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Respawn 200 Racing Gaming Chair Review – Made for Breathability

respawn 200 gaming chair introduction

The Respawn 200 racing gaming chair is a distinct option from the manufacturer. Instead of using bulky designs with extra cushioning, it only uses a minimalistic backrest which offers it a practical profile. Most importantly, this type of backrest is mainly sought after by gamers who need to remain cooler and who might not feel as comfortable with PU leather alternatives.

One of the best parts about this simpler design is that it does not sacrifice any of the important aspects of a gaming chair. Its weight capacity, as well as its functionality, is still at a high level. In fact, it has the same weight capacity as the 110 gaming chair and the same recline system.

Summary of features

  • Based on a supportive steel frame
  • Durable with its maximum weight capacity of 275lb
  • Breathable mesh backrest for added comfort
  • Recline backrest function down to 130°
  • Supportive with a lumbar pillow and a headrest pillow
  • Designed with adjustable armrests
  • Based on popular casters used in the 100 series
  • Smaller seat pan depth of 17.5”

For more details and price, click here.

The good features of the Respawn 200 gaming chair reviewed

At a first look, the Respawn 200 seems like a lightweight gaming chair. It does not look as supportive as other chairs from the manufacturer. But in reality, the gaming chair is ready for any type of task. At the same time, it stands out with its simple profile which a large segment of gamers prefers. In a way, it is more similar to an office chair with its backrest design than to a gaming chair. Combining characteristics from the two categories means the chair is ready for action.

A breathable backrest

Mesh materials are used on the backrest, together with synthetic leather in the upper side of the backrest and on the seat pan. The main attraction point of the gaming chair comes with the breathability of the backrest, even if the mesh materials only cover the mid-section and the lower section of the back. The thin mesh materials also lead to a narrower backrest profile, which is suitable for proper support.

respawn 200  breathable backrest

There are a few instances where the breathable materials can go further than expected. One of them is in hot climates or during the summer months, where higher temperatures come with higher discomfort. But even sitting for long hours during colder months can still come with sweats and overheating. It is why a number of gamers might prefer mesh materials. While these breathable materials are seen in a large number of office chairs, it’s not actually the case in the gaming chairs segment.

Another advantage of the mesh backrest comes with the chair’s practicality. Being lighter, it is easier to move and even easier to recline with. This is why gamers with a lower bodyweight might consider it among the options for the ultimate practicality.

Recline for added comfort

As with all Respawn gaming chairs, there is a recline system in place. It allows the backrest to go down to 130° and it represents one of the simplest and most appreciated functions for moments of relaxation. Depending on the gaming position, the racing chair also allows gamers to lock the backrest in an angle of choice. This is why the backrest can be set to different angles which support different postures.

The recline function is easy to control with a lateral lever. Most importantly, it can be one of the ways in which gamers can re-focus on proper posture since it can begin to suffer after hours of gaming.

Ergonomics throughout

Unlike other gaming chairs, the Respawn 200 offers full ergonomic support. It represents an efficient design which keeps the back comfortable and supportive. But the seat pan is also made with an ergonomic design. There is a waterfall style seat edge to sit on. At the same time, there lateral support of the gaming chair is impressive as well. It represents a must-have for gamers who love the sink in feeling that gaming chairs can offer. The added lateral seat pan cushioning also means gamers will only sit in the middle of the seat, where the support is at its best.

respawn 200  Ergonomics

Armrests adjustability

The adjustability of the armrests is at a high level as well. It allows gamers to find the right position at the desk. When seated, they can begin finding the right height for the armrests. Whichever height feels more comfortable is to be considered for a more relaxing sitting experience.

But the armrests are also depth-adjustable. They can go further in front towards the desk or to the back, closer to the gamer. Users of different heights can find this useful as the gaming chair can fully support the armrests.

However, the armrests are not as cushioned as many gamers would believe. While they accomplish their task, they can still be made with extra cushioning on the top for added comfort during long gaming sessions.

Posture improvements

When it comes to the mains strengths of the Respawn 200 chair its posture support seems to be at a high level. Apart from the supportive nature of the successfully-designed backrest, there are two support pillows added as well. These pillows are used to support the lumbar area and the head. They don’t need to be used all the time as they can be removed whenever not needed. But at the same time, there is no doubt that can improve posture and even comfort. Just like the big players of the segment, Respawn offers such supportive accessories.

The bad features of the chair reviewed

With a practical nature, it is hard to find bad points to complain about. The Respawn 200 is on a different level and in its price range, it is very supportive. But at the same time, it may miss some of the features Respawn has added on its gaming chair.

A shorter seat pan

It’s not immediately obvious, but the seat pan is quite short, especially when compared to one of the 110 gaming chairs. It has a length of 17.5” compared to the 21.25” of the 110 gaming racing chair. Now, where is this a problem?

Tall users might find the seat pan just not truly as supportive as they would like. If with an ergonomic design, the seat pan is still one of the main areas of the chair which needs to be designed properly. Some seat pans are too short, while others can be too long and impeding circulation. But at the same time, there’s no way the seat pan can cate to the tallest users. So those who are taller are better suited by the 110 gaming chair.

No footrest

On the same comparison basis, there is no footrest for users to rely on. Unlike other more affordable options from Respawn, this function has not been included in the 200 racing gaming chair. In itself, this might not be an issue as this is not a staple of the 200 series. However, some gamers might miss the function. Gamers upgrading from the 100 series might feel they are actually missing out on a full resting experience.

However, the footrest might not be as popular with some of the more premium gaming chairs on the market. This is why gamers would actually have to compare it more against other chairs in this range rather than comparing the chair with entry-level designs.

Bottom line

With a solid practical and ergonomic design, the gaming chair is among the most interesting options in its class. It allows users a level of freedom which has not been achieved with fully cushioned designs as a result of using mesh materials.

respawn 200  Bottom line

The gaming chair is among the breathable chairs gamers love during long hours of sitting. Borrowing a few elements from modern office chairs, the 220 racing gaming chair is ready for the most demanding conditions of use.

Breathability at the next level

The main attraction of the gaming chair remains the breathable mesh backrest. Those unsure about the purchase first need to think if they prefer the breathable material instead of the cushioned alternatives. In reality, no material of the two is truly better. They serve a different purpose. Mesh is better for breathability while cushioned backrests may be better for comfort.

At the moment, there are not too many gaming chairs focusing on mesh materials. Part of this reduced share of the industry is actually backed by user preferences. Most gamers want a gaming chair which is more comfortable than any other chair. But at the same time, not all users have these preferences. This is where the Respawn 200 comes as a preferred choice.

Support and cushioning

Made with proper support and cushioning, the racing gaming chairs are actually supportive in ways other chairs cannot. This is also the case with the Respawn 200 racing chair. For many users, it means they have the ability to choose the right design from the start. Even with no extra padding, the support is at a top level.

One of the reasons to consider the gaming chair is exactly this type of support. Made for proper posture control, the main focus of the gaming chair is centered around the gaming position, more than on the chair’s comfort.

Improved ergonomics over the 100 series

Since it is not as affordable as the 100 series, the gaming chair is expected to offer a few improvements. It manages to offer a significant ergonomics upgrade. If the seat pan of the 100 series is not as focused on lateral support, the story is different from the 200 gaming chair.

This Respawn 200 racing gaming chair review underlines the significant ergonomic improvement over the entry-level series from Respawn. In the real world use, this means the chair is more comfortable, extra supportive and that it comes with a more suitable design for those who might suffer from poor posture.

When it comes to choosing the 200 racing gaming chair over the more affordable Respawn options, gamers should consider the mesh materials and the ergonomics. These two main drivers of the gaming chair might even bring them in front of a true future-proof purchase. The chair is one of the few designs which is not likely to be upgraded anytime soon as it comes with great adjustability and durable materials.

Final considerations

The Respawn 200 racing game chair is among the most interesting designs in its class. It represents a viable option solution for its choice of materials and for its distinct ergonomics. While it does come with a shorter seat pan, it still has a good weight capacity with its 275lb. Furthermore, the chair has a few extras such as the lumbar pillow which can enhance its comfort level.

Made with a recline function, the Respawn 200 racing game chair is one of the most distinct products when it comes to overall adjustability. Paired with the adjustable armrests, it is among the most interesting designs in its class. It has good adjustability to suit a wider variety of body types.

But the gaming chair also sits on versatile casters. Respawn casters are known for their durability and adjustability. Furthermore, they can represent one of the most distinct options when it comes to overall freedom of movement. They can work on all surfaces, even on tile, which is considered slippery.

But gamers who consider the Respawn 200 racing chair are mainly focused on its comfort as a whole, during gaming. Since the chair offers the right posture support, it is clear the comfort level is suitable for short and long gaming sessions. The good news is that even if gaming prolongs long into the night, gamers will still be comfortable sitting due to the higher breathability level of the mesh materials backrest.  The added seat pan support plays its role in this comfort level as well.

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