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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review – Best Executive Office Chair

Are you looking for an office chair that can allow you to work for long hours without putting your back health at risk? Read this Aeron chair review and see why it has graced palaces and some of the biggest offices in the land. The ergonomic features and the durability make it the best executive office chair.

As you will see from this Aeron Chair review, everything about this office chair oozes class. You will love the thick, wide and comfortable armrests. The solid, rattle-free construction and the fully ergonomic backrest are indeed endearing if you work long hours.

The Aeron office chair could be one of the most filmed chairs. Celebrities such as Judi Dench, Patrick Wilson and Claudia Jean Cregg have used this chair in various television shows and films. Mostly, we figure that if it was good enough for TV, it must be good enough for everyone else.

However, there is more in support of the Herman Miller Aeron chair being the best executive office chair. You will see that in the upcoming sections.

Aeron Chair Herman Miller

Aeron Chair Review: Summary

  • It has incredible airflow such that it keeps the user comfortable throughout the long working hours. Both the seat and the backrest have great airflow.
  • The seat is available in different sizes starting with A, B or C. The chair meets the sitting and reclining needs of small, medium-sized or large people.
  • The customizability of this chair is simply out of this world. Almost every feature is adjustable. Pneumatic height adjustment, armrests, backrest tension and much more …
  • You can opt for the model of the Aeron chair that best meets your budget. There is one without armrests, one with fixed armrests and the Holy Grail is the adjustable armrests, at different prices.
  • You get options for back support. The first option is the adjustable, butterfly-shaped lower back pad. It is costlier but very effective. It can be adjusted using a dial on the side.

The second one is the lumbar support that can simply be moved up or down to a few different points. This is much cheaper.

  • This chair is so holistically comfortable such that when you sit down on it, you will feel so comfortable on every aspect of your body.
  • You may also choose to buy a tilt tension limiter so that you can control how far the backrest tilts.
  • The price is not as low as you would find for other chairs, for example, the autonomous chairs. However, you can choose not to have some features to save money L.

Aeron Chair Review: Features that make this chair a sound investment

You mean apart from the fact that it is used even in the highest political offices? There are many features that you will enjoy from this chair. The first one is the back support. It is designed to help you escape back pain in future, as well as help you heal from back pain. Whether you buy one with the butterfly-shaped pad or the adjustable lumbar support or the one with the adjustable lumbar support, you will love it.

The porous nature of the materials used for upholstery and the meshed back ensure that the chair remains breathable throughout the day. Breathability is one of the most important factors of comfort. The textile parts of this chair are engineered to last a long time.

The height adjustability, armrests and the other ergonomic features make you feel in control of your sitting posture. The first thing that you should do when you get this chair is dial in your settings. To sit properly, your thighs should be parallel to the floor and your feet should be flat on the floor.

You have the option of buying a backrest tension limiter. This gives you more control over your posture rather than leave everything to the mechanics. Of course, you can do without it but then you would not be able to precisely control how far the chair tilts.

You can be sure that this chair is very durable. Like many other Herman Miller chairs, it is covered by a 12-month warranty. This is enough indication of the confidence that the manufacturer has in this chair.

Aeron Chair

Aeron Chair Review: Benefits you will enjoy from the chair

  • Good breathability ensures you can work through the day with comfort
  • The backrest is designed to offer maximum back support for all the hours that you will be sitting down. Besides, you can always increase or decrease the tension.
  • Adjustable chair height, armrests as well as the seat height make the chair suitable for just about any user of any size.
  • Long warranty is an assurance that the chair will last a long time.
  • Good wheel base and casters that move very well on any kind of floor
  • You can use the chair for both work and relaxation – just recline farther and lean back for a nap

Aeron Chair Cons

  • This chair is quite costly. Any Aeron chair review will show you that it costs well above $1000.
  • Too many add-ons that are sold separately, adding on the price
  • Can be a tad hard to assemble for beginners


If you need the best executive office chair, you have seen many reasons in this Aeron chair review why this is the best of them all. The price is a bit steep. However, you will find that the features and the benefits more than compensate for that. Happy sitting in 2019! You deserve the very best for your hard work.

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