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Autonomous Ergo Chair Review: ErgoChair 2 – The Best Ergonomic Office Chair

ErgoChair2 Autonomous

Are you contending with back pain from many hours of sitting down in the office? Are you apprehensive of developing back pain in future? If yes, this Autonomous Ergo Chair review for the ErgoChair 2 is for you.

Using the ErgoChair 2 ergonomic office chair maintains your spine’s natural curve all the time that you sit down.

Thus, it not only helps prevent the occurrence of back pain in future but it is also good for people who already have back pain.

Whether you want to use this chair for your office work, in your home office or for your computer gaming, it will serve you perfectly. The Autonomous chairs are made to be used just about anywhere. Whether you have that corner office, or you operate from the basement at home, this chair will be right at home in any space.

ErgoChair 2 Summary:

  • Back height is adjustable  – up to 30 inches inclusive of the headrest
  • The backrest reclines for up to 110 degrees for relaxing in the office and can also be adjusted to 90 degrees for the best office work posture
  • The backrest is very firm for excellent spine support for the lower, middle and upper back
  • Seat angle can be adjusted by up to 7 inches forward depending on the size of your thighs or the posture that you want to adopt.
  • Meshed backrest for air flow during the hot summer months and to prevent sweating on the back when you sit down on the chair for several hours
  • High quality cloth seat with good breathability and comfort on your back, and the backs of your thighs
  • Adjustable headrest and armrests
  • Available in neutral and bright colors for different environments – home and office

The main features that make the ErgoChair 2 excellent for any office

  • The packaging – The package arrives double-boxed. This means double protection. Should you bump the package against the doorframe, you can be sure the product will stay safe.
  • Ergonomic chair design and build – The base of the chair is 5-spoked. This is a standard feature. The casters move very well on all types of floors.
  • Adjustable height – Between the base and the seat, a telescoping rod allows you to adjust the height of the chair, depending on your height, or the height of the desk that you are using with the chair.
  • Adjustable headrest – To adjust the headrest, just pull it up and it will lock in place at different points. You need a headrest when relaxing, when leaning back as you talk to your clients.
  • Adjustable armrests height – To adjust the height of the armrests, just touch a knob located at the side and pull it up or down. When you release the knob, the armrest will lock in place. You may also slide the armrest padding forward or backward depending on your needs.
  • Adjustable armrests width – This chair is wildly adjustable. The armrests are not only adjustable upwards, downwards and front or backwards. You can also adjust their width, pushing them further out or inwards. 
  • Adjustable backrest tension – You can also adjust the backrest tension. For upright posture, try 90 degrees, but for relaxation, you can go as far as 110 degrees.
  • Breathable backrest and seat – The headrest, backrest and the seat of the ErgoChair 2 are breathable. There is enough flow of air between the backrest and your back.
  • Back support – The spine support that you get from the ErgoChair 2 is excellent. The adjustable lumbar support is good for your lower back. The firm backrest offers good middle and upper back support, of course supported by the headrests and the armrests.

What benefits will you enjoy with the ErgoChair 2

One of the benefits is that you will be able to alleviate back pain, now and in the future. The headrests, the comfortable seat, the armrests and other features as you can see in this Autonomous Ergo chair review, all contribute to aligning your spine.

The backrest of this chair is also shaped like a spine. When you sit down on the chair, you will feel as if the backrest is pushing against you. That is what lumbar and spine support is all about.  

The fabric on the seat is more closely woven, but it is still very breathable. At first, the foam will feel too firm, but with time, it will soften up and you will truly enjoy the chair.

The waterfall edge of the seat keeps your legs comfortable no matter how long you sit on the chair. It does not press against the backs of your knees. This, as studies has shown, enhances the circulation of blood to your lower limbs.

You will get a money back guarantee of 30 days. You also get a 12-month warranty with this chair.

Autonomous Ergo Chair Review: How to use the chair

First, you have to assemble the chair, obviously. This is easy as it is sold with all the hardware and some spares. Plus, there is a hex key for all the tightening that will be happening.

To adjust the height, the tilt tension, armrests and headrest, you have to know how to work the levers and knobs that have been provided for that.

You can raise or lower the height of your chair without having to stand up. Just rise a bit to lift your weight a bit and adjust the height.

How much does the ErgoChair 2 cost?

The cost of the ErgoChair 2 is $299 only. However, you can always check whether there are special discount deals going down.

You may also find out what other items you can buy with this chair to enjoy a discount.


When you do not have the best ergonomic office chair, you dread having to wake up every morning to go to work. Your mood, productivity and effectiveness at work are hampered.

As you have seen in this Autonomous Ergo chair review, for the price of below $300, the ErgoChair 2 is worth investing in. Besides, the chair is sold with a 12-month limited warranty on manufacturer defects. This alone should give you the assurance to order the chair online with confidence.

The health of your back is too important to ignore a chair that is built to promote that. With just a few clicks of your mouse button, you can be the owner of this revolutionary chair.

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