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Respawn 100 Gaming Chair Review: A Comfortable Racing Experience

respawn 100 gaming chair introduction

With a racing car seat profile and an affordable price, Respawn’s 100 gaming chair is as comfortable as it looks. Part of the 100 series, the gaming chair is one of the distinct designs in its class. It offers premium design at an affordable rate which means it has a large appeal. But there’s more to the gaming chair than its simple looks. Unlike the 110, the Respawn 100 is one of the most enticing alternatives to those who do not need a footrest. Made with comfortable cushioning, the chair is mainly focused on gaming, unlike its bigger brother, focused on the moment of relaxation in front of the TV.

The adjustability of the gaming chair is as good as gamers need. Made with a recline function and adjustable armrests, the gaming chair has strong potential for users of various heights. In fact, it has the same maximum weight capacity of 275lbs as the rest of the 100 series gaming chairs.

Summary of features

  • Made with a racing-inspired design
  • Based on an ergonomic design
  • Includes a high backrest
  • Made with an included recline of 130⁰
  • Comes with armrests adjustability
  • Ships with 2 back support pillows
  • Made with segmented padding
  • Includes an ergonomic seat pan design
  • Based on non-marking casters
  • Covered by a limited lifetime warranty

Respawn 100 gaming chair review – what gamers need to know

There are both positive aspects and drawbacks which characterize the Respawn 100 gaming chair review. Some of the most important pros and cons are analyzed in the two following sections. A comparison with the 110 gaming chair is one of the best ways to understand the strengths and limitations of the Respawn 100 gaming chair.

The good features

Based on the Respawn 100 gaming chair reviews, most users are satisfied with the purchase. This opinion is actually backed by real qualities as the gaming chair has is clearly one of the winning designs from the manufacturer. There are plenty of good reasons to consider it, but most gamers are first attracted by its design.

respawn 100 gaming chair good features

Racing style design

It goes without saying that racing-style gaming chairs have a certain appeal to them. With better comfort and improved aesthetics, they can be used not only for racing games but for any type of game. These chairs have a certain appeal to them which immediately makes them stand out from the competition. This is applicable to the Respawn 100 gaming chair. Without too many reasons to reasons needed to make a purchase, many gamers would actually consider it just for how it looks.

But there is more than just aesthetics to the 100 gaming chair. Made with an ergonomic design, it has a different profile which finds it suitable for proper support. The combination of a racing style chair and proper ergonomics make it a different type of chair, worth taking into consideration. Unlike other gaming chairs from the 100 series, it also comes with plenty of lateral support. For example, the 110 gaming chair does not have similar levels of comfort and ergonomics without the lateral support on the seat pan.

With leather stitching, the gaming chair also looks very distinct. It allows users to have their own premium-looking design at what can be considered as an affordable price. With durable stitching, the gaming chair is also one of the main reasons gamers consider it over similar designs, as this stitching pattern is not really seen in similar designs.

Adjustable back support

The reclining system and the added support pillows are what makes the backrest adjustable and supportive. These 2 features are among the strong point of the Respawn 100 gaming chair. They represent valuable assets in the effort to maximize proper support adjustability.

With a wide angle of recline, gamers can sit back and enjoy a moment of relaxation. The backrest recline can also be sued on a more permanent basis. As many gamers know, it allows them to enjoy better overall sustainability and the ability to lock it in place at any angle of choice means gamers can also play their favorite gamers while laying more comfortably. The ability to go further back also takes pressure off the spine, which makes it a valuable choice for a posture readjustment.

respawn 100 gaming chair Adjustable back support

There are two supportive pillows which come with the 100 gaming chair, as with most Respawn products. It is why gamers are also able to set their own level of comfort and posture control. Even if they are rather small, the supportive pillows allow users to get proper lower back relaxation and even proper upper back posture with the help of the headrest pillow. These two pillows are useful for most users who sit for long hours. So those alternating sitting and standing might not need as much focus on posture compared to gamers who only sit while at the desk.

Customization options

Customization options are still limited for the chair, as with most 100 series releases. There are 6 colors to choose from.  White, red, blue, gray, green and black are the options at hand. All of these colors are actually secondary colors, as the base look of the chair is still based on black, in a large proportion.

The bad chair characteristics

With a mature design, it is hard to find any really important drawbacks to the 100 gaming chair. But Respawn can improve a few areas such as the choice of materials or even the adjustability of the armrests.

Choice of materials

The choice of materials is inexistent with the Respawn 100 gaming chair. Of course, there are not many chairs in its range which offer too many choices. But the gaming chairs which also offer an alternative to the standard leather can satisfy more users with different types of textures, such as textile fabrics.

While there are a few important areas of customization options to consider, the choice of materials remains important. Respawn 100 gaming chair reviews acknowledge the gaming chair has a durable cover, but they fail to mention the lack of diversity which might be keeping the chair from its true potential.

Customization options are limited to color at the moment. It must be underlined that most other gaming chairs in the category offer this customization option. This is why the chair does not stand out in terms of how users can make it feel even more personal.

Armrests adjustability

The gaming chair’s armrests are adjustable. They can be adjusted by height and depth. But the two-way adjustability could also be improved. The armrests could have an adjustable angle or they could also be adjustable to the sides, which would allow users of different heights to find comfort on the gaming chair.

At the same time, the armrests are not the most thickly-padded choice from the manufacturer. There are plenty of other leading designs which are made with extra comfortable armrests. This area of the gaming chair has its own advantages and it can be suitable for different types of posture and posture adjustments.

Bottom line

The balance of positives significantly outweighs the negatives of the chair. It is one of the most interesting designs in its class and it offers a different perspective in the affordable series of Respawn racing gaming chairs. Even more than similar chairs, it offers users the opportunity to find proper comfort, but without the footrest which is offered by the 110 gaming chair. So if that choice would be suitable for watching TV or simply for moments of relaxation, the Respawn 100 is a true gaming choice.

respawn 100 gaming chair Bottom line

Ergonomics at its best

The ergonomic design of the gaming chair is one of its main strengths. It represents a design which is made to be supportive but which also understands what the human body needs to maintain good posture and to reduce soreness. An ergonomic design will always result in a body which is more relaxed and with higher energy. For most gamers, these attributes are worth the investment in the conditions in which they actually have to sit for hours with their favorite games.

With two small pillows added to the chair, gamers can also find the ultimate comfort which is suitable for those seeking better posture. Since this can be the case with most gamers as sitting impacts posture, the added pillow benefits make for what is one of the most durable designs in the class.

Racing style to suit any gaming room

The racing design of the gaming chair has an appeal of its own. Many of the Respawn gaming chairs come with such a design and it is interesting to see how the 100 actually manages to combine a few elements from affordable gaming chairs with other elements from luxury gaming chairs.

With distinct stitching and the ability to have different types of control over the durability of the cover, the thickly-padded chair really looks apart. At the same time, the gaming chair also comes with a distinct seat pan. The racing profile is highly visible in how the seat pan is designed. If other gaming chairs have a flatter seat pan, this is not the case with the Respawn 100. Most gamers can agree that the extra lateral cushioning and support is something directly derived from gaming. With a better perspective on what gamers need in terms of support, the gaming chair is always ready to offer a comfortable sitting position.

The elevated lateral sea pan support also requires gamers to sit in a more central position. It is here that they can enjoy the best support. Most gamers also have the freedom to find the backrest has a similar design, which also proves supportive on the sides. As one of the chairs with such evident lateral support in its series, it can be considered by those who want the full racing-style experience.

Colors and customization

Those with an eye for detail might already notice that the Respawn 100 gaming chair actually comes with extra colors compared to other gaming chairs from the manufacturer. This can mean that the gaming chair is made for a larger audience. This can also be why the manufacturer decided not to go with an extra foot rest and not to design a backrest with holes, similarly to what other gaming chairs have to offer.

Customization options are still limited to the chair. But users at least have the ability to set their support pillows on their desired height. Not all gaming chairs allow this. For example, some support pillows come with no adjustability straps. This is why the lumbar support pillow often sits on the seat pan, which is not ideal for posture. Luckily, this is not the case with the 100 gaming chair.

Final considerations

Understanding a Respawn 100 gaming chair review is understanding the users it is made for. Unlike many other gaming chairs in its class, it actually comes as an appealing design for the vast majority of gamers. It is not specialized in any particular area but it offers a polished round design.

For most gamers, the chair also comes with one of the simplest and most efficient cushioning systems. Due to the diagonal stitching, it is expected that the chair can last better in time. For most users, this also means they can enjoy better overall support and level of confidence.

One of the areas where this extra durability is seen best is with the backrest. Unlike many other chairs, Respawn’s 100 backrests are also made with considerable stitching to keep it in better shape for longer. With cushioning which is not moving around, the gaming chair offers one of the most efficient solutions for durability.  Since the adjustability is at a high level as well, the mass appeal of the Respawn 100 gaming chair can even make it an inspired first purchase in this category of racing chairs.

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