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Herman Miller Chair Review – When Expensive is Better

If you have been looking for the best office chairs under one roof, this Herman Miller chair review is for you. From the stylish, durable and comfortable models, there is a chair for everyone in the Herman Miller stable. Consider features like adjustability, comfort and breathability when searching for one.

A search in different online marketplaces will show you that Herman Miller chairs are very popular. In this Herman Miller chair review, you can see that there are many chairs in the stable. Some have adjustable features and others have fixed features.

Herman Miller has some good ergonomic office chairs. With more than 15 different models of office chairs, you will get one for your use. No matter how choosy you are or your needs are, there is an office chair for you under this brand name.

For people who spend long hours sitting down in the office, they have to get a good chair, one that gives their back full support all the time. For people that just pop into and out of the office, a simple ergonomic chair, even without many adjustable features will do just fine. HermanMiller has all of them for you.

Here are several of their choices:

Herman Aeron Office Chair

Aeron Chair

The Aeron Office Chair is more or less the flagship product from Herman Miller. This chair, as they say, is the epitome of office sitting ergonomics. It is quite easy to see why as you will see here.

Firstly, this chair has been around for a long time, for decades actually. Like good wine, it has gotten better with time. However, that is not all because some years ago, this chair received an update. This made it many times better than it was.

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Aeron Office Chair Features

From a casual glance, you will see that this is an ergonomic office chair that is made to appeal as well as to offer you the ergonomic support that you need. It is a perfect office chair, the best among many.

The chair is made to be as customizable as possible, with adjustable armrests, general height of the chair as well as the backrest angle. Basically, this chair has many adjustable aspects to meet the needs of different users.

While the older Aeron chair was thicker, the updated design is slimmer, and more emphasis has been paid to the textiles. It is light in weight and so very comfortable.


  • Adjustability for different features
  • A favorite for many boardrooms
  • Slim design looks stylish
  • Available in different colors
  • The backrest is truly ergonomic


  • It is a costly office chair
  • The instructions for assembly are not easy to understand

Herman Miller Chair Review: Embody Chair

Embody Chair

Many office chairs will be made, but not many of them will come close to the Embody ergonomic chair by Herman Miller. In its own right, this chair is truly ergonomic, made by doctors to meet the needs of office employees who sit down for long hours.

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Embody Chair features

One of the things that people love most about this chair is customization. You can tweak its height, armrests and even the tilt of the back. You will be required to pay more money for this chair than you would for ordinary office chairs. However, it is well worth the price.

The in-built lumbar support is excellent. Firstly, it has been designed by a team of medics. It is made to mimic the exact natural shape of the spine. When you sit down, you will feel that the backrest was made for your back. However, you will not fail to notice that this office chair lacks a headrest. This is by design, because the designers say that a headrest is more trouble than it is worth. While we do not agree with this, they also say that a headrest does not enhance good posture.

This chair is designed to handle weighty people, with a weight rating of 300 pounds. The height of the chair and the depth of the seat look like they can definitely handle even more than that. However, you should not task the chair to more than it is rated for.

The frame and the textile are made to last. Besides, this chair is also available in many colors, six to be precise. The good thing about the colors is that they come in many shades such that they fit perfectly in any office setting. You do not want a chair that looks too informal for your office.

The casters are designed to handle the maximum weight. They also move very well on any kind of floor, including carpeted floors.


  • Stylish design
  • Good for big-framed people
  • It is delivered assembled, just unpack and start using a few minutes after
  • 12 year limited warranty – that’s something!
  • Many adjustable features


  • This is a very expensive chair
  • It does not have a headrest

Herman Miller Celle Office Chair

Celle Chair

The one thing that you are going to notice when you get this chair is the firm cushioning. However, with time, you start getting used to the firmness until you eventually start enjoying the chair. Like many of the Herman Miller office chairs, the Celle office chair is quite customizable so that it fits the needs of users of different statures.

This chair is made with an advanced design. For example, the reason why the seat is so firm is that it is made up of 1500 individual cells that are connected with special sponge loops. The main reason for using such a design is so that the cells can mimic the natural movements of the body.

Basic and advanced Celle chair models features

The Celle office chair comes in two versions. One is the highly customizable version and the second one is the basic chair. For the highly customizable model, the seat height can be adjusted to meet the needs of different users. You may also adjust the depth of the seat so that you can find your most comfortable posture when working or resting.

The tilt tension is also adjustable so that you can increase or increase it depending on your weight. The tilt angle can also be increased by up to 20 degrees. The armrests too are adjustable in three different ways.

Even with the tiltable backrest, the chair still has good lumbar support. This has been designed to ensure good support for the lower back. This is a good chair for preventing back pain. It is also good for people who have back pain.

The basic model on the other hand is more rigid, has a minimal reclining angle and the seat depth is not adjustable. Such is a perfect choice for people that pop into office for just a few hours. The armrests are also rigid, thus you cannot adjust them in any way.

With a warranty of 12 years for the chair, that shows the confidence that the manufacturer has in these products.


  • Many adjustable features for the customizable model
  • Good reclining and tilt angle
  • Nice lumbar support
  • Seat depth is adjustable


  • Costly when compared to other similar chairs
  • Basic model has rigid features
  • Seat is too firm for comfort

Herman Cosm Chair Review

Cosm Mid Back Chair

This is yet another one of the most successful products under the Herman Miller stable. As you will see in this Herman Miller chair review, Cosm office chair responds to your body’s ergonomic needs as soon as you sit down.

Cosm Chair features

The backrest is designed in such a way that it enhances the natural shape of your spine as much as possible. When you sit down for long hours, this chair massages the pressure points on your back. Using the chair leaves you feeling comfortable and well supported.

The harmonic tilt of the chair enables you to both sit down and adjust the backrest without standing up. It reclines comfortably to accommodate your weight. Besides, the tilt tension also changes with the weight of the person using the chair. Because of the auto tilt, when you lean forwards, the chair leans with you. When you lean back, the backrest gives in, but firmly while still supporting you.

The backrest is meshed for breathability. However, when it is combined with the best back support, which truly mimics the shape of the human spine, you work better. You can work comfortably in summer without the elastomeric mesh clinging on your back. The chair allows enough airflow.

This chair, like many others of the Herman Miller office chairs, does not have a headrest. This has been left out deliberately, but it does not affect the ergonomic support of this chair.

This is a very stylish chair. It is available in different models, starting with the mid-back and the high back ones. Besides, the color is good for any office setting. Whether you are using it in the home office or in the work office, it will enhance the interior décor a big deal.

From the research to the designing of the final product, a lot of work has gone into this chair. The objective of the engineers was to try to make continuous sitting as comfortable as possible and they achieved that only so well.


  • Backrest moves automatically when you change your posture
  • Very good back support
  • Nice looking and stylish
  • Designed to give comfort to the user


  • It is costly
  • No headrest

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Sayl Chair

This chair is designed in such a way that it is frameless. This makes the chair very good for turning around in to adopt different sitting postures. Another thing that you should love about it is that it comes fully assembled. You do not have to deal with the incomprehensible user manual.

Herman Miller Sayl features

The Herman Miller Sayl Chair has adjustable lumbar support. You can move it up or down depending on the point that you feel you need more support on your lower back. The reclining allowance is good and so is the breathability. You can work long hours even in summer without your shirt or blouse clinging to your back.

The frameless backrest looks stunning. This makes the chair quite unique and it also enhances the décor of whatever room your put it in. The frameless backrest is then combined with the Y-shaped tower that looks so good and makes the chair quite firm. Since this chair is manufactured in the US, it is shipped assembled.

Like most Herman Miller chairs, Sayl chairs come in two models. The adjustable model has many adjustable features, one of them being the armrests, the backrest and the seat. You can adjust the seat depth to meet your comfort needs when you have to sit for long hours. You can tilt the backrest as you want so that you have your comfort as you work.

The fixed model has fixed armrests and fixed seat. That is not very comfortable, but still, it is better than just a standard office chair. You can tilt the backrest even in the fixed chair. The casters of both chairs will perform very well on any kind of floor.


  • Comfortable chair
  • Adjustable seat depth is good for tall people
  • It is delivered assembled in a big package
  • Good breathability even at the bottom/seat
  • Covered by the Herman Miller warranty of 12 years


  • No padding inside the package it is delivered in
  • The chair is too costly
  • Seat comfort could be better


In this Herman Miller chair review, you have seen just five of their most popular models. There are many more ergonomic office chairs with various features. One thing that you should know though is that they are highly priced, as compared to the Autonomous office chairs. With most of the chairs going for more than $1000 dollars, one is driven to ask whether the features are worth it. Apparently, they are. The best choice for you would be the Aeron chair, but if that is too costly, you can try the Embody, or the Cosm. For aesthetics and style, go for the Sayl chairs. For everyone of their product, they have invested a lot of research and technology.

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