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Logitech G600 Review – Nice Mouse with Extra Buttons

logitech g600 introduction

This is a “buttony” mouse, you know, has quite an array of buttons. But hey, buttons are the exact thing that you need for an MMO gaming mouse. The intention is to bring as many keyboard functions to the buttons as possible. With 20 programmable buttons, it is almost possible to bring every function of a QWERTY keyboard (remember Blackberry?) aboard. We will look at many other features on top of the buttons that make this one a good gaming mouse.

In every resource for gaming mice that you will find online, you must find something from Logitech. And there is a reasonable explanation for this. Since the establishment of this company in 1981 in Switzerland, they have been making mice and computer peripherals for home and office.

Logitech makes all types of gaming mice. For example, earlier, we reviewed the Logitech Pro G203, an excellent FPS gaming mouse. Now, we are onto the Logitech G600. In the upcoming sections, we will see just why many gaming enthusiasts swear by this mouse. We will look at its features, pros and cons, if there are any. Because computer gaming is important to you, that is why we consider everything, including the downsides, when reviewing a gaming mouse.

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Logitech G600 Review: Summary of the features

  • This looks like a big and bulky mouse. Lots of weight might not be preferred for FPS games, but it is great for MMO games.
  • The design of the mouse is very comfortable. It is ergonomic in shape, meaning that your hand feels just right when you are using the mouse. You can play Rise of Nations, Harry Potter or Age of Empires for hours without cramping your wrist.
  • You will love the wide customizability of the mouse. This is what a gaming mouse should be all about really, the ability to make it as personalized as possible to meet all of your gaming needs.
  • The 8200DPI sensor is good enough. Ok, others come with up to 16400 DPI, but then who gets to use all of that? Even the high-resolution external displays will hardly go above 4500DPI.
  • You can adjust the DPI setting on the run. Press a button and it goes up by the range that you have set in the software, or even down.
  • Many programmable buttons allow you to assign many functions that will make your gaming more spirited, easier and more enjoyable. There are 20 fully customizable buttons.
  • This mouse is made to be used on PC. It works with Windows 7, 8 and Vista operating systems.
  • High reporting rate for the USB mouse makes sure there is no lag. It is the standard maximum at 1000Hz, but it still feels very good to know that your gaming mouse is up to speed all the time.
  • All the skills that you need to play MMO games can be packed into the 12 buttons on the side panel of the mouse. Once your thumb memorizes these buttons and their functions, you will play like a real pro.
  • Onboard memory on gaming mice is quite common and the Logitech G600 is not any different. With this one, you can be able to store three game profiles. That way, your mouse will recognize the games if they are available in a new computer and you can play without having to install the Logitech software.
  • This mouse weighs 133 g. Many people love the weight for their MMO games. However, many decry the lack of ability of this mouse to play FPS games.
  • With over 16 million colors to choose from, users are free to assign different game profiles different colors to make them easily recognizable.

Logitech G600 Review: The features in detail

Physical features

A gaming mouse has to feel just right in our hands. The reason is because you get a more personal relationship with the mouse as opposed to the keyboard, which never really gets into your hands. Thus, your hand has to be in sync with your mouse.

You will be delighted with the shape of the mouse. It is as ergonomic and it will not cramp your wrists. You know that MMO games can stretch for hours on end. Therefore you need a mouse that feels quite right in the grip and the comfort. For a company that has been in business since 1981, you do expect them to make a mouse that feels as if it was made just for you.

logitech g600 features

Measuring 4.6 inches by 3 inches by 1.6 inches, you can see that it is not too big and not too small either. We have seen gaming mice that stretch for more than 5 inches. If you have real big palms, well, you may feel a bit cramped using this mouse, but then it will be easier for you to reach the 12 thumb buttons on the left side. You should enjoy the best computer gaming without worries about cramped wrists.

This mouse weighs 133 grams without the cable. Once you add the cable, the weight could rise to more than 140g. This is not bad at all for an MMO gaming mouse.

The performance of the mouse

If there is an equal of a super car in the world of gaming mice, then there is no doubt that the Logitech G600 is one of them.

First, the button switches are rated for 20 million clicks. Whether they last this long or not, we cannot really say. However, to be fair, for a mouse that you will pay less than $50, if it lasts more than 2 years, that is a deal!

This mouse has a high polling rate of 1000Hz. However, this is nothing new since many gaming mice have this mouse reporting speed. This means that the gaming mouse reports to the computer 100 times every second. There is no lag in the response time and commands are executed immediately.

The buttons are very responsive. They are many, as you will see when we review them later. The 12 mechanical buttons are made just for gaming. However, for excellent performance, you should tweak their performance using the software. You can create macros and assign the buttons different functions.

You will be happy that this mouse comes ready to use with your PC right out of the box. You do not need to download any special drivers and software to use it. Just plug it in, install the software and start gaming with your mouse.

Such a high performing mouse needs to be used with a high performance gaming laptop, running on Windows 10. You can use it with GL504 ASUS ROG SCAR II Slim gaming laptop that runs on Windows 10 Home.  

The grip

With a length of 4.6 inches, you can see that this is not a very big mouse. However, it is “fat” measuring 3 inches at its widest point, something that makes it a bit hard to reach the side buttons, especially for the users who have small hands.

At the same time, the mouse is not very good for people with big palms because of the small length. Let us just say that people with bigger hands find the mouse much easier to use than those with small hands.  

Apart from the length issue, the grip of the Logitech G600 MMO mouse is very good for people with medium-sized hands. It is anti-slip (thanks to the matte finishing) and the ergonomic design makes the mouse feel quite comfortable when it is enclosed in the palm.

The buttons

logitech g600 buttons

With 20 of them, it may sound a bit over-buttoned. However, you know that when it comes to the MMO games, the more the buttons the better.

You can program different skills and spells into the buttons so that they are readily available, right there under your thumb when you need to use them. Sure, 12 side buttons do require one to get used to them, but once you master their position, that is it.

But what good is a mouse whose buttons are only used for gaming? Well, the Logitech G600 buttons can also be programmed to perform regular Microsoft Office suite options such as copy, cut, paste and others.

One button that seems to raise admiration and indignation in equal measure is the G-Shift button. This one is located right under your ring finger. What this means that where you have two prominent buttons – the left and right click buttons, now you have three of them in the G600. It is positioned in such a way that you hit it most of the times by accident.

You have to relearn not to keep pressing this button accidentally. Actually, it is better that you do not remap any function into this button until you learn not to press it accidentally. Apart from that, the rest of the buttons are pretty awesome, with switches that are rated for 20 million clicks.

The main job of the G-Shift button is to enable you to double the functions that the other buttons can do. This makes some skills easier to perform.

Other buttons, two of them are found just beneath the scroll wheel. These are for adjusting the DPI setting on the fly. The scroll wheel itself is clickable and tiltable, thus giving the user a few more buttons.

The cord

It is braided, and measures 6.5 feet long. It performs very well, without snagging, does not attract stains and it will last a long time. You will find that the cord glides easily on any kind of surface. If anything will hinder the movement of the mouse, it will not be the cable.

Logitech G600 sensor

Just like the buttons, a sensor is everything in any mouse. Thankfully, with 8200 DPI sensor, you have all the resolution that you need for MMO games. DPI means dots per inch and therefore, you can see that you will be getting a resolution of 8200 dots per inch, which is quite high.

You may not need to use all of that because the DPI range is adjustable, but certainly, it is a high resolution. Please note that this is a laser sensor. For people who understand the difference between laser and optical sensors in gaming mice, the former is better at almost everything. However, the optical sensors are catching up fast.

RGB lighting and colors

A gaming mouse has to be flashy, you know, has to look like a gaming mouse. Thus, you need colors and lighting to customize the mouse for different profiles. That way, you can be able to identify the profiles by the lighting and the color. With over 16 million colors, you are going to assign as many different colors as you want to different gaming profiles.

Logitech G600 software

Install the Logitech software and commence configuring your mouse functions, remapping the buttons. You will love the fact that the software has an auto-scan function for detecting any games in the hard drive of a computer. If it finds any game that is compatible with this mouse, it automatically switches the profiles. This saves you the trouble of reconfiguring everything all over again.

logitech g600 software

This software is quite user-friendly. Thus, if you have handled gaming mice before, you will not spend too much time tweaking the color patterns as well as the button functions. If this is your first mouse, you will find the learning curve short.

These are just a few of the features that will open your way up into computer gaming. Enjoy all the benefits that come with gaming.   


  • The buttons are responsive without feeling spongy
  • Comes ready to use – no software or drivers need be installed in your computer first
  • Onboard memory takes three game profiles
  • This is a high quality and durable gaming mouse
  • Good size for people with large hands especially due to its width
  • Many programmable buttons make it easy to play your MMO game
  • Nice cable
  • The laser sensor is powerful
  • Build quality is sturdy and good to last a long time


  • No thumb rest
  • The G-Shift button takes some getting used to


After reading this Logitech G600 review, you have no doubt seen that this mouse has many benefits and some disadvantages as well. This mouse is quite a performer. It is made for Windows computers and therefore if you are on Mac, you may want to consider something else. Software configuration is easy, the buttons are excellent and the design and build quality is quite good. For the price, we consider this mouse a steal.

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