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Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair review

Undoubtedly, a poor seating experience would compel you to leave your seat as soon as possible. When you are doing some office work or playing a game that demands a high level of concentration, this can be a major disadvantage.

However, with a good seating experience, you would have no problem holding your seat for hours. Hence, think about investing in an ergonomic chair that can cater to all your comfort needs. So here we are going to give Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair review for you to decide your purchase decision to get a chair. Before we go ahead, let us have a quick look at its merits and demerits.

The Vertagear S-Line SL4000 gaming chair is known for its:


  • Outstanding design
  • Comfortable
  • Quality building materials
  • Supports longer gaming sessions without any interruption
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Reclining back


However, it has some drawbacks that you should aware of before investing in this gaming chair:

  • Needs frequent cleaning
  • The side bolsters house a hard frame which can be uncomfortable

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Bottom Line

Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair Bottom Line

Comfort and acclimatization are imperative to meet the performance-related expectations in video games. Due to this reason, most gamers seek to invest in quality gaming chairs. Vertagear – a popular manufacturer of gaming chairs – offers a solution to both with Vertagear SL4000.

It is one of the recent and valuable additions to the line of products manufactured by the brand. Other than stability and comfortable experience, it comes with several customization options. If you’re an avid gamer, then this gaming chair should be in your bucket list.

Vertagear SL4000 Gaming Chair Review

Every product in the market has its share of positives and downsides. This gaming chair is no exception to the universal rule. In the Vertagear gaming chair review below, you will come to know about both sides of the product. Once you come to know about the advantages and disadvantages of possessing this chair, you can make your purchase decision accordingly.


To begin with, the chair is priced at $379 on the official website and is available based on a pre-order booking. Looking at the price, you may feel that the chair is a tad too expensive than other alternatives to it. However, its features justify its price.


Whether you play a video game or sit at your desk for study purposes, seating experience matters the most. It goes on to decide the length of time for which you would sit on a chair. Also, it determines the level of comfort throughout the duration.

The Vertagear SL4000 chair is designed by making use of thick padding that offers extra comfort to the user. Also, it uses high resiliency foam with faux leather coverings for providing extra padding to the neck cushion, lumbar cushion, seating, and back area.

The backrest is fully adjustable, and you can get it into a position where you can experience supreme relaxation. The highest recline angle of the chair is 140 degrees and has 5-tilt lock positions to give you a seating posture according to your desire. The best part about investing in this chair is that you can sit on it for hours without discomfort.

Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair Comfort


Vertagear SL4000 is one such chair that comes with pleasing looks. Its design may not look thought-provoking on the surface. Still, it leaves a good impression in the minds of Its users in a subtle way.

It comes in nine attractive color combinations. No matter what color combination you choose, it still looks pleasing to the eye. Regardless of the type of home you have, you can expect this best ergonomic chair to be compatible with its ambiance.

This racing chair makes use of sporty wheels that complements its built-quality in every possible way. Also, the glide wheels are soft and won’t cause any scratches on the floors to save you from investing in floor maintenance.

Structure and materials

One of the remarkable features of the gaming chair is its structure. Composed of high-density foam, it retains its texture without compression or hardness. For stable structural support, the gaming chair has a steel frame. If you add up these two features, you can rest assured about the durability of the product. In other words, you can expect the product to last for a long time without showing any sign of structural damage.

Generally, it is believed that a chair doesn’t last too long if used by overweight users. However, this gaming chair fares much better than its competitors on this front. It can support individuals with a bodyweight of up to 330 lbs. Thus, without being worried about your body weight, you can consider this chair to be a safe and durable investment. The assurance that you will never fall down accidentally while occupying your seat is worth the investment.

Armrests and Rotation

The next thing that draws the attention of most buyers about this model is its armrests. They are adjustable, which means you can move them up or down as per your sitting requirements. Also, you can rotate the gaming chair at your will.

It comes with five locking positions and reclines at 140°. What it means is that you can also lie flat on the chair without being worried about it tipping as a result of it.


Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair Assembly

The SL4000 is easy to assemble, and one can get it all together within ten minutes. All you need is some basic tools, and you are good to go on your own. You are not required to seek professional assistance for its assembly, nor will you face any hassles while doing the same.

What We Didn’t Like About the Vertagear SL4000 Gaming Chair?

Like each coin has two faces, the product has some shortcomings. Speaking of the downsides, it has two aspects to which you may want to pay attention.

Though the gaming chair is tailor-made for daily use, it tends to get dirty all too often. If you want to use it daily, you may want to consider this point before finalizing your purchase decision.

The side bolsters have a hard frame. Though the structure of the gaming chair is designed to allow maximum comfort to its users, the frame can soil your comfort.


From the Vertagear SL4000 gaming chair review above, we can say that the gaming chair has several features that make it one of the most sought-after items among its buyers. It fulfills the important criteria of an ideal gaming chair for a comfortable experience.

Despite being a little expensive with a couple of downsides, it ticks the right boxes of the needs of most users. Not only it is feature-rich, but it also comes with assured durability. If you have been looking for a gaming chair that meets most requirements without being over-the-top, then this is the product on which you may want to put your money.

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