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Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair Review: Made With Premium Customization

Secretlab makes some of the most reliable gaming chairs. The manufacturer has already won multiple awards. But the Omega series takes gaming chairs to the next level. With an ergonomic design in combination with some of the best materials of the moment, the chair offers a unique sitting experience. As with all chair from the manufacturer, the Omega series takes its inspiration from racing chairs. But at the same time, it brings them to a practical level with its adjustable armrests and recline function.

secretlab omega introduction

There is a tall backrest that dominates the design of the chair. Suitable for proper posture and full spine support on recline, the backrest is made with extra foam padding to improve comfort levels even beyond a few hours of sitting. While there are enough chairs with such characteristics, the manufacturer also offers support pillows for the lumbar area and for the head, as with all of its gaming chairs.

But the most impressive characteristics of the chair must include its customization options. PU leather, SoftWeave materials, and Napa leather dominate these options. All of these options come with their choice of colors as well, so that users can enjoy a comfortable chair which also looks apart.

Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair Review – Summary of features

  • Available in PU leather, SoftWeave fabric, and Napa leather
  • Made with a large selection of colors
  • Suitable for users up to 110kg
  • Ergonomic design inspired by racecars
  • Made with a Class 4 hydraulic system
  • Designed with a recline function
  • Ergonomic design with lateral support
  • 4D adjustable armrests
  • Cushioned with cold cure foam

The good features of the chair

As one of the most reliable gaming chairs in its class, the Secretlab Omega offers plenty of interesting characteristics. Of course, the chair is more expensive than many of its alternatives. But those seeking the best designs and the best materials might feel they are getting a return on investment in terms of comfort and uniqueness. This is one of the mains strengths of the gaming chair as its unique profile allows it to be considered among the most suitable options for dedicated gamers. Those new to gaming might still be on a limited budget as they build their gaming equipment list. But those who already own the latest tech will be looking for ways to improve their comfort during gaming and the Omega is one of the chairs to support their plans.

secretlab omega The good features

Choice of cover materials

The main discussion around the chair comes with its choice of materials. They look and feel different and they are suitable for different situations. With a respectable choice of materials, the price of the chair can vary considerably. The base offer starts with the PU leather cover. This material is reliable and its popularity has seen it being used by most manufacturers in this class.

At the same time, the chair also comes with the SoftWeave fabric also seen in the Throne series. The material is known for its breathability. Even with a soft touch feel, it still manages to be one of the most impressive in its class. But the chair is also available in Napa leather, which is its premium offering. The material is known for its luxurious feel and look and it is suitable for gamers looking for an edge.

Ergonomics and support

Even if the materials take the spotlight, the chair is also made with good ergonomics. For this purpose, it manages to offer one of the distinct options for gamers who need proper posture. Of course, all gamers need good posture but not all are able to rely on a full tall backrest for this purpose. This is why it’s actually important to seek the best characteristics when it comes to a chair which can be used for posture control. Ergonomic design allows users to maintain posture and to reduce the pressure on the body, which is sometimes hard to deal with when playing for hours.

A large seat pan is the base of the chair, which is also ergonomically-designed. This means there is no pressure on the legs and users can sit comfortably without the problem of stiff legs which is often seen on hard surface alternatives. In many cases, the chair can also offer distinct advantages such as proper lumbar support with the extra pillow. This pillow is the same as all other lumbar pillows offered by the manufacturer and its stand out with its premium materials. Additionally, a head support pillow is also added by the manufacturer and it can be used at times for extra comfort.

Armrests adjustability

The adjustability of the armrests is one of the staple characteristics of Secretlab. It practically allows users to adjust them in 4 directions, which is why it can have such an impact on the overall comfort and posture through the day. With so many adjustment angles, the armrests can be suitable for desks of various heights. One of the problems of fixed armrests is that they may not fit under certain desks. But this is not the case with the Omega series which also comes with height adjustability for the armrests.

Full-length recline control

The recline control of the gaming chair is crucial. It allows users to create their own space for durability and comfort. At the same time, the recline function has its role in allowing users to take a break from gaming. In many cases, it comes to offer the only type of active sitting these chairs are capable to offer. But the recline function needs its space, of course. This is why those who fit the chair in tight spaces might not be able to use this feature at all.

secretlab omega Full-length recline control

The bad features of the chair

Since the chair comes with a strong premium feel, it might look as if it is perfect. This is not the case as it has its own drawbacks, just like every other chair. It might be an ergonomic design, but its lumbar support is far from being the best it can be.

Lumbar support

The lumbar support of the chair can be improved. Designed in a way in which it does offer minimum support, it might be enough for a number of users. But at the same time, the chair can be used with the lumbar support pillow for extra help to the spine. However, there is no height adjustability function for the pillow. This means that it will always remain at the lowest point on the chair, which is not the best location for most users. Of course, it is more than offering no pillow at all, but Secretlab needs to find a way to add these lumbar support pillows a height adjustability function, which is available in other manufacturers.

Care routine for Napa leather

Napa leather is used in the top-of-the-range Omega chair. While the feel and look of the leather are impressive, it might show signs of wear in time. This is why proper care is needed with the leather. At the same time, it might not react too well to a higher weight capacity than 100kg. Even if the frame might support the weights, the stitching on the leather might start to break when the weight is too high.

Size issues

Another important consideration comes with the large size of the chair. With a backrest of 82cm, the chair needs some clearance behind it in order to work with the recline function. Unlike similar chairs with a lower backrest, this is where it might be limited in use when placed against a wall or against furniture. If users want to make the most of the design, they need to ensure there’s plenty of space fort in the gaming space.

Bottom line

With an impressive set of features and list of materials, the Omega gaming chair impresses with its durable profile. It is one of the premium chairs on the market and its design has already won multiple awards. Apart from these positive aspects, the chair is actually useful for gamers as many premium designs are not really made to be used every day. Part of this success is based on the car-seat-inspired design. This is why it can be important to ensure the chair is ready for the best results, even when many people would argue it would not be able to resist well in time.

secretlab omega Bottom line

Customization at the next level

Another distinct characteristic comes with the customization level of the chair. It is one of the most customizable options for users to consider and it represents a viable solution for extra strength and durability. Furthermore, it is among the most recognized customization-orientated designs, since there are not too many chairs which offer this function. Practically, apart from offering 3 choices of cover materials, the chair is also available in various colors, which makes it even more special than expected.

Secretlab 4D armrests

The armrests of the chair are similar to what Secretlab already uses in two of its other lines. They come with full adjustability in 4 directions which means there is plenty of freedom of movement for most users. But the armrests have their biggest benefit in the area of posture. For most users, they come with adjustability which allows them to be placed closer or further away from the body. Furthermore, it allows users to create their own space when it comes to proper shoulder height, as this can be one of the leading causes of upper back discomfort and even pain over the long term.

The adjustable armrests are also padded for extra comfort. Made with materials which are easy to clean, the armrests can be wiped with a clean cloth from time to time. In fact, the entire chair is easy to clean which makes it a suitable option for long term work. Since the chair also comes with such distinct comfort materials, it is also used outside the gaming community for regular office work. Even in this case, having the ability to keep it clean and fresh is important for everyday comfort.


The Omega gaming chair is one of the most suitable solutions for increased gaming comfort. It is not the most affordable chair on the market but it offers plenty in return. With an ergonomic design, it is not complicated to see how it can actually be one of the simplest and most efficient designs in its class. Furthermore, the chair can be among the solutions gamers of all levels use every day.

Its slightly higher weight capacity to the Thorne also recommends it for a larger number of users. For this purpose, it can be one of the most impressive solutions for teenagers, who are still going to use it as they grow and mature. Furthermore, the chair’s adjustability also includes a capable vertical adjustment cylinder.

Used in a wide of scenarios, the chair also needs plenty of space for its recline function. It is this system which allows users to lean back and take a break from gaming at times. Furthermore, this function is already proven in its functionality in all Secretlab chairs.

But the most distinct characteristics of the chair remain its impressive customization options. With 3 types of cover materials to choose from and a design which reminds of racing cars, the Omega is a truly capable chair and it offers a distinct look to suit all budgets. Its Napa leather make sit stand out even more, but gamers will need to spend more to get this tope version leather. A more balanced choice would involve SoftWeave fabrics. With an elegant look and a material which maintains durability and breathability, this choice is one of the more affordable options which is still far superior to many of today’s alternatives.

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