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Embody Chair Review – Best Office Chair For Long Hours

Are you looking for the best office chair for long hours to transform how your office looks? If so, this Embody chair review is for you. Incredible back support and customizability are just some of the best factors in this chair. It is so good such that people have no trouble coughing out the heavy price for it.

The Embody office chair is one of the most popular chairs under the Herman Miller brand name. From the aesthetic appeal of the chair, it is easy to see why this is so. It is easier to be convinced when you sit down on the chair.

With many decades of experience at making office chairs, Herman Miller knows what is best for people that sit down for long hours in the office. They also know what is best for ergonomic back support. One of the key traits for many of their chairs is customization. That way, you can use the Embody office chair irrespective of your weight, height and health.

This chair was designed to enhance the physical harmony between people and technology. So far, it seems to be doing that and much more.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Embody Chair Review: Summary

    • The five-star legged base system comes with good casters for smooth rolling on all kinds of floors.
    • You would like to keep fresh and comfortable all day, right? The fabrics are quite breathable, no sweaty back even after many hours of sitting
    • The elastomeric backrest moves with you when you move, giving you automatic back support.
    • The seat of the Embody chair is very comfortable.
    • Adjustable tilt for the backrest ensures that you get good back support all the time.
    • Lower back support, middle back and shoulder support are assured.
    • The innovative spine for the Herman chair is the biggest feature. It has branches that are intended to support different parts of your back.
  • There is less to zero pressure on the back of your knees thanks to the innovative seat design.

Embody Chair Review: What makes the Embody office chair so unique

First, there is the “skeleton” behind the backrest. It has several branches that offer pressure relief and support to different parts of your back. Looks like something out of a Sci-Fi movie.

The incredible, breathable and supportive seat makes this chair feel like a throne. Besides the seat edge is so well curved you will never feel it pressing against the back of your knees.

You can order the Embody ergonomic office chair either assembled or disassembled. The latter will save you money but will consume your time.

The stunning back support offered by the “skeletal” spine and breathable backrest cannot be overemphasized. The backrest is designed to mimic the true shape and curve of your spine. You can work longer without compromising on your back health.

Just like many Herman Miller chairs, with the Embody ergonomic office chair, you are in full control of how you sit. The backrest tension is adjustable, so is the seat height, armrests and many other aspects. Customizability is a very important aspect for any office chair.

With sixteen color shades, you will find a chair that captures your fancy here. The shades are muted so that they can suit any formal or informal office setting.

Embody Chair

Embody Chair Review: Benefits/Pros that you will enjoy

    • Wide span customization – almost every feature of this chair is customizable. Dial in your favorite height, backrest and other ergonomic factors and the chair stays that way for a long time.
    • You will get total back support from this chair. The skeletal spine of the chair is supportive with the ability to give your relief to different pressure points.
    • This chair is good for people who would like to escape from the trap of chronic back pain in future. It is also good for people that have back pain and are trying to heal it.
    • Adjustable tilt tension leaves you in full control of your office sitting posture. This alone makes Embody the best office chair for long hours.
    • This is a fairly sturdy and stable chair. It is solidly built to give enough value for the $1000 plus price that you will pay for it. Besides, it also moves smoothly on any kind of floor.
  • Covered by a limited warranty of 12 years

Embody Chair Review: Cons that may hinder you from enjoying this chair

    • The cost! This is quite high for many people, costing even more than $1400 in some places. Besides, most of the quoted costs are for disassembled chair. If you order assembled, cost rises.
    • There is a crevice between the backrest and the seat – It attracts and traps a lot of dirt
  • The lighter colors attract dirt. It is better to buy bolder neutral colors for your office


As you have seen in this Embody office chair review, there are many good things going for it. It also has its fair share of disadvantages, one of them being the high price. Thus, when compared to other office chairs that have almost the same features such as the Autonomous ErgoChair 2, well, you may be compelled to buy the cheaper one. Thankfully, the search for the best office chair for long hours stops here, today.

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