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Victsing MM057 Review – The Best Cheapest Wireless Mouse

by Kickoff Tech
Victsing MM057 introduction

If you are reading this Victsing MM057 review, you might think that it is quite an oxymoron to have “best” and “cheapest” in the same sentence.

Well, it is true though and we have the evidence to back up our claim. This mouse is quite affordable, at less than $10 in most online marketplaces. However, even with the low price, it is so feature-rich. You will see all the features that it comes with in the latter parts of this review.

But just what is the Victsing MM057?

Victsing MM057 introduction

This simple regular-use mouse works with PC, Computer, MacBook and Laptop. It is a wireless mouse, which means that you do not have to deal with the clutter of cables, quite good for people with a small working space.

Hyped as a portable mouse, you may wonder just how true that is. It is very true. You see, it is wireless, it is light in weight, compact in build and is sturdy and durable with a long battery life. All of these factors are combined to make it the best mouse to pop into your backpack when you are traveling with your laptop.

Looks matter a lot! This mouse is very stylish! It oozes style and sophistication from every pore, with a very nice scroll wheel, beautiful finishing, as well as a sunning design. For the best, you need not pay the highest, as this review will show you.

Apart from the size L which we feel is a bit small, well, everything else checks out quite nicely. And by everything, we mean that for the price of $10, you get 6 buttons, adjustable DPI, rubber grips and many more features.

Victsing MM057 review

Victsing MM057 Bottom Line


  • It is incredibly affordable. Why pay more?
  • DPI levels adjustable from 800 to 2400
  • Has enough buttons for any function
  • Great build quality and stunning design
  • Textured rubber grips for the sides
  • Works with most devices
  • 15-foot range for the 2.4GHz wireless
  • Uses one AA battery – quite easy to get
  • High precision optical sensor, great tracking


  • Smallish size, nasty for people with big palms

For more details and price, click here.

Bottom Line

Victsing MM057 wireless mouse comes with 6 buttons, 2400DPI and works with computer, laptop, MacBook and PC. It has a stunning style and build. The price takes the crown though and with these features, it is quite a steal. 

Design and build quality

This is where everything starts. If a mouse has powerful functionality but a poor build, then it is no good and you might pass it. However, with the Victsing MM057, you get a stylish, sturdy and quite compact build, as well as powerful functionality. For once, here is a mouse that truly exceeds all expectations.

The only letdown in this mouse, which many users do not mind is the small size of 4.1 inches. Now, we have been used to wireless mice that are at least 4.5 inches, but this one is small. Thus, if you have big palms, you will not be able to hold this mouse palm-style. You can hold it claw-style.

Victsing MM057 Design

If you have small to medium sized palms, you will get a comfortable grip. The finishing is matte, quite sweat-resistant. In addition, there are the textured rubber grips that make this mouse quite comfortable in your hands as you work. There is also a rest for your small finger, quite thoughtful there if you ask us.

Basically, what we can say about the design and build of the Victsing MM057 is that a lot of thought went into it as can be demonstrated by the contoured shape and the wonderful finishing. Also, this mouse does not fall apart at a drop. The receiver stays well hidden and safe in its compartment when you are traveling.


As you will see in any Victsing MM057 review, it is hard to pin the performance of this mouse on any one feature. It takes all features combined to say that a mouse is a performer. However, since we will look at all the features separately, in this section, we can discuss things like tracking, responsiveness of the buttons and so on.

This mouse’s optical sensor does its job without missing a beat. There is no latency at all. You click a button and that command is displayed immediately on the screen. When you move the cursor, there is no jittering at all.

Still on the performance of the mouse, we can say that this is a plug-and-play mouse. You just need to plug it in and start using it without the need for special drivers. Besides, this mouse is also compatible with many operating systems. For example, you can use it with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, MacBook and others. You do not have to do anything special for the mouse to work with these software. Just insert the nano receiver and the mouse will do the rest.

For movement on different surfaces, the mouse has nice skids for that. It will work perfectly on different surface including textile, wood, rubber and laminate. However, buy a mouse mat so that you can preserve the feet of this mouse.

You will get two polling rate settings – 125Hz and 250Hz. Coupled with the five-level adjustable DPI, this should set your mouse up for just about any kind of activity with your computer.  

Sensor and DPI

A standard office mouse comes with a DPI of 1000 or thereabouts. However, that does not mean that you do not need any bigger than that because at one time or another, you may need to use the mouse on a display that has a higher resolution. That is why a 2400 DPI such as comes with the Victsing MM057 wireless mouse is very welcome. It is better to have higher settings and never get to use them than to need them and not have them.

Just beneath the scroll wheel, you will find a small button with the letters CPI indicated on it. CPI means counts per inch, which is basically the same in meaning to the dots per inch. With this button, you can adjust the DPI level on the move, of course, depending on what you are doing with your computer.

Some actions such as playing computer games may require you to use higher DPI setting. While this is not exactly a gaming mouse, it has enough buttons to enable you play FPS and related game genres.

When you need to make a presentation using a bigger, higher resolution display, you will find the adjustable DPI quite handy. Besides, you may even buy a laptop with 4K display, and then you will find the high DPI quite good.


Connectivity is one of the main concerns for people who use wireless computer mice. If it is poor, it could mean higher latency, which means there will be a lot of delay in data transmission. However, as you have no doubt seen in this Victsing MM057 review, you can expect the very best from this mouse.

It uses a nano receiver, which stays in a hidden compartment when you are not using it, and it connects to your computer over a 2.4GHz frequency. This signal is quite good, so you should have an easy time working with this mouse as long as you stay within the range of 12 meters. For a wireless mouse, you will find the MM057 very powerful, thanks to the professional-quality PAW3212 chip in the receiver.

Victsing MM057 Connectivity

There could be a small issue though. When you plug in the receiver at the back port in your computer, there could be slight signal hindrance. Some people have reported jittery performance of their mouse. However, this was rectified immediately when they plugged in the nano receiver in port where it was clearly visible to the mouse.

Button setup

Including the scroll wheel, the Victsing MM057 mouse has six buttons. On the thumb side, there are two buttons. One is the forward and the other is the backward button. Please note that the function of these two buttons is not available for MacBook users.

The scroll wheel is not only gentle, but it is clickable and so it also serves as a button. It has nice ridges, feels real comfortable against the fingers. You may assign these buttons different functions in the software if you like, but many people just like to plug in the mouse and use it as it is. While some users think that you can only assign buttons certain functions for gaming, even regular mouse buttons can be assigned functions such as reload, copy, paste, cut and more. To customize your buttons, it means you have to install the software.


The Victsing MM057 uses one AA battery. We all know the benefits of using such a battery. It is easy to find anywhere and packs enough power to last this mouse a long time. While the manufacturer says that the AA battery is going to last up to 15 months, well, even if it does not last that far, it is still very impressive.

To preserve the battery, this mouse goes to sleep in 8 to 10 minutes when you leave it idle.


The MM057 wireless mouse is sold with a limited warranty of 1 year. In addition, it also comes with a 45-day money back guarantee. If you ask us, we would say that this is quite a lot for a mouse that costs so little.


Would you buy the Victsing MM057 wireless mouse? Perhaps yes, or perhaps no. However, in this Victsing MM057 review, you have seen all the nice features that it comes with. You have also seen that apart from the small size, there are no other disadvantages to record. Besides, the price is quite a kill.

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