for making the seats. The PUCV materials have a high hand in maintaining the strength, whereas PVC maintains the softness of the leather used for the chairs. Also, these chairs are easy to maintain due to the materials used and do not experience wear and tear in a short span.

These chairs come in a unique splash of colors to acclaim the overall build of these chairs, highlighting its design, neck pillows, and lumbar support. These color hues add an extra potion of uniqueness and classiness to the overall structure of these chairs.

Tilting aspect

Getting back to the ultimate resting position is entirely dependent on the ease and comfort of the user. It is the user’s own preference as to how much they need the chair to be tilted so that you get a seating posture that is easy and restful. Thus, this chair incorporates a tilt mechanism that allows the user to incline the chair to their preferred position. Other things, such as lock lean and reclining, can also be adjusted by using the tilt feature.


It is worthy to note that these chairs can comfortably accommodate people with weight up to 440 lbs and a height above 6 feet. Talking about its negative points, we could not find anyone except it goes out of stock because of its popularity.

By reading the Vertagear P-Line Pl6000 Racing Series Gaming Chair Review, you must have got a clear idea in mind as to why these chairs are extremely popular, right? So, what are you waiting for? If this chair ticks in all the right boxes of your list of product selection, do give it a try and place your order to enjoy all a different experience for the gamer inside you.

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